Ten Gamer Goals for May


Both of my posts today were fairly rushed, which I hate to admit. I really should be writing my posts ahead of time, but I guess recently I shouldn’t be trusting my organisation skills. But with that being said, I’m still determined to get this post out on time.

So I’m currently typing this whilst in a moving vehicle, so typos are plentiful. I have my trusty 2DS with me, but I’m not a fan of playing handhelds in cars, to be honest. I can’t concentrate as well as I used to and my Dad is blasting music so that doesn’t help, but I don’t mind. It’s not like I’m addicted to gaming or anything (I’m not sweating. You believe me right?!)

Today my Dad and I looked around a town 20 minutes away from where we live, and I was obviously scouring as many shops as I could for gaming related items, but there was nothing (which is probably a good thing since my backlog is about to walk out on me).

Since this post is more of a quick update, I thought I would add my goals for May, as that month is quickly approaching and I am in a blind panic.

1) Do a video game book reading challenge

I love to read, and I have a stack of video game novels that need some love. I have about 7 of them, and I don’t know if I’ll be able to read them all in May, but I would certainly like to try.

2) Read Game Studies books/articles

I am also planning on reading some books which relate to game studies. I want to delve into the psychological world of gaming too, just to see what gaming really does to our brains.

3) Read Game Magazines

Okay, maybe I’m telling myself to read a bit too much, but I really do want to. I have a stack of old game magazines that I would love to go through, as I think it would help me develop both my writing and my terrible poor humour. Let’s see how it goes. I would also love to pick some more up if I find any (fingers crossed!)

4) Beat 5 Games

I beat 40 games last year, but this year I feel like I’m a little bit behind, even though I’ve beaten 10 so far. I need to step up my game, and next month, 5 games are going down. I’m not sure what games those will be but I’m definitely hoping to beat The Dreamfall Chapters on PS4 and more than likely some PS2 titles.

5) Earn one Platinum

Well, I’m sure I’ll allow myself to earn more if I want to, but I really would love to go back and earn the rest of the trophies for a game. Some games I actually only need three or five for, while others are more like ‘wow you have like 50 trophies left. You suck.’ So yeah, I’m ordering one platinum for myself in May.

6) Play Silent Hill

I bought Silent Hill on sale yesterday, but, alas I am a huge wimp. But I want to play it. I really really want to play it, and I’m going to play it, and I’m going to get through it. I was thinking, maybe if I write it down as a goal for the world to see, then maybe I’ll feel more inclined to beat it. Ha ha ha. Oh no, what have I done

7) Get 50 WordPress followers and maybe some gamer buddies? 

This is more like an advertisement. ‘Follow my blog and you can be my gamer buddy!’ Yeah, I agree, not the best advertisement. But I really would love to keep my blog going steady and hopefully increase my traffic in the process. I would also love to become friends with some people because to be honest, I am one lone wolf, and so far, the internet is my friend.

8) Become more knowledgeable about games in general

I’m not sure how I’ll know when this goal is complete, but I want to know as much about the obscure games as I do about the modern games. To be honest, I don’t know much about either at the moment. But I’m ready to start taking notes. I’ve got my pen and paper right- oh wait, nevermind.

9) Watch some tv shows/movies based on video games

I think I’m mainly talking about animation here. Animation is a huge love of mine, and I actually set a goal at the beginning of the year to watch 150 animated films. That goal has, well, fallen behind. So I’d love to get into watching some video game based entertainment. I’d be killing two birds with one stone (which literally, I would not do).

10) Have fun!

Uh, that’s probably cheesy to say. But my life is pretty full of anxiety, stress, and worry right now, and I’d like to just chill out and have fun and try my best to focus on what I enjoy! So cheers to that! (Even though I don’t drink) Here’s to more video game gamer fun times! (Insert smiley face here).


What are your video game goals for May? Please leave me a comment so we can encourage each other and try not to cry.

Thank you for reading and Happy Gaming!




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