The Beaten Diaries #10: Roles in Final Fantasy


I hope you were all anticipating my next post because I’m hoping that all the effort I’m putting into typing this up on a Sunday pays off (I can dream). I’m joking though, I enjoy writing these posts no matter what day of the week it is. It brings me joy to know that one or two people could read this and think, ‘that was a decent piece of writing’, and I thank you.

So anyway, I hope you all had a good weekend and are ready to read my next Beaten Diaries entry! This post, in particular, is showcasing a game from an incredibly popular series, because yes, I do beat mainstream games as well as the weird ones that no one knows about.

The series I am talking about today is, of course, Final Fantasy, and the game, in particular, is Final Fantasy XIII-2 (or 13-2, for those of you who aren’t Romans).


Now I’m not a human who is able to put hours and hours into many games. I’d say a game is fairly lucky if I interact with it for more than 30 hours. But I was so determined to beat a Final Fantasy game (because I hadn’t yet and that was a true criminal offense) that I cleared this title in almost 50 hours. That’s a lot for lil ol’ me. I beat it on normal difficulty, and I have no idea what trophy percentage I finished with because my husband, coincidentally, within the last week, platinumed the game for us (as we share a PSN account). I’m glad that he did the rest of the work. I would’ve needed at least another three years before being able to pick the game back up again. I burn out easily, okay. 

But anyway, I’m one of those people who really likes Final Fantasy XIII, and XIII-2 wasn’t quite as fun for me. There was something about it that didn’t make me feel as intrigued by the characters and the story, and the lack of those cutscenes with beautiful graphics disappointed me. Also, the roles confused me, and I didn’t know what paradigms were best and what roles were good to level up with. So, for you right now, I’m going to write an insight to each role, and perhaps it’ll help you if you want to actually progress in the game successfully (unlike me, for the most part).



In general, the commando is a soldier who has been specially trained to carry out strong, surprise attacks. This role mainly lets you perform strong and powerful attacks to deal heavy damage to a target. This is especially useful when the opponent is staggered. The main characters in the game, Noel Kreiss and Serah Farron both start out with the Commando role, but only Noel specialises in it in the end so you can use him to bash enemies whenever you so wish.


The term synergist and synergy involves enhancing the effectiveness of an active agent, whatever that means. The main function of the synergist is to cast positive statuses onto allies, and curing the negative ones, basically saving you and buffing you up, which I wish could be a thing in real life. During Final Fantasy XIII-2 Serah and Noel only learn the defensive enhancements, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other means of boosting your offensive capabilities later in the game.


According to an online dictionary I’m perusing, the definition of saboteur is ‘one that practices sabotage’, so this is clearly my favourite role already. As a saboteur, you inflict a range of harmful statuses onto your targets, such as poison, deshell, curse, pain, fog, and chaos, so it all sounds marvelous to me. So much damage to do, so little time.


For some reason, I always misread this as ‘savage’, or ‘scavenger’. But anyway, the term ravaging means to be violently destructive or to have a harming effect, probably whilst shouting and screaming. When you take on this role, you mainly build up the enemies gauge whilst using elemental attacks. The idea is to use a range of different elemental, physical and magical attacks until a weakness is found, and then once a weakness is found, you spam that over and over.


A sentinel is a soldier whose job is to stand, guard and keep watch, so already this appeals to me a lot. I like the idea of observing rather than fighting and not getting hurt and putting up shields. But anyway, the sentinel role is to protect team members from oncoming attacks whilst also increasing defense. They can also perform counterattacks, which is handy as well.


This role is kind of self-explanatory. Healing, and healing and lots of healing and feeling better and ready to go. The role of the medic is to help the team to recover, whether that be HP or negative status effects. It’s pretty nice to have a medic instead of going through thousands of potions, although it gives you a heart attack when you’re suddenly down to 1HP and you really don’t want to die. The medic needs a strong heart.

But yes! That’s it. So that’s just an insight into the roles you play as in Final Fantasty 13-2. To be honest, I understand them a lot better now than when I was playing the game, so that’s useful. But I do like the game and would play it again in the future, so I recommend that you check it out.

Thank you for reading and Happy Gaming!


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