Birthday Summary and Mini Haul!


I find it hard to process that I turned 22 yesterday. I don’t want to grow up. It’s simultaneously really scary yet the most intriguing aspect of my life. I still feel like I should be eight years old, being shown how to do things the right way and getting over-excited about everything (I was a shy kid but I was still crazy most of the time). But alas, while I did show some excitement yesterday, it wasn’t the same as all those years ago. But I was significantly more excited than my birthday back in 2015 and 2016, so maybe the joy is coming back.

Anyway, enough of that. This is going to be a short summary of my day with a mini haul, as yes, of course, I asked for video games. What else? I feel incredibly fortunate to get the gifts I did though and to have the day that I did.

I decided to spend my birthday with my Dad as I haven’t been able to do that for the last couple of years. It was really hard to come to a decision on where to go, but my Dad showed me a leaflet a few days ago about this miniature worlds place nearby, which is actually the largest modelling attraction in the UK. Upon arriving I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but among model railways, there was actually some video game related stuff and more importantly, toys (including Lego! Mountains of Lego. Anyone would’ve wanted to swim in it.

I am one big kid, and whilst the model railways were really incredible and intricate (I respect all the work that goes into those, I mean, painting the little tiny people and objects? I’d straight up lose them), I did get a little more excited over the cabinets of toys and also, the flight simulators, vintage penny arcades and vintage arcade machines. I admit it wasn’t the most mind-blowing experience, but it was fun nonetheless and some of the stuff there, you couldn’t see anywhere else.

Although, when I was trying out the flying simulator, of course, I thought it would be a great idea to see what happens when you crash. So I purposely pulled back and let my plane plunge into the sea, which confused me at first since it was in first person mode. Then I changed the camera, and, well, it was worse than I thought. Then I let my Dad try and he crashed while trying not to crash, we changed the camera view and we proceded to laugh at the fact that the airplane was half wedged into concrete.

I also managed to try out some Super Mario and this very interesting Kung Fu game with a joystick and some buttons. Of course, my not-so-retro gaming mind failed pretty horrendously, but it was fun to try nonetheless and I would love to own some first generation consoles and games.

Here are only a few pictures of my time there since the internet and WordPress are being not as responsive as I would like. I would edit the pictures a lot more if I could too, but being the bad organiser that I am, I decided to do this post last minute. But nevermind, I hope you enjoy looking or skipping past the images!


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Now onto the mini haul! So as a collector and player of video games, I did receive a few. Actually, there was only one thing that I got that wasn’t related to video games (a book since I do have more than one hobby. I have two hobbies.)

I apologise for the stickers still on the cases. I almost always get games preowned and much to my husband’s annoyance, I leave the stickers on for far too long. I swear it would take me a year to scrape all of them off.

I’m currently collecting the rest of the Tony Hawk games I need, so I was very happy to add one! I’m ready to show off my nonexisting skills.
I also want to collect the rest of The Sims games, especially the console versions. I love The Sims during the PS2 area, and I quote, on the back of this game, it says that there is a nudist colony.
Okay okay okay, I’ll explain. Nostalgia. Basically, I like Bratz. Don’t judge me.
I was surprised to get this, and very happy. I looove the first Jak and Daxter game, and I can’t wait to try a handheld game in the series.
This was number one on my birthday list. I would’ve been happy just receiving this alone. The Longest Journey is one of my all-time favourite series, so naturally, I had to get the third installment.
I heard great things about this game, and I really like owning this genre to balance out the more action, adventure and shooting titles I own (unless I’m wrong and this game has FPS aspects in it. Maybe I should’ve double checked.)
I was totally shocked that this came new and sealed. I’ve always wanted to own a Tokimekigame- they’re so addicting, and now that I have this, I can’t wait to get into it and also practice my rusty Japanese too.
I actually asked my Dad to get this a long time ago since it was on sale. The Book of Unwritten Tales is also another series that’s at the top of my list. This Almanac Edition has a bunch of content, such as an art book and making of DVD. Now I just need to make room on my shelf to display it…
I’m currently in the middle of collecting video game novels and I have quite a few now. Since I loved playing Driver growing up, I had to add this to my wishlist.

So there we have it! I did also receive some money from my family members, so perhaps I’ll be picking up some more games soon. But in all honesty, my backlog is so big that I think I’ll be taking a big break from picking up games (actually, I don’t trust myself. I guarantee you that I’ll have another ten games by the end of the month).

Video game collecting is so addicting, and that’s my anecdote for the day.

Thank you and Happy Gaming!


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