Games Released During Each Year of my Life


The idea for this came to my mind because I think I saw a post similar whilst I was browsing through WordPress (if I have directly stolen the idea, then I apologise). For each year that I have been alive, I am going to be listing a couple of games that released during that particular year. I’ll be adding a little comment too, in case you want to practice reading more.

So first off, let’s start with the year I was born, naturally.


Tomb Raider (The first Tomb Raider game fills me with joy, but also deep dark regret. I mentioned this game in a recent post ‘Games That I Started and Never Finished’ which you can read here if you want. Lara Croft is one of my all-time favourite characters though, hence why I had to mention this game)

Shin Megami Tensei: Persona (Even though I didn’t play this as a baby, I did obtain it digitally last year. I played it for quite a while, and I really should’ve tried to beat it, because now I’m going to have to start all over again. But, obviously, this is a world-renowned series, and I actually really love the first game. Although I will never forget the battle music. While it is awesome, it haunts me after hearing it millions of times already.)

Here it is in case you wanted to torture yourself more!


Fallout (The Fallout series is really a series that I need to play more of. I’ve seen more gameplay than anything, and I’ve played the beginning of Fallout 3 way more times than I should have. I really want to go through the game with really low intelligence though. It’ll reflect how I’d act in real life.)

Final Fantasy VII (This is a game that’s important to me for a different reason, and that’s because my Dad loved it. My Dad played this when I was very small, and I always used to watch him involuntarily. Maybe it’s what helped me get into the magical world of gaming though, who knows?)


Parasite Eve (I started playing the first game last year, but then my husband finished it for me as I didn’t really feel like playing that genre at the time. But it’s definitely a series that I want to get into properly. Right now I just can’t forget the number of times my husband has wanted me to start playing it- my bad!)

Dance Dance Revolution (This is how I used to get most of my exercise. Actually, it’s still how I get most of my exercise.)

Grim Fandango (I love point & clicks, but this game is challenging. I haven’t gotten that far through it yet, but that’s because I kept getting stuck numerous times. Maybe I’m still too dumb for this. Or maybe I’m thinking too hard. Well, maybe I’ll get there eventually without blowing my brains out.)



The Longest Journey (I have to mention it. It’s one of my favourite games to date, and sometimes I can’t believe that games that extensive were being released in the 90s. Like, I was three years old, seeing complex games like that was incredibly surreal.)

Rollercoaster Tycoon (Crap, was this really 1999?! Well, blow me down.)


The Sims (It makes me sad that EA have been frankly pretty crap recently, but The Sims is a series I love and I feel that it has to be mentioned somewhere. The Sims 3 was a big part of my teenagehood, and it’s surprising how addicting life simulation is.)

Jet Set Radio (Obviously there’s the HD port, but the original was released in the year 2000. I’m hoping everybody has heard of this game because the colours and style are rad, and how else are you going to skate around like that without getting killed?)


Destruction Derby Raw (I’m so thankful that I still own this game because it’s a huge chunk of my memories from my PS1 days. It’s why I don’t plan on driving anytime soon though.)


Burnout (Driving. Crashing. Burning. What more could you ask for?)

Cel Damage (and yes, another racing game. But this one is awesome. This one is celshaded and very fancy. You can hit other cars with a hammer.)

Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy (I played quite a bit of the PS3 Trilogy version and this series is great. I really want to play them more. I recently got Daxter on the PSP, and to be able to take Daxter around with me will be very exciting.)


Animal Crossing (Oh look, it’s everybody’s first love.)

Kingdom Hearts (Okay, maybe this is everybody’s first love. Either way, both Animal Crossing and Kingdom Hearts are huge releases from the year 2002.)


Starsky & Hutch (This is a game based off of a TV action series. My Mum used to watch it quite a lot, so when my Dad got us the game, we both proceeded to play a lot of it. For years. Unfortunately, we were not skilled enough to jointly get through most of the game.)

The Simpsons: Hit & Run (I would love for this or a game like this to return honestly. It was so much fun. I need this kind of fun back in my life.)

Tony Hawk’s Underground (The Tony Hawk PS2 games is one of the series that I played the most on PS2. You could actually drive a car in this one, and remember the character customisation?! Seriously, stuff like that is what games lack nowadays.)


Driver 3 (I never actually knew that a lot of people didn’t like this game. This game was like an open-world adventure for me when I was younger, full of evil possibilities. I used to change the settings so the police wouldn’t come and get me, and then I’d just drive around and shoot people. Because that’s what true joy is apparently)

The Incredibles (I’m just mentioning this because I distinctly remember borrowing it from the library and trying it out. I didn’t get through much of the game, but the fact that I borrowed it from the library just sticks with me for some reason. Oh, and the movie is awesome. Who’s looking forward to the second one?!)


Nintendogs (Do Nintendogs die? I don’t know if I want to find out.)

