10 Horror Games I’m Too Wimpy to Play


With the exception of Alan Wake, Catherine and BioShock (if they even count), I’ve never played anything remotely horror-like, and I hate it. I love thinking about horror games, and what they look like, and the stories and the atmosphere, but I just can’t bring myself to play them. It’s the same with horror films, it’s not that I’ll get nightmares, it’s just that I can’t handle tension. I can’t handle it when something might make me jump out of nowhere. I’m fine with dolls, clowns, creepy rooms and dark basements (which maybe, I shouldn’t be okay with)- but thinking about it makes me feel like I’m going to have a heart attack constantly. Even if there are no jump scares, this fear makes horror games mostly unplayable to me.

But, with that being said, here is a list of 10 horror games that I want to play, and will play at some point in my life. Even if I die trying.

Silent Hill

I’ve actually already made my first step with this one. I bought the first game on sale last week and I know I’m going to have to start it up very soon. I don’t know how scary I’ll find it, but it is pretty widely known for being a horror, so you know.

The first game was released back in January 1999, and published by Konami. The story follows a man named Harry Masson and his search for his missing daughter in the eerie town of, none other than, Silent Hill. To be honest, I wouldn’t want to visit a town with that name, but this sort of thing always happens in horrors so, there’s nothing we can do. There have been quite a few games since, around 8 or so I believe, not including any spin-offs. Of course, there was also the canceled title P.T. that everyone knows about. I don’t know if any fetuses in sinks will be in horror games again anytime soon, but that element was rather creepy.


The Cat Lady

I miraculously managed to watch through a whole playthrough of this game, and I loved it. But some parts, no no no no no. I don’t know if my heart is ready to go through the game alone. But, the game follows the story of Susan Ashworth, a depressed, middle-aged woman with no friends, and is, unsurprisingly, a cat lady. She nearly commits suicide, but she wakes up in an alternate world and is given the task of killing five evil humans called The Parasites.

The game has such an incredible atmosphere, great music, and wonderful voice actors, and maybe there will be a day when I can experience it all alone. By myself. In a dark room. *nervous laughter* Okay, no promises.


Layers of Fear

I actually did play about an hour of this game, and then I cried that same night, clinging to my partner thinking that someone was going to come and murder us. So, maybe I’ll pass this one for now, but the whole game does spark my interest. I didn’t even experience much in the game, I just think it made my paranoia go through the roof. Plus, it’s in first-person, so that doesn’t help.

The game is about a painter whose purpose is to finish his masterpiece. The mansion you explore is constantly changing, and you’re surrounded by paintings and decor from the 19th century. So overall, the setting of the game is beautiful, it’s only, does everything really have to change when I’m not looking? That’s kind of mean, don’t you think?


Fatal Frame

This is a game I nearly tried but then chickened out (I always chicken out. I’m more chicken than human). Each game in the series focuses on a different supernatural threat, which usually means that you have to navigate haunted locations. I for one, am not really a fan of haunted locations, even though I don’t really believe in ghosts and all that.

So far there are five main games, not counting any spinoffs. The game is set in 1980s Japan, and in each scenario, the characters use Camera Obscura, which is a device that captures spirits and calms them down and whatnot. This series is widely known and is often seen alongside Resident Evil and Silent Hill, so I think it would be a shame for me to not try it at least once. (Oh, what am I getting myself into?) 


Rule of Rose

If you haven’t heard of this game, then, first of all, you should know that a lot of people say that it’s pretty twisted (and also rare to find). Set in England in 1930, the game follows a girl called Jennifer, who becomes trapped in a world ruled by young girls. Since the game is a horror and follows children, there were rumours (and fake rumours) that the game was brutal, cruel and violent, which brought up lots of controversial discussions about morality.

The major theme in the game showcases the difference between an adults and child’s way of thinking, and how children might treat adults if given power. This game is fairly collectible, (ha, fairly. It goes for £200 in a UK preowned game shop), so, I don’t know if I’ll ever own it, but I’m willing to watch someone play it, to see what all that fuss was about when the game was primarily released.


The Path

I have a little bit of a passion for creepy games that are based on fairy tales, and this one has intrigued me ever since it came out. The Path is based on the tale of Little Red Riding Hood, where six sisters have to visit their grandmother, who is sick and bedridden. Your goal? To stay on the path! And who actually stays on the path? Not many players, I doubt.

