Gamer Journies #1 ft. My First Haul!


Wow, didn’t think I’d be starting this series so soon, but considering that I went to a car boot sale yesterday and managed to snag some interesting items, I couldn’t say no to showing them off.

So, bright and early at 7am, my Dad and I set off on the half an hour journey towards the sale, which we have been checking out every now and then for a couple of years. It’s one of those ones where lots of people set up their wonky tables on muddy grass and bring their whole living room with them to sell. So, naturally, there were quite a few gaming items scattered about too.

It was also very foggy.

As you can see, I tried to be secretive while taking pictures, and after a while, I got so lost in searching for things that I didn’t really take many at all.

But anyway, this one dude had a bunch of awesome gaming related items, so I awkwardly stood there and looked at him until I managed to say the words ‘how much is this?’ and ‘what is it?’


This picture was taken after I took everything (purchased, not stolen, obviously).
I actually went back this stall a few times, just because I was so intrigued by what was there. The guy was so nice and he said I could have whatever I wanted, within reason, for ten pounds. I nearly fainted. But I composed myself and leaped at the opportunity.


Then there were a bunch of other stalls too. This one dude had a huuuuuuge row of games (see image) and I was gobsmacked. I stood there browsing the games for so long that I think the seller was starting to get freaked out. But I bought two PS2 games from him and he wished me on my merry way (probably to his relief).

So, now that I’ve explained to you the main events of the day, I think I’ll move swiftly on to the haul itself and show you what I picked up.

I got these three games because, well, I guess I was in a Disney and Sega mood. (Actually, I wanted the Cars game for a long time, and I had no idea that Disney Golf even existed. So these were great buys in my opinion.)
There brought home so much stuff in this bag, and the bag was a haul item too!
Dishonored 2 heart stress toy thing. Well, this can go right beside my sonic stress toy on one of my shelves (I’m a stressy person, okay.)
These are only the steel tin cases, not the games, but he threw them in for me anyway, and I think they’re pretty cool!


Couldn’t have been happier when he allowed me to have his Luigi figurine too!!
Look at that shiny nose.










Some neat little bits and bobs! You just can’t go wrong.


A lanyard! I always thought these types of things were interesting. As of now, it’s hangin’ with me in my room.


The exclusive Kingdom Hearts 15th Anniversary Print! Super stoked to have this. The guy didn’t want to let it go, but I’m super happy that he let me include it. Gamers are the best (well, this proves they can be).


Finally, I couldn’t believe he let me have this Horizon Zero Dawn collectors edition guide too! Aah, it’s so beautiful.

So, there we have it! I feel truly lucky and grateful. It’s hard to stumble upon such great bargains sometimes, and as a cheapskate, it’s hard for me to say yes. But the people I managed to talk to really were nice and they totally deserved my money, and I can’t wait for more chances to try and bring home some great deals to share.

Thank you for reading and Happy Gaming!





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