The clicky clicky World of Point & Clicks


For my second article today, I would like to talk about the games which require a lot of energy consumption. Before starting any of these games, I strongly advise you to warm up the limb properly – your finger can only take so much clicking.

The first proper point & click games that had a story and characters and a whole world to get involved with that I actually beat was The Book of Unwritten TalesI remember being in America in my husband’s room, seated ruining my posture on his bed, leaning over my laptop on a chair in front of me, chomping on some food, while playing this game. And that was the beginning of my point & click journey.

Of course, excluding all of those hidden object games, which I tentatively played on the internet back in the early 2000s.

♦The Book of Unwritten Tales

Developers: King Art Games
Release: April 2009

Man. I have an unformidable love for this series. The other day I beat The Critter Chronicles, which was just as full of ridiculous references and fantastically voice-acted and scripted dialogue as the other games were. The first game really did charm me. Really really charmed me.

I actually got The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 in a Humble Bundle, and once I saw what the series was like through reading the synopsis and glancing over plenty of screenshots, I immediately purchased the first game, and I am so glad that I did.

The games are so darn funny, and with characters such as skeletons, zombies, dragons and ogres to talk to while you play as a human, an elf, a gnome and, well, a pink fluffy… thing, you really can’t go wrong.

In all three of the games, I felt like I was transported to a completely different universe. It sort of reminded me of those old small font fantasy novels you find in preowned bookshops.


♦The Whispered World & Silence

Developers: Daedalic Entertainment
Release: August 2009 / November 2016

The Whispered World, unfortunately, isn’t my favourite game, but, by golly, its sequel Silence is definitely one of the most beautifully designed games I have ever played. I remember wanting to screenshot anything pretty that came onto the screen – so much so that I conveniently had my finger glued to F11.

Don’t get me wrong, The Whispered World is nice to look at, and its polished up quite well. It’s just that there’s something about it. Something that you can’t quite put your finger on (like F11). The puzzles are a bit weird sometimes, and the voice acting of the main character is definitely something your ears have to grow accustomed to unless you listen to the German version of course, and if you’re not German, your ears will have to grow accustomed either way.

But I do give these games credit, and I do recommend playing both so you can explore and experience the collapsing world, with a few twists to keep you on your toes (or fingers).

♦Anna’s Quest

Developers: Daedalic Entertainment
Release: July 2015

Cute. Really cute.

If I could leave it at that I would. But I won’t.

This game is cute, there’s definitely no doubt about that. But there’s something else. Something that’s a bit darker behind the adorable little girl Anna, and that’s what I love about the game. Anna is a strong kid with a very wise head on her shoulders, and it feels almost empowering to play as her, and overcome all these obstacles, with some obvious Daedalic charm and humour, and some telekinesis thrown in along the way.

I completed all the achievements in this game, putting a solid 14 hours in, and I would more than likely do it again. Even the thought of having to go through the slightly creepy sections and exploring places with a living teddy bear again doesn’t put me off.



Developers: Microids
Release: January 2002

Syberia is one of those games that took me a while to get used to. I got stuck a few times before eventually getting the hang of it. I’ve only played the first game, but I can’t wait to play the rest as the story and atmosphere of the game really makes me feel cool. And I need all the coolness I can get.

You play as Kate Walker, an American lawyer, so you already feel smarter than you actually are before the game even starts. It’s hard to remember what happened exactly since I played it quite some time ago (I have a terrible memory) but you do have to track down someone and find out some mysterious things. Something about her destiny is in there too.

Aah, I’m really failing at giving this game any justice. There is a lot of walking, I admit, and perhaps the gameplay is a little on the slow side, but I want to go with Kate Walker again on some sort of adventure. Which is great since there are two more games I can put my precious time into.

(I also seem to recall that there was a DS release for this game? Which is strange but you know, you do what you wanna do.)