Developed by Tale of Tales, this game is about making choices, playing and failing and having to accept the inevitable. But, overall, it’s about exploration and using your imagination. I can’t wait to try it out one day (I’ll probably be too scared to stray from the path anyway).


The Evil Within

Survival horror is my biggest weak point. I don’t want to be chased by anything, thank you very much. I nearly couldn’t handle the pressure of an enemy running after me in Mirror’s Edge, let alone some weird dude with a chainsaw.

But anyway, since the second game came out not so long ago, it has been on my radar and it does intrigue me. The game is pretty popular and I see it come up on social media quite a bit. The first game revolves around a gruesome mass murder, and you play as Sebastian, a detective who is knocked unconscious suddenly and then wakes up among the dead in a deranged world. So, naturally, fighting for survival is the next step. It says on Steam that the game ’embodies the meaning of horrifying anxiety’, so whenever I want to give my anxiety anxiety, I’ll give this game a go.


Fran Bow

I love point and clicks, so it pains me when a horror point and click is released. I find point and clicks a tad creepy anyway because you never know what’s going to show up next, and then it’s there, so suddenly. Fran Bow seems like it would do exactly that- you’re this sweet little girl and then suddenly- boom- somebodies heads explodes.

Developed by Killmonday Games, Fran Bow seems like an unsettling game, to say the least. It’s about a girl who is struggling with a mental disorder at an asylum, after the gruesome loss of her parents. She manages to escape the asylum, and go back home to her Aunt. I don’t know how the game was received, but it looks very enticing (and I do like stories based on mental health issues and whatnot).


Neverending Nightmares

Talking about mental illness, Neverending Nightmares is another game that revolves around that sort of stuff. You play as Thomas, who awakens from a nightmare only to find that he is still dreaming (which must be a tad disorientating, poor Thomas). He ends up having to run away from his inner demons, hoping to eventually wake up. The game is said to be inspired by the developer’s struggle with mental illness (depression and OCD) so I would love to grow some balls and try it for myself. As someone who struggles with mental illness too, I would like to see how it is represented in the game. Also, the games moody style and black and white artwork looks remarkable.



This game looks really well-made, hence why I’ll probably poop my pants if I try to get through it. Detention is a horror game set in Taiwan in the 1960s, so the game incorporates East Asian elements, such as cultural references and mythology. That’s one of the sole reasons why this game appeals to me- it looks and sounds so unique, and I love Asia and the culture, too, so I think it would be an interesting experience.

The game follows two students trapped in their High School (why are schools a common setting for horror?) and haunted by evil creatures (there always has to be something evil in the schools too, doesn’t there? Well, I mean it explains a lot). So yeah, this game was developed by Red Candle Games, and I highly recommend you check it out. It’s definitely different from quite a few other games I’ve seen.


So there are some of the games that I’m too chicken to play (even though I really want to), and I’m not afraid to admit it. I am afraid to play the games though. To be honest, I just want a peaceful life, is that too much to ask?

Thank you for reading and Happy Gaming!


13 thoughts on “10 Horror Games I’m Too Wimpy to Play

  1. I’m normally way to scared to play horror games too! The only times I play them is when I’m with my mates, layers of fear is one I’ve played solo though it’s definitely worth a go, it’s more of a disturbing gothic horror than one full of jump scares (which are the worst)!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Playing with other people around definitely helps! I don’t understand those people who like to play them at night with all the lights off- they’re crazy! hahaha, I’ll definitely give Layers of Fear another go soon!
      Thank you for commenting 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Quite the list! I often have to play in short sessions to make it through a horror game.

    The Path is an interesting game, much more about the interpretation of the scenarios than full on horror. I’d also really really really recommend Silent Hill 2 if you’re feeling brave.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I should try that tactic. Maybe playing some light-hearted games in-between horror sessions would help.

      I’ll let you know how the first Silent Hill goes. Hopefully I’ll get to Silent Hill 2 one of these days!


    1. I’m happy to know that someone doesn’t chicken out of playing these games. Detention definitely stuck out to me- I’ll have to give it a go. Thank you for your comment!


  3. I’m also a wimp with horror games, I’m still too scared to play Amnesia. There’s something about horror games (as opposed to horror movies) that for me makes it all so much more frightening. Great list!

    Liked by 1 person

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