Six Horror Games from Different Countries


My previous post that featured horror games is actually one of my more popular posts, so I figured, hey, why not do another post on horror games even though you never play horror games? Great idea if you ask me. But, this post will also be tailored towards people who like non-English titles (as in, created by people where English isn’t their first language. Since everything is translated nowadays anyway), or towards people who are studying languages (like me) or just like to experiment and be open-minded (I like those people.)

So, let’s begin and take a look at what I found.

Unforgiving – A Northern Hymn (Sweden)

The first game I stumbled upon is a Swedish horror game inspired heavily by Swedish folklore. First of all, this what I love about Scandinavian games, I swear they just try and fit in some folklore at some point, and I don’t blame them. It’s interesting, fascinating and downright awesome. (Also the studio that made this game is called Angry Demon Studio. I’d like to know why they have a demon, and why it’s so angry.)

Back to the game though. This game, in particular, is a first-person adventure that uses the folklore and mythology to scare your nuts off. There are a bunch of famous creatures from Swedish folklore, that have haunted real-life children for decades. The game is noted to have a great atmosphere, great music, and a great story. So, overall, it seems great. I also read that it’s not full of jumpscares and puzzles, which is something I like. It sounds unique and it seems like there’s a lot you can learn and take from this game. I hope I can play it someday, but to be honest, I think it would give me the willies.

I just hope that’s a big fluffy teddy bear. 

White Day: A Labyrinth Named School (Korea)

Even though I love Asian games, I don’t know that much about the Asian horror market. What I do know if that there are quite a few that seem to be set in High Schools, but I mean, schools are creepy, I’ll give them that.

This game is a Korean title from SONNORI Corp, which follows the story of student Hee-Min Lee as she braves the horrors inside of the school. He slips into school one day to hide a box of sweets for a girl that he likes, but then he suddenly gets trapped (that’s what kindness does to you) and is locked in the school with goodness knows what (well, a ghostly dead janitor apparently).

Apparently, there are lots of puzzles, multiple endings, and difficulty levels which change how scary the game is. The reviews of the game are quite varied, but overall it seems like a decent title, and definitely something you should check out if you like this style of game.

ss_f4ddbae7e5bfbef727591c03ef63606b47f50546.1920x1080 (1)
He looks like he needs some sleep.

The Town Of Light (Italy)

I had actually heard of this game before I was doing research, so I’m not sure if it’s one of the more popular titles or not, but it does seem to be getting a fair amount of good reception. Developed and published by Italian developers LKA, this game is set in a hospital in Tuscany, Italy. You play a 16 years old girl called Renee, who was a patient at the hospital in the 1940s. You explore the world around you and relive the history of the main character and her confusion of the world.

What’s interesting is that the story can develop in different ways and that the story is actually based on real facts and events, and horror games are always scarier when they’re supposedly based on true stories.

Also, this game supports VR. So, if you really want to be transported to the first half of the 20th Century to a place that actually existed, then this is your chance.


Stifled (Signapore) 

Now, this next game’s design (from Singapore developers Gattai Games) looks so amazing.  You see and hear your enemies through your microphone input. Yep. You heard me correctly. This is a game where you use ‘echolocation’. You create sound waves to reveal things. How rad is that?!

The sounds made by your in-game character and yourself reveal objects, however, by doing this it also makes enemies and creature aware of you, which is downright terrifying in my opinion. You have to make the choice of being quiet and staying hidden or making noises to progress (of course, you don’t have to make noises. You can bind it to a key if you want instead. But where’s the fun in that? I want my neighbours to think I’m crazy.)

This game follows the story of David Ridley, whose memories of trauma are turning his world into darkness. The developers of this game previously also made a game called Lurking, so if this style of game appeals to you or you want to try something new, then I suggest you check them out.


