Artist Spotlight #1: Ayami Kojima


So today is Wednesday, and that means that it’s the day for sharing game artists and game music and the like, so we can truly appreciate the work they do! I did actually study Game Art at University for about 3 months, and my respect for the workers in the industry went up by about a million percent. Especially the really really really good ones.

The person I would like to introduce today is someone that my husband told me about since he’s been playing a lot of Castlevania recently. I hope that didn’t give it away, but today I indeed will be talking about Ayami Kojima.

Name: Ayami Kojima 小島文美 
Nationality: Japanese
Disclaimer: All artwork owned by Ayami Kojima. 
All photographs gathered from:

Ayami Kojima is predominantly a character designer for the Castlevania series with Konami. Castlevania is a gothic fantasy action-adventure series, following the Belmont family and their fight with the oh-so-famous Dracula. The series debuted in Japan in 1986, and the series is still going pretty strong today.
Ayami Kojima also has an artbook named Santa Lilio Sangre and has also worked on some books – her style, and technique flawless no matter what she does work for. She is currently working on the packaging artwork for a game linking to the Castlevania series called Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, which you can find on Kickstarter here:

I for one think that Bloodstained looks super cool (wow, I’m sure my word choice signifies what kind of game critic I’d be). But, here are some of my favourite pieces from her and my opinions about them.

These four pieces I stumbled upon all make me feel similar feelings. I feel like I’m looking at a whole story – a vast magical, fantasy world with weird and wonderful creatures both dangerous and beautiful. They make me think about nature, leaves and trees and flowers, and the world outside and beyond. I don’t want to spout bullshit about trying to find any deep meanings within these images, but I really do feel something mystical here. Uh, I love art. 

I chose these two images because of the colours. I mean, wow. If I put my laptop on the other side of the room and looked at the screen, I bet I could still see the boldness of these colours. And the butterflies?! I sure do love butterflies. The colours, the details, the style- these aspects all fit together perfectly to make these extremely appealing and eye-catching images.

I couldn’t even begin to choose these next four. The contrast is out of this world, and the details and the linework are just uhhhh, I have no words (I sometimes think that maybe blogging isn’t my forte, especially when I’m lost for words 80% of the time). I really wonder how long it takes for her to finish each creation. I remember when I had my drawing phase, and it would take my all day just to do half a piece and be happy with it. I totally respect people who actually finish these works of art with that amount of detail.

To finish off, I would like to show off some Castlevania pieces in particular, as I think the series and the character design needs some time in the spotlight too, all for itself.


And then there’s this picture, which I would just caption as wheeeeeee!’

What do you think of Ayami Kojima and her style? What artists do you like and think I should look into?

Thank you for reading and happy gaming!



3 thoughts on “Artist Spotlight #1: Ayami Kojima

  1. I simply love Ayami Kojima’s artwork. Her style is very unique and so fitting to a series like Castlevania. Her character portrail is almost soft and gentle; even male characters appear to have a clear feminine look, but despite this beauty the characters also exude strength. And then there is the sheer amount of detail in her pieces. Achingly beautiful art!

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    1. Wow, what a beautifully worded comment! I totally agree. I’m really glad somebody else really appreciates Ayami Kojima and her skills. I can’t wait to see what else she releases or works on in the future, especially since everything she does has such a great amount of detail. Thank you very much for commenting and taking a look at this post. 🙂


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