Music Spotlight #4: Greg Edmonson


Welcome to post number 4. This is another music spotlight, where I introduce you to a member of the composing world and hope that you become enlightened.

I’m sitting in a car right now typing this, and I was thinking to myself who can I write about? What video game has a soundtrack that I love and remember vividly? Well, that soundtrack ladies and gentlemen, popped into my head immediately. The music for Uncharted 2, and who created the music for this game? None other than Greg Edmonson.

Name: Greg Edmonson 
Nationality: American

Thank you to the YouTube channel for providing us with the music!

Greg Edmonson is known for creating music for a number of films, tv shows and video games (well, the first three games in the Uncharted series). He even composed for King of the Hill a number of times! How neat is that?

He grew up in Texas and grew up playing guitar, moving on later to study jazz composition at University. He became a session player and studio musician, and he then studied at the Musicians Institute of Technology. So, all in all, we can say that he’s definitely got a lot of knowledge under his belt.

First of all, I want to jump right in and share with you my favourite tracks from Uncharted 2 and a couple from Uncharted 3. The music fits so perfectly, and in my opinion, it’s pretty rememberable for a soundtrack too. It’s so beautiful and with all those different instruments put together, it really helps you to feel like you’ve been transported to another part of the world. I mean, I have the soundtrack CD, and I’m not going to deny that I would play it and pretend I’m deep in the forests of Bolivia wielding a gun or something. I can dream.

Actually, I’d play this tune in particular when I want to pretend that I can handle a gun.

Aaaaahh, Nate, the memories!

Ahem, anyway, moving on. I’m probably the worst tv and film buff in the world, because I hardly watch films or tv (and when I do they’re animated) so it doesn’t surprise me when I don’t know any of the ones he’s composed for (apart from the animated one, King of the Hill). But I looked some up and here are a couple cool ones I found.

I did read that Firefly was a pretty popular show, so perhaps I’ll take a look! Has anybody seen it? As for the soundtracks, you can’t go wrong (you can actually hear the Uncharted in a couple of the last ones)!

It’s lovely, lovely music- and that’s how I’m summarising this post.

Thank you for reading and Happy Gaming!


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