Music Spotlight #2: Nobuo Uematsu


I asked my husband to provide me with someone to research for my second Music Spotlight post. I really enjoyed making the first one on Ryo Nagamatsu, which you can read here. Music is really an incredible thing. In video games, it helps sets the mood and can make you feel better or worse. For the most part, it makes games a lot more atmospheric, but if you keep dying and hear the same theme over and over again for hours, it’s bound to drive you insane.

Anyway, today, I’m writing a post finally relating to Final Fantasy. Honestly, you can’t run a video game blog without mentioning Final Fantasy at least a hundred times or more. My husband told me that I should write about Nobuo Uematsuso here I am, kind of prepared and ready to write.

Name: Nobuo Uematsu 植松伸夫
Born: March 21st 1959
Nationality: Japanese

Nobuo Uematsu is a video game music composer and created most of the soundtracks for the Final Fantasy games. His resume is definitely pretty long and impressive though, and he has also composed for a multitude of games such as The Last Story, Fantasy Life, and Super Smash Bros Brawl. I read that he is a self-taught musician, and began playing piano at the age of twelve, with Elton John as his main influence (he chose his influences very wisely it seems).

I think before we dive into the main game here, I’d like to just talk about Fantasy Life a little, for no reason other than I love it. I wish it wasn’t so hard to choose what music pieces to feature, but I’m just hoping that no one attacks me.

If you played Fantasy Life and don’t feel anything while listening to this, then I don’t know if I can trust you. This theme is definitely the most played in the game, honestly, you hear it all the time. I’m listening to this about a year after putting 30 hours into the game, so don’t blame my heart for having adverse reactions.

This is my all-time favourite from the game. No hesitation. I get goosebumps. Sure, Fantasy Life has silly music at times, but it also has pretty and calming tracks like this. Nobuo Uematsu certainly knows how to make his music fit a game.

So, already we can see that Nobuo Uematsu has talent and well, great ears. Great ears for music, that is. Although I’m sure they look good too. But, moving swiftly on, let’s talk about the other ‘fantasy’ game, which is Final Fantasy. I’m sure you’re all eager to listen to these soundtracks, for plenty of reasons.

There are definitely too many tracks to choose from, but I’m not complaining. I’m going to be sharing ones that I find and like or ones that I recognise and can say something about, since I haven’t played too many of the Final Fantasy games (a lot of them are unfortunately still in my backlog), but I do have quite a bit of knowledge nonetheless.

How can you not start off with a Prelude? In particular, this prelude. It’s so recognisable, whether you’ve played Final Fantasy 5 hours or 500 hours, and that’s the beauty of it really. I read in the comments that Nobuo Uematsu composed the original prelude in like 10 minutes. If that’s true, then, my socks are blown off.

You can’t have a post about Final Fantasy soundtracks without some sort of battle theme. VII is a game that I own but haven’t put a lot of time into, yet. There is that goal pushed into the back of my brain which keeps telling me that I must beat all the Final Fantasy games at some point *sweats nervously*.

Oh, then there’s this,

which highly compares to this.

So there really is a mixture of music here, and it’s all composed so well. Of course, there are tracks that people like more than others, but that’s just preference and personal opinion. I either like a song and forget about it quickly, or I like like a song and it sticks in my mind for ages and whenever I hear it 6 months later my heart does weird things that makes me think something is wrong, when in actual fact, I’m just having internal reactions to nostalgia.

So with that said, I’m obviously going to be leaving this here.

And this too. I’m sure you understand.

But this is a great chance to move onto Final Fantasy 15 actually. I remember hearing the first 10 seconds of this way too often. I looked fear right in the face and then I ran away. Constantly. I’m not really one for danger.

I may have to make another part to this post, because I didn’t really realise the extent of Nobuo Uematsu’s talent, since I’ve never really sat down and listened to all of his music properly before. Now, I have a completely refreshed opinion about him, and he is one renowned rad dude. Let’s hope that he keeps being an amazing composer for lots of games to come in the future!

I can’t end a post without sending you all off on a happy note! I hope that everyone will be able to have a real-life Chocobo one day.

Thank you and Happy Gaming!


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