Lego Star Wars: The Video Game (LEGO games are great. You can’t disagree. Actual LEGO is a bit different because they really hurt your feet if you step on them.)



Saints Row (Once I finally get an Xbox 360, I’m going to get the first game for sure. I’ve played the third one a lot and honestly, I had so much fun with it. Running around naked was the best part.)

Bully ( I say it a lot, but I’ve watched gameplay of this game way too many times. Fortunately, I do own it though, and I really must get down to playing it. I didn’t like school that much, so I’m ready to rebel.)


Portal (Again, another game that I watched a lot of videos for. I really want the second game physically for console, since I only own the first and second game digitally. Glados, are you there?)

Rock Band (I wish this game recorded hours because I am 100% sure that I’ve spent an entire year of my life playing this game. While saying this though, I wish I could boast about my skills. I can play on Expert Mode, but alas, some of the songs are impossible to the majority of the population.)



Imagine Teacher (I mention this particular game because I really liked quite a few of the Imagine games. I remember playing Imagine Teacher a lot, but I got stuck on the pottery class, as you do.)

Mirror’s Edge (A game that made me feel really paranoid, and I still haven’t beat it. But I like the whole concept a lot, and it has a minimalistic vibe.)


Borderlands (I love the graphics, the characters, the music- the list is endless. Don’t make me go on.)

Dragon Age: Origins (I’m just surprised at how many hours I actually managed to put into this series. Over 50 hours? In the first and second game? I did that?! Crazy.)


Limbo (I understand that you can get this on the PS VITA now too so I would love that. This game looked pretty dark and scary to me at first, but I think I could get through it. Although I think I might experience a little bit of arachnophobia. *nervous laughter*)

Heavy Rain (I beat Heavy Rain quite a few years ago now, and quite a bit of it has stuck with me. Some of it made me laugh, like the voice acting (JAAAASON), but you can’t go wrong with it really. It’s a must play.)



Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception (This series is a series I really want to play through again. Although, I have the unpopular opinion that the fourth game isn’t as good. The second and third are definitely my favourite, and I would marry Nathan Drake if I didn’t have a husband already, although don’t tell my husband that.)

Tropico 4 (I really like the Tropico games. The music makes you want to dance in your seat, which I do way too often and my chair is probably ready to give up on me. The gameplay can be challenging but it is rather addicting, and addicting games are what we live for.)



Mario Party 9 (Forever regret that I traded this in. Forever regret.)

Fantasy Life (I’ve mentioned that I loved this game a couple of times already, but it’s perfect for the 3DS. I haven’t really heard anything bad about it, and to be honest, even if I did, I would ignore it. I’ll protect the game forever.)


Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch (Honestly, some of these games, I can’t believe how long ago they were released. I remember sitting there with this game, playing it in Japanese, and writing down all the new vocab that I wanted to learn. Because of this though, I didn’t really get that far in the game. But I know how good it is for sure.)

Table Top Racing: World Tour (If you like pretending that you’re in a toy race car upon a table driving into ketchup bottles, then this game is for you.)



Castaway Paradise (If you haven’t heard of this game it is basically kind of a mix between Animal Crossing and Harvest Moon. It really isn’t bad, but it is quite repetitive. But then again, these type of games are.)

Goat Simulator (You know about this game right? If you don’t I may have to drag you down the road with my tongue.)


Cities: Skylines (i’m a sucker for city building games, and I really want to build up my collection of them, although I almost always end up in debt. It’s not my fault I swear.)

Life is Strange (I’m honestly still so emotionally attached to this game. That is all.)


Superhot (I let my husband have the Steam key for this last year and I watched him play most of it. It freaked me out a little bit, but it had a really neat design.)

Punch Club (You should really check this game out if you haven’t heard of it. It has really cool graphics and the game can get pretty addicting too. Also, you’re a boxer. Punching things is fun.)


Little Nightmares (I really want to play this, and it reminds me of Coraline. I love anything that reminds me of Coraline. Or Tim Burton. Or Neil Gaiman.)

Hellblade (I think I want this even more though. After all those awards it got too? Man. I really hope that there’ll be a physical release. I want to put some hell into my blade.)


I’m going to end there since I’m always late to the party and I hardly ever get new video games and therefore can’t really write much about 2018. I even struggled with 2016 and 2017. Pff, and I call myself a gamer.

Wow. This post was pretty long though. While writing this out, I noticed that some years had way more and better releases than others, which is as expected. Please let me know if I’ve made a mistake with a release date, but apart from that, why don’t you let me know what games are the most nostalgic to you?

Thank you for reading and Happy Gaming!


3 thoughts on “Games Released During Each Year of my Life

  1. Great list! Just finished the Dragon Age series recently and put so many hours into those games, haha. Hellblade is amazing! I want a physical release and a statue of Senua 😀


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