My Old (Fan) Art


First of all, I put ‘fan’ in brackets because I don’t know if you would really call it fan art. When I used to draw a year or two ago, I never really drew from my imagination, so the drawings were all technically copies, per se, but I still enjoyed drawing them at the time. Whether this is fan art or not beats me. Probably. It doesn’t matter. Art is art, and I drew things.

I thought I’d share some personal work for a change though. They’re not the best pieces in the world but I’m proud of some of them. My ability to construct images on paper or screen by controlling my hand was fairly decent.


Professor LaytonI’m starting off with this drawing merely because it’s one of my old old drawings. I mean this was drawn millions of centuries ago (or so it feels like). I just thought I’d include it because it’s all cutely coloured in and I remember being super proud. Professor Layton and the Curious Village is a game that I put a lot of time and quizzical thoughts into growing up, and it’s another series that I need to collect.


Fantasy Life – Now for more up-to-date drawings. I remember drawing this when I was obsessed with Fantasy Life at the end of 2016 (because who doesn’t become obsessed with Fantasy Life?) I wanted to draw a character, so I drew that one. She’s like a little nature girl, and I love her. She needs more appreciation. Nature needs more appreciation. I want to be a nature girl.


7th Dragon Code III Code: VFD – After Fantasy Life I played 7th Dragon Code for a really long time too. I really enjoyed that game and I wish I actually beat it after putting so much time into it. But anyway, this is the awesome rabbit that’s in the game. I like the ears. Rabbits have nice ears.


Final Fantasy – It’s Moogle! To be honest, how can you not draw something as adorable as a Moogle? It’s pink, it has the cutest smil- ah, eyes. Face. Body. It’s just the cutest thing alive, okay. I stand by my beliefs.

Adventure Capitalist – I wanted to draw something from a game beginning with the letter A, so, what can I say? I chose Adventure Capitalist. To be honest, Adventure Capitalist is a King of simple yet addicting clicker games (and let’s not forget it’s free too! Three cheers for free stuff!)

Borderlands – Not the drawing I’m most proud of, but I did spend a lot of time on it. Borderlands is a great series, you really can’t deny it. I really wish I had enough talent to be able to draw in a cel-shaded style because cel-shaded art blows my mind. I don’t mind these crazy guys either though, the psychos.

Borderlands – As I said, I love this series. Hence why I drew Claptrap too. Now, this drawing, I’m proud of. I’m proud of it also because I drew it while my tablet pen was being all weird and a little unresponsive. I like the messiness of it, and it actually still looks like Claptrap. I think. “Aaaaaaand, opeeeen!” Plus I coloured it in, so I want some applause for effort.

Jak and Daxter – Another quick and simple digital drawing I did here. This is Daxter from Jak and Daxter, which is another great series that I would love to own the original games for. I can’t get his voice out of my head. Not that that’s a bad thing, of course.

Drawn to Death – I don’t like drawing digital that much, but as you can see from the last few pictures, I did try my best at one point. This is one of the characters you can play as in the multiplayer game Drawn to Death and if you look at the graphics, well, it’s no wonder I wanted to draw something after playing it. You could say, that I wanted to draw myself to death. Ha ha ha. I’ll move on now. Or leave. I can leave.

BioShock – Back to traditional again, and this is, of course, the Big Daddy from BioShock. I spent a long time on this one, and it’s a little weird but I like it. I’ve tried to draw Big Daddies a lot in the past, but this one was probably the most successful. (Unless you count this next one I did from thousands of years ago)


Heh, it’s like a mini Big Daddy. Suddenly, it’s not so threatening. I want one for my desk.

Anna’s Quest – Now getting to the last drawings I did, and I do mean I haven’t drawn much since then. This is from Anna’s Quest. I was playing it at the time and I love Daedalic Entertainment so much and the characters they create are so rememberable, so I had to draw them.

Deponia – One of the other Daedalic characters includes Rufus from Deponia. I really must finish the series. If you like point and clicks, or you want to try getting into them, I’d say this is a great place to start. It’s lighthearted, funny, and challenging yet rewarding. I’m sure you’d have a great time. And look at Rufus’s face. You can’t say no to that.

I Hate Fairyland – Wait. Hold up. Something not video game related?! What?! I know, I know, calm down. It’s okay, I don’t think it’s the end of the world just yet. I just wanted to finish off this post with something different, and that’s I Hate Fairyland. Since graphic novels and comic books do fit within the nerd category I thought I’d include it. Plus I want to keep this sheet of drawings safe somewhere. This is such a crazy series, and I recommend you check it out (and Skottie Young deserves some attention!) I wonder what it would be like as a video game, to be honest. Probably pretty gnarly.

So, to sum this all up, I love art, and I tried to do the art thing for a while. As you can see, I did improve my drawing somewhat over the years. Maybe I should get back into it again. What do you think? Personally, for now, I think I’ll focus on appreciating art more than creating it myself, but who knows, hopefully, I’ll upload some more at some point this year. So stay tuned if you want to see how that goes!

Thank you and Happy Gaming!


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