Artist Spotlight #2: Ken Wong


I can’t believe it’s already Wednesday. Again. Time is going so fast recently I don’t think I can keep up.

But anyway, since it is Wednesday and all, that means it’s time for some more art and music spotlights! Hurrah! You can see the first post I did on an artist Ayami Kojima here. Today, however, I’m going to be looking at one of my longtime favourite artists, Ken Wong

Name: Ken Wong
Nationality: Australian
Links: Website / Twitter
Disclaimer: All artwork owned by Ken Wong.
All photographs gathered from:

Ever since playing Grimm and also receiving the Alice Madness Returns art book, I have been absolutely astounded by his work. Once I saw his name written time and time again upon the pages, I knew that I just had to look him up. He has some really cute and brightly coloured pieces, which contrasts with the dark and spine-chilling works that he created for Alice, which are both addicting to look at and incredibly appealing to the eye.

Apart from Alice Madness Returnsi.e. one of my favourite games of all time, he has also worked on numerous other projects. He was the lead designer for a mobile game called Monument Valleywhich I still haven’t had the pleasure of playing, but it looks absolutely wonderful, and I can guarantee you that it’s great (I mean, he won two Baftas and an Apple Design Award with it, I think you can trust me).

But, I won’t make you wait any longer. Let’s start browsing through some of his works.



One of my favourite games is Alice Madness Returns, developed by Spicy Horseand I really can’t give it any justice. The game is a gothic horror adventure, where you follow Alice, a girl who is suffering mentally after her family perishes in a fire. Since she is mentally traumatised, she tries to learn about what happened and simultaneously tries to learn the truth about her past too, which causes her to fall into the deep depths of Wonderland.

The concept art completely blew me away. I don’t know if I’m biased because I love creepy fairytales and creepy stuff in general, but, come on, these are imaginative masterpieces, and I think anyone can respect the work that goes into them (and I don’t know about you, but I don’t think I could draw a snail quite a monstrous as that).


Then there’s also the game Grimm. Which is a fun game with a grotesque style which you just can’t not enjoy. The artwork itself is pretty cute though. The colours merge well together and they look like they’ve almost been handmade. I kinda want little standees of the pigs on my desk. I think that would be rather adorable.


Seriously, how can you not love an artist who comes up with something like this? Look at all those colours! The design! Mario stuff! There really is nothing bad you can say about it.



After browsing his website, these also caught my attention. Again, the style is so unique but different to all his other works, and this is what makes him one of my favourite artists.

I love the busy-ness of the last design. Seriously, it’s going to take me years to be sure that I’ve seen every single detail, and even then I bet I would’ve missed something.



It was really hard for me to choose what to show for this last section. I predominantly showcased his works for video games in this post, but of course, his skill is varied, and he has some utterly beautiful pictures too. The four images above definitely aren’t my favourite, because all of his work is my favourite. I may be praising him a lot here, but why not? He’s clearly worked incredibly hard, as most artists do, and I want them all to be recognised and praised. Because I like praising people.


This makes me happy. I feel happy. We can’t let all this happy artwork go to waste!

Please support Ken Wong and both his creepy and cheerful artwork by checking out some of the links above!

Thank you and Happy Gaming.


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