Greetings, and welcome to my humble abode. You don’t need to get too comfy though, as this is basically a dump for all of my thoughts, research, and creative fabrications, mainly to do with video games. From this day forth you will be witnessing my attempts at blogging, rambling on and uploading posts when I feel like it, trying to share what I’ve learned and trying to improve my writing while I’m at it.

I’d be glad if you joined me on this journey.

So what’s your life story?? (excluding everything apart from video games, duh)

Video games have been a huge part of my life, since I was a little girl, all the way up until now, as I am living and just about breathing at 22 years old. My Dad always told me that I used to watch him play Final Fantasy VII as a baby, spouting incoherent words at the screen while Cloud would run around with his whale of a sword and spiky-ass golden locks. Honestly, it’s no wonder I got into video games so much, with characters like that being created out of thin air.

Once my hands actually formed into useful appendages, I leaped at the opportunity to sit on the sofa in my coolest gear and start playing some of the most awesome games in existence. Of course, I’m exaggerating a little there. All I remember is probably playing some PS1 demo discs that my Dad had received from some PlayStation magazines back in the 90s.

There was one game though, which I have looked into and guessed could be Rollcage, where you could flip your car upside down and still be able to race down the track. Unfortunately, this trained me in ways that could only spell out danger for games such as DiRT and WRC, where flipping upside down wasn’t as much appreciated, much to my dismay.

Skipping forward to my early teens – whereby this point I had accumulated a PS2 and PS3, a Wii, a GameBoy Advance SP and a couple Nintendo DS’s – my cousins were also huge gamers, and with me being an only child, they came over to my house to play games all the time. Sometimes it was hard to get rid of them, which was unfortunate while playing Rock Band, as my younger cousins singing skill was much to be desired.

Nowadays you can see me playing a range of games, including Japanese imports since I’m an intermediate at Japanese now too, although my skill at gaming hasn’t really developed since trying to flip over my vehicle as much as possible. But throw a decent challenge my way, and I’ll for sure take it on.

Now that’s over with… what’s this website again?

If you really want me to explain, I will be delving into the depths of the video game world, linking it to anything and everything, as gaming has been a huge interest of mine for many years, and I still yearn to learn lots more about it. I will be also creating, well, stuff, making images and collages to accompany my posts, and also I will be linking music, perhaps also asking some questions to gather some opinions from my slow growing audience.

I don’t really know what I’m doing, to be honest. But this is it.


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Thank you!