How Startups Stick with us Forever


I don’t know about you, but once I hear a startup sound, I am instantly teleported back to a particular moment in my life, whether it be three years ago or ten years ago. More specifically, I am thinking about the ones I heard time and time again as a kid, and even now, there is something so satisfying about them. Although, it gets kind of freaky when you listen to them over and over again for a blog post (not that I speak from experience or anything).

First of all, I apologise for consoles I’ve missed out, I didn’t play Xbox at all as a kid, and I only own the original Xbox now. I do want to get an Xbox One at some point, but apologies for not including them in this post. Same goes for some Nintendo consoles, I would include them if they felt nostalgic to me, but since I didn’t own some of them, well, there’s not really any nostalgia to feel, which is heart-breaking really.

But, let’s not get distraught! Without any further ado, let’s look at the PlayStation first.

PS1 Startup
PS1 Release Date: December 1994

This actually scared me as a kid, and come on, I don’t think I was the only wimp here. It’s really kind of mystical, and the last few beats resonate something inside of me. There’s something creepy about it, and how the tones kind of drag on a little at the end – I think I shudder a little bit. It certainly is a lot different to the cheery tunes that Nintendo has, but I do like them nonetheless. It shows how sophisticated Playstation is, or was. I think.

PS2 Startup
PS2 Release Date: March 2000

Why are they so unnerving and dreamlike?! Honestly, Playstation, are you trying to put us into a trance? Because I’m really sure that some people got hypnotised by this, or felt like they were on drugs.

With the PS1 and PS2 startups, I actually wanted the games I put in to load up as quickly as possible. These startups were so dark and surreal and, well, I guess my little timid eight-year-old self couldn’t handle it. Maybe I thought it was trying to communicate with me.

PS3 Startup
PS3 Release Date: November 2006

Then they go and make it sound like a bloody symphony.
It’s scary to me how this is nostalgic to me though, I swear the PS3 only came out yesterday. It makes me wish I could feel that excitement I had as a child; hearing a console startup for the first time. It was so much more fascinating back then, but with all the technology nowadays, the curiosity has died down. But I do give credit to Playstation, they definitely put thought into their startups.

PS4 Startup
PS4 Release Date: February 2014

Well, I say they put thought into it. But suddenly, they’ve added skip into their step. Why I wonder? Although in my opinion, it still does sound a little depressing, so they haven’t completely transformed. I’m not really sure what to make of it. It’s like stepping outside when it’s a dark day and then suddenly the sun shines on you and you look up and nearly blind yourself.

With that said. Now, onto Nintendo

Gameboy Advance Startup
Gameboy Advance Release Date: March 2001

This mainly reminds me of the days when I would play Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Tony Hawk’s Underground or Bratz. I still own them all and turning the Gameboy Advance on is one of my main pleasures in life. I’m all for that ‘ding!’

Nintendo DS Startup
Nintendo DS Release Date: November 2004

I remember, after this, I would always hear the ticking of the clock that was present on the top half of the DS screen. Ah, it was always nice to know what the time was.
But again, so much nostalgia here. Especially for games such as Nintendogs, Super Mario 64 and Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days (one of the first games I ever beat!). Goodness knows how many times I heard this startup. Hundreds? Thousands? I feel like I have ultrasonic hearing for this sort of thing now.

Wii Startup
Wii Release Date: November 2006

This may be the one that sends shivers down my spine. Maybe because it’s calming? Or maybe because so many memories come from leaving the Wii menu on for way too long while trying to pick a game to play. I didn’t mean to be such an indecisive child. Maybe the cause of my indecisiveness was the Wii… huh.

Well, there you have it! Those were the consoles I grew up with.

Oh wait, I missed out one.

Thank you for reading and happy gaming!


3 thoughts on “How Startups Stick with us Forever

  1. The PS2 one fills me with nostalgia. I played so many games during that era and used the machine quite a bit to watch DVDs. The Windows XP sound makes me think of computers crashing.

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