Video Game Character Profiles: Letter C


If you’re following this series, you’ll miraculously already know that the next letter in the list is the letter C, since this comes after the letter B, and I know my alphabet pretty well. These posts are always interesting to me because I have to sit here prior to writing and think up lots of games and the characters and see which names start with the letter I’m on. It’s a little bit frustrating sometimes because my brain decides to focus on the wrong letter instead and I suddenly know every single protagonist ever whose name begins with Z or Q or something.

But anyway, this is post three out of, what I’m guessing, is going to be twenty-six. I hope you enjoy!

Game (Series): Final FantasyCactuar-FFIX
Species: Little cacti with appendages

All I can say is that the Catuar is very very pointy, and with an attack such as ‘1000 Needles’, I wouldn’t want to hug one anytime soon, which is unfortunate since I find them pretty cute. They are a recurring enemy and also summon in the series, its debut appearance being in Final Fantasy VI. This little cactus has pretty stiff arms and legs, and you can probably tell that by the image above. Even the mouth looks a little stiff. I wonder how that feels. If I was a qualified doctor (and I’m not even an unqualified doctor), then I’d recommend some vigorous stretching.

Game (Series): Street Fighter
Codename: Killer Bee
CammyrenderRace: Human
Sex: Female
Born: January 6th 1974
Voice actor(s): Various

I really like how strong and determined Cammy looks, honestly, part of me wishes I could prance around with those kinds of muscles. Although, I’m not too sure about the fringe. If you can call that a fringe. She must use a lot of hairspray for that. Anyway, she first appeared in Super Street Fighter II and is the second female fighter in the series. Originally a deadly assassin and now working for the British (woohoo, British!) government, she is forceful yet polite, and I really like her beret.

Game (Series): CatherineCatherineMain.png 
Sex: Female 
Voice actor: Laura Bailey, 
Miyuki Sawashiro

Well, I suppose you can’t have one of these posts without having at least one bad person. To be honest, I liked this Catherine more than the other Katherine, so it’s too bad she was kind of evil. I’m not revealing exactly what she is because of spoilers, but from the get-go, you can tell that she’s up to something. She’s cheerful and bubbly and accentuates freedom, and completely represents what the main character, Vincent, wants in a woman. Although, she is emotionally and physically abusive too, so that’s a downside. Frankly, she’s cute but she freaks me out.

Cheep Cheep
Game (Series): MarioCheep_Cheep,_New_Super_Mario_Bros._U.png
Species: Fish (with wings?)

I didn’t even know that these things had a name for the longest time, and I want to apologise to them (or maybe not, since they’re an annoying underwater enemy). Basically serving as bowsers minions, the Cheep Cheeps (heh, that’s fun to say) swims and hops out of the water, coming after you if you get too close, so don’t do that. I like their style, however, and I’m glad fish don’t have wings in real life.

Game (Series): Final FantasyFFIX-Chocobo.png
Species: Bird

Just a heads up, there’s definitely quite a bit of Final Fantasy in this post. But I mean, I can’t miss out the series mascot, the Chocobo. They’re amazing and adorable and come in all sorts of colours (I want to collect them all). They are basically the equivalent of a horse, as you can ride them, or leave them be in the fields. They are large birds with three-toed feet and big wings and can apparently understand the human language. So why we can’t have them in real life, I have no idea. I demand real-life Chocobos.

Chris Redfield
Game (Series): Resident EvilChriswr0.png
Race: Caucasian/American
Sex: Male
Voice actor(s): A lot

All I can think of when I see Chris is the time when I was playing Resident Evil 5 with my husband and we constantly made our characters shout ‘Chris! Chris! Sheva! Go! Help! Chris!’ or whatever. Frankly, it was hilarious. Chris is a Special Operations Unit Captain of the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance (boy, that’s a mouthful), alongside Jill Valentine. He is a protective character, taking care of his younger sister Claire, and is known to use a variety of weapons, including his hands, during combat. I don’t know too much about Resident Evil, but I’m glad to see that he’s still alive.