Developers: Daedalic Entertainment
Release: January 2012

Deponia, Deponia, Deponia. I must say, I did get stuck numerous times, but I pulled through and prevailed! I’ve only played the first game so far, but I am more than willing to continue with the series and get stuck even more! Daedalic Entertainment‘s crew are definitely geniuses. They can create such charming and neatly animated characters, with interesting puzzles which can sometimes make you want to pull your hair out, but that’s what point & clicks are all about right?

The overall aura of this game is fun, and it’s definitely a lot brighter than Syberia. Despite the fact that the world is basically a huge garbage dump… but trust me, it’s very colourful! You have to be the so-called hero and save the girl that fell from heaven! Doesn’t it sound exciting?! All my life I’ve wanted that one video game where I could explore a garbage dump.

Ha ha.


The game is great. Just take my word for it.

(and it’s on sale on Steam for only 69p at the moment! Bargain!)

♦The Longest Journey

Developers: Funcom
Release: November 1999

I… don’t even know where to start. I have yet to play The Dreamfall Chapters (which I am dying to obtain) but I am so undoubtedly in love with this series. I’m sure I wouldn’t get bored, likewise with The Book of Unwritten Tales.

The story is so complex and fascinating. It’s like a tome. In the first game, you play as April Ryan who sets out on a journey between parallel universes. I simultaneously felt that I was in the past and in the future since the game originally came out in 2000 (in the UK). The imaginings of the future from the 2000s in a video game. I felt like my life was complete.

I actually recently purchased a limited edition copy of the second game Dreamfall on PC, which to my surprise, also came with the first game. The second game was quite different to the first but offered a lot of new locations, and mechanics. It wasn’t quite so much a point & click as it was an adventure game, but that’s what made me love it.

Exploring the magical worlds with all new graphics?! Count me in!


♦The Secret of Monkey Island

Developers: Lucasfilm Games
Release: October 1990

The music of this game is the best part. It’s so funky. 

Don’t believe me?

I was bobbing.

But yes, I played the Special Edition version of the first game on PS3, and being able to switch between the old and the new version of the game was actually addicting, although I got a little fright when some of the characters looked ten times more realistic and scary in the old version (see pictures below if you want proof).

This is a decently lengthed series of games which first released in 1990. I remember actually seeing Tales of Monkey Island first on Wii, not realising it was a full-blown series. So to be able to recently beat the first game, it was really a delight.

















You play as a dude who wants to become a pirate, and you set out on the main quest to defeat the dangerous and evil ghost! Spooky stuff. Along the way, you fly out of a cannon (more than once), learn a bunch of pirate abuse, go to an island of cannibals and much much more.

The updated graphics and voice acting definitely makes for a completely new experience compared to the old game, and whichever version you want to play (or both at once, like I failed at doing) I guarantee you, you’ll have some good ol’ piratey yo ho ho fun.


Other mentions: 
Leisure Suit Larry 
(oh boy! Must do a blog post on this series at some point.)
Sam & Max (I really must play enough of this series so I can write some things about it because I know it’ll be so enjoyable. Can I have more hours in a day please?)
Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Father(This has been on my wishlist for a while- very intrigued!)
The Night of the Rabbit (Been in my Steam library for a while, nearly forgot about it. I’m a terrible person, but it looks unique and intriguing.)
Broken Age (Seen a lot about this game. Looks so charming and stylish!)
Broken Sword (Can’t finish off a post without some mystery! So, erm, yes. Broken Sword. Mystery. Ooooo.)

If anybody has any recommendations please leave a comment down below!


All pictures aquired from Steam.


2 thoughts on “The clicky clicky World of Point & Clicks

  1. If you don’t mind the retro vibe then Resonance was well worth a play imho – interesting sci-fi plot and shine nice in-game mechanics where you switch between different playable characters. Also I finally got around to playing Grim Fandango a while back and that is a surreal and funny experience from latter stages of the LucasArts golden era.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve never heard of Resonance- I looked it up and it definitely looks like my kind of game! I can’t wait to try it out one day.
      I completely forgot about Grim Fandango while writing this post haha, oops! It’s certainly a classic, although challenging.
      I also seemed to have missed out The Journey Down, which is another point & click I would recommend.
      Thank you so much for commenting! 🙂

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