Controversial Video Games Part #1: The Sexual Ones


Banned video games usually make me laugh outright. It’s funny to me that creators and developers will take stuff that far sometimes, or that a country will look at a game and shout ‘this is unacceptable!’ and slap a banned label on it.

So I thought I would do a post about some of these games, but in particular, the sexual ones and why they were so wrong and banned. Some of these games make no sense at all. But what would my blog be if it made any sense? I have to share some more shocking content at some point, even if it is completely wrong. So without further ado, let’s dive straight in.

WARNING: This article mentions controversial and disturbing content, mainly sexual content,
such as rape, so please be warned.


Even from the title, it’s clear that this game is completely wrong. Developed by Illusion Soft, who are famous for releasing erotic games in Japan and in Japan only, this game features some pretty messed up content.

Released in 2006, this game has you play as a male character who stalks and, well, has sex with a mother and her two daughters, without consent. So, unsurprisingly, this game was banned in several countries, which is good, in my opinion. It’s sick, and frankly, I wouldn’t want to go anywhere near it.

Of course, we always play games that involve a lot of murder, torture, and gore, so why that’s okay and this isn’t, I have no idea. But I don’t want to normalise sexual harassment in games either, so I’m not going to think too much about it. This. Is. Horrendous.


The Guy Game

I’ve seen this one around the internet quite a bit. The Guy Game is a game, unfortunately, similar to RapeLayReleased in 2004, by a company ironically called Topheavy Studios, this game is set up like a trivia game show, with around 1000 questions that you can answer.

Now, you may think, what’s wrong with that? But the thing is, the game is full of live-action video footage of young women exposing their breasts if you win. But also, the thing is, one woman wasn’t informed that the footage was going to be used to promote the video game, and in the game, she was only seventeen years old. So, the thing is, the game basically became child pornography.

That’s pretty bad.


Custer’s Revenge

And the games just keep on coming.

Even though this next game was released way back in 1982, it’s still, um, fairly clear what’s happening. You play as a man named Custer, who is naked, apart from a hat and some boots, and has, what you could say, is a relatively visible erection. Your goal is to reach the other side of the screen, avoiding arrows as you go, and then have sex with the naked Native American woman (who, of course, hasn’t given him permission to do).

To be honest I’d happily fire arrows at this man.

I’ve also just read that if kids see the game, you should tell them that ‘Custer and the maiden are just dancing’, which gave me a chuckle. Yes, of course, they’re just dancing. Let’s pretend nothing extremely controversial and disturbing is going on here, involving rape and racism.

The game actually sold around 80,000 copies too, with numerous complaints filing into the Atari office, to which they responded ‘our object is not to arouse, our object is to entertain.’ Ah, yes, that explains everything. This is clearly the best form of entertainment people could get in those days. (Please note that I’m being very very sarcastic. This game is a nightmare. Also, you may want to look up pictures for yourself).


I feel like I’ve heard this title before somewhere, and I don’t think it’s as bad as the other titles I’ve mentioned so far. But anyway, this game is a point-and-click adventure game released by Sierra On-Line in 1995. The game follows Adrienne Delaney, an author who moves into a mansion in the middle of nowhere, and finds herself terrorised by supernatural forces. The game sounds like it would be okay, but it caused discussions because of its violence, sexual content, and gore. Plus, this game features live-action actors and footage. Which makes it all riskier, in my opinion. (Also, is it just me, or is live-action video in games creepy? I find it really creepy.)

When this game came out, some places decided to stock it, while others didn’t (Walmart did, which is interesting), the reason for that being, the graphic gore and the fact that there is a rape scene at one point in the game. There was quite a bit of backlash from people, and the game overall was banned from most retailers in Australia. That didn’t stop it from becoming one of the best-selling titles of that year though.


I don’t even know how to sum this post up. It’s all disgusting in my opinion, but what’s fascinating to me is that games will actually include this content and be released. The history of gaming is a dark one, and looking at the dark side is just as interesting to me as looking at the bright side. So I wonder what we’ll find next time on a post about banned/controversial games. I don’t know whether I’m intrigued or terrified.

Thank you for reading and Happy Gaming!


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