Chun Li
Game (Series): Street FighterChunrender.png
Race: Chinese
Sex: Female
Born: March 1st 1968
Voice actor(s): Various

And the list of badass female fighters with incredible thighs continues, although now I’m introducing the first female fighter in the Street Fighter series. Chun Li is an expert martial artist and Interpol officer, who is seeking revenge because of her Dad’s death. She is a dedicated character, highly disciplined and great friends with the aforementioned Cammy. I just, can’t get over how awesome these girl characters look. They look so strong and I want them to teach me how to kick properly without my leg looking like a piece of spaghetti.

Cindy Aurum
Game (Series): Final Fantasy XVCindy_Aurum_Render_FFXV
Race: Human
Sex: Female
Voice actor: Yu Shimamura, 
Erin Matthews

Final Fantasy yet again, I’m afraid (and this still isn’t the last one. There’s no getting rid of this series. Which is ironic, considering that its Final Fantasy). This character is cute though, but sometimes uncomfortably cute. She’s the head mechanic of the Hammerhead garage in Final Fantasy XV. She’s also the granddaughter of Cid, (another ‘C’ character, unsurprisingly) who himself has an engineering background. I wish I could be as enthusiastic about my work as she is. She has an incredible passion for cars and technology and is extremely optimistic despite having a rough childhood, oh, and she’s also not interested in dating, so she receives a multitude of points from me, for just being herself.

Game (Series): Borderlands
Full name: Claptrap P. Claptrappington
ClaptrapTPS.jpgRace: Robot
Voice actor: David Eddings

I love love love Claptrap, and I want to applaud the voice actor for making him sound so perfect. Claptrap is a general purpose robot manufactured by Hyperion. He has a very enthusiastic personality, which you have to adore, and he has a great range of skills which prove to be fairly useful in the series. However, he is a tad cowardly, but that makes him funny and more charming, in a way. I remember the first time I heard him talk in Borderlands- aah, that’s a good memory. He has such a distinctive voice, and it will never leave my head as I lay down to sleep.

Cloud Strife
Game (Series): Final FantasyCloud-FFVIIArt.png
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Born: August 1986
Voice actor(s): Steve Burton,
Takahiro Sakurai

I know you’re groaning, but this is the last Final Fantasy mention I promise (for this post anyway). Cloud Strife is the main protagonist in Final Fantasy VII and appears in many spin-offs as well (lucky for him). In the beginning, he is known to be an arrogant and cocky swordsman, but he is in fact, hiding his true self. Cloud is genuinely a nice guy, who shows concern and cares about his friends. I like Cloud. I want Cloud to be my friend. Although I would probably tell him and a lot of other Final Fantasy characters to calm it down with the hair gel.

Crash Bandicoot
Game (Series): Crash BandicootCrash-bandicootps4.png
Species: Eastern Barred Bandicoot
Sex: Male
Voice actor(s): Various

Wow, something not Final Fantasy or Street Fighter?! What a miracle. The last character in this list is no other than Crash. Crash was captured and evolved by Doctor Neo Cortex, who becomes his enemy throughout the series. The developers of the game, Naughty Dog, once said that Crash is ‘goofy yet heroic’, and I can totally believe it. I like how he loves to fight but also loves to relax in the sun. It sounds like what I would be like if I were a video game character. He knows a few English words too, such as ‘whoa!’ and ‘boo-yah’, which is all you need to know to communicate effectively in my opinion. He’s just great. Crash for the win!

And there we have it! I had a lot of fun writing about each character, although I’m worried about the time when one of these letters is going to have over a thousand characters to write about. But we’ll see how it goes. I’m sure it’ll be okay. I’ll just have to do some finger stretches to make sure I don’t get cramp.

Thank you for reading and Happy Gaming!


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