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It’s Thursday already, and that means that this blog has been going for 4 days now! Time sure does fly by. But this means, that whilst my notebook is full of useless bullet points and a mix-match of ideas, I’m actually at a bit of a loss for what to write. It’s not normal for me to actually have too much to talk about, so I’m not really sure what’s going on. But, since this blog has only just launched, I thought I would do something a teeny bit different to all my blog plans, and that is answering a gamer tag! So yes, I wasn’t actually tagged, but I like to imagine my blog is a little more popular than it already is. I stumbled upon a couple of gamer tags floating around WordPress, so I picked one with questions that weren’t too difficult (or so I thought).

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All pictures aquired are from Steam or Amazon.

So, without further ado, let’s get started.

I found this tag on a lovely looking blog made by a girl named Melissa, which you can find here: click here. I’m unfortunately a little confused as to who made this tag originally, but I would like to credit them for coming up with the questions!

Question 1: What is your favourite video game genre (i.e. RPG, FPS, MMO, etc.)? 

Out of the options in the brackets, I would say RPG for sure. While I do enjoy FPS games, my aiming isn’t really up to scratch, and as for MMOs, well, I’m not what you call a very ‘interactive human’.

But apart from that, I love action-adventures and point & clicks. I like games where you can explore basically. I often make my characters go into the nooks and crannies of rooms just in case something is there, and I click a million times to make sure I’ve listened to every piece of dialogue and gotten every object I can find. Come to think of it, I must look crazy.

Question 2: Which system do you prefer to game on? 

This is a difficult question. The system I love and play the most on is the PS3. It’s the system I have the most games on and the system which a lot of my favourite games are on too. However, whether I actually prefer to play on this system is a different story. Thinking about it, handhelds are so much more convenient.

The 2DS and PS VITA are the two handhelds that I play daily, and more recently, I’m getting back into my Gameboy Advance.

This doesn’t really answer the question though, so I’ll just stick with the PS3, but it’s hard to have a preference since it really is situational.

Question 3: Who is your favourite video game character? 

I have a lot. Well, actually, I suppose I can narrow it down to Lara Croft and Nathan Drake.

Lara Croft is my inspiration. She’s strong, smart, and clearly badass. I’ve wanted to be her for a long time.


Nathan Drake is the same, but he has that comedic element in him which I just adore. I’m a sucker for charismatic characters.

Question 4: Which game do you believe has the best plot? 

I want to answer this question only with a game that I’ve beaten. So, ehrhehrhhh, probably Catherine. It is so unique. Catherine is a puzzle platformer which follows the story of Vincent Brookswho starts having nightmares after his girlfriend, Katherinementions marriage. Vincent then begins to have an affair, ironically with a girl named Catherine (but yes, with a ‘C’!) and the nightmares get intense, and I mean intense. 

Now, it does sound pretty basic, but it really is so much more than that. It’s stimulating and emotional and portrays the main character’s anxiety so well that my anxiety was getting anxiety. I also believe that a sequel has also been announced, Catherine: Full Body, and I’m fairly excited to feel overwhelmingly anxious all over again.

Question 5: What game gave the most hype but didn’t deliver?

Ha. I mean. Pff. There are unfortunately a lot. But again, I think I want to answer this question with a game I actually know enough about. I don’t want to be mean.

Hm, so far I don’t think I’ve played many disappointing games, believe it or not. I think I’m just easily impressed.

I’ve read a lot about Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp being disappointing, and I can totally understand why. But I personally still enjoy it. It’s something that calms me every now and then and I enjoy the graphics and I’m happy they implemented seasonal changes and events, but I understand that it could’ve been so much more.

Question 6: What game are you waiting for?

The Sims 5. 

Well, while that is true… I’m currently suuuuper excited for a game called Ooblets to come out on Steam! It looks adorable, and I’m a sucker for adorable games. And also, I guess I can’t miss out games such as Shadow of the Tomb Raider (just for ma gurl Lara Croft), Kingdom Hearts 3 and Beyond Good and Evil 2.

Question 7: Which game have the best replay value?

I was actually listening to an old series of podcasts which were released on the 2K Games blog, all about Bioshock (click here if you’re interested!) and in some of the very early episodes, they were talking about replayability. Now, of course, you can only enjoy replaying a game if you actually like the game. But I do. I love all three games in the Bioshock series, and they were right in saying that there are tons of ways to play the game. You can change up your style of combat, and how you save the little sisters makes a big difference too.

I also want to credit ‘choices-matter’ games such as Heavy Rain, Life is Strange and Until Dawn, clearly, because you can play through it once and be the good guy, and then you can go through a second time, and fudge everything up. (I can’t be the bad guy the first time around, I feel too guilty).

Question 8: Name one game that you think everyone should play?

Only one?! Ah, jeez. I mean, Just Dance is an obvious contender, don’t you think?

Question 9: What game did you grow up on?

I want to try and choose one for a few consoles here, just to be pretentious.

PS1 – Destruction Derby Raw. Played this with my Dad so much I think he got worried that I would grow up to be catastrophic.
DS – Nintendogs. Like pretty much every other person in the universe.
Wii – Rock Band. So. Many. Songs. SO. MANY. HOURS.
PC – Rollercoaster Tycoon 2. Need I say more?
PS2 – Tony Hawk’s UndergroundI will definitely do a post on this series at some point. I’ve played Tony Hawk so much that I think my skateboard knowledge is undeniably better than it should be.

Question 10: What game would you like to see come back?

A lot of the games that I want to come back are actually coming back. So lucky me! But, if I rack my brains and really try to think of something, my mind tells me Thrillville or The Simpsons Hit & Run or Walt Disney World Quest: Magical Racing Tour! Honestly, bring back anything I played as a kid and I’ll be delighted.

Well, there we have it! I really do talk too much, don’t I? I apologise, but when I enjoy writing this much, I don’t really want to stop. I hope you enjoyed reading nonetheless. If you want to do the tag yourself, feel free, and let me know!

Thank you and happy gaming!



9 thoughts on “Get to Know Me! with the Video Game Tag

  1. So happy you did the tag! Lara Croft and Nathan Drake are so much fun to play and definitly inspiring…I cosplayed her a couple Halloweens ago and kept the outfit because I kneww I needed to do it again one day :p

    Liked by 1 person

    1. omg I don’t mean to be creepy but I would love to see your cosplay!! I would like to cosplay as her too, to be honest, but I’m working on being as strong as her first hahaha :p thank you for commenting! ^^

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hehehhe cosplaying is awesome but so expensiive! I only chose Lara at first because I had a similar navy tank (like the 2013 Lara) and just needed the right color pants. Then I stole my dads belt and bought a few dollar store bandages and put my hair up! She even inspired me to go to an archery range for my birthday…its crazy how much games can influence us! xD

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Cosplaying Lara seems like a good place to start out, especially compared to some Final Fantasy characters haha :p That’s really great though! I’m glad someone else is just as inspired by Lara as I am :’)
        Have you done much cosplaying in general?

        Liked by 1 person

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