Among the Innocent: A Stricken Tale (South Africa)

Then we have the walking simulators of horror, although I believe that this is more of an adventure thriller game. Plus, there’s also point & click aspects, so it’s not entirely a walking simulator. I read that this is basically a ‘spooky adventure game’ with puzzles rather than a thrilling game with jumpscares, so that makes a nice change. The aesthetic of the game is inspired by horror though, as is takes place on an abandoned farm in the eastern Free State in South Africa. And nobody likes abandoned places.

The game follows struggling writer Peter York who becomes trapped in this place and has to confront a dark history in order to have his freedom. Your character is dealing with pain and loss, and you’ll be engaged in a story which spans multiple decades.

This game is the first of five planned instalments to the series, so I think it’s worth keeping an eye on (or two).


Doorways (Argentina)

Doorways is an episodic first-person horror game, filled to the brim with horror and atmosphere. Again, this is a game that doesn’t seem to focus on jump scares but just makes you feel more and more uneasy as you progress. So that’s lovely.

You play as Thomas Foster, a special agent who has to find and track down four psychopaths. I always wondered what it would be like to have that kind of job, and now I can experience it virtually. The best chapter with the highest reception seems to be Chapter 4: Holy Mountains of Flesh (which is a great name for a chapter, by the way). All of the chapters are available in English and Spanish, so if you’re learning Spanish and like horror games (and tracking down mean people), then perhaps you should give this game a go.


So there are some horror games that I stumbled upon this morning! I really enjoy looking around and searching for games like this, it really makes a change and some of them are really really awesome. Especially ones that incorporate history and mythology into them, I would certainly do that if I knew lots more about that sort of thing. I really need to crack out some folklore books.

Thank you for reading and Happy Gaming!


A Few Video Game-Related YouTube Channels You Should Watch!


I’m looking at the clock, and I literally have one minute to type this post. The reason being that I didn’t sleep too well and I woke up late and I missed my deadline, but since this is the first time ever that it’s happened since creating this blog, I’m allowing it.

Therefore, (as much as I don’t like YouTube anymore), I thought I would write a post about some YouTube channels that I don’t mind watching.

I used to be on YouTube myself and I used to use it probably close to 24/7, but its changed so much in recent years, and with all the drama that goes on behind closed doors, I don’t really feel comfortable browsing around it anymore. Of course, this is just me personally. It’s like this nostalgia thing. I love nostalgia, and YouTube is so different to when I used to use it back when I was an early teen. It seems crazy that so many people now use YouTube to earn money or to spread so much good or bad information, and that you have to have the most high-tech equipment and well put together videos to be popular and- no, it just doesn’t feel right to me. I miss the bad quality microphones and video. But of course,  I do respect people who do earn money from YouTube, don’t get me wrong, it’s awesome. But I personally only stick to channels that I like and make me feel good and happy or nostalgic. I do also watch a number of gameplay videos in other languages, mainly Japanese, but I won’t be mentioning those this time around.

So, without any further delay (since this post is already late) let’s get to it.


This is my ultimate favourite channel, which weirdly I only started watching no more than half a year ago. MetalJesus‘s videos feel more like a chill TV show of some sort (with a rad opening tune), and this is why I like it so much. He puts a lot of time into his content, and he has a crew with which he often records videos with and a massive growing collection which is a must-see. There’s a lot of information to be gained from this channel, and it’s entertaining and funny, and it’s easy on your ears if you want to leave something on in the background for a while. He currently has 538K subscribers, and I think he deserves way more as his videos often revolve around hidden gems on different systems, buying guides and pickup videos. My favourite videos, in particular, are the pickup videos with Radical Reggie, which is another channel you should check out because he seems like such a chill and nice dude, and definitely needs some more support. Let’s give these channels some more love, people (I’m counting on you!)

Yogscast/Angory Tom

Now I’m really opening up the doors to nostalgia. Oh man, the Yogscast channel is the channel I binged watched for years and years since around 2009. I watched right through their original Minecraft videos, and right through all their other early gameplay content as well (I even experienced their face reveal days! I also have an old t-shirt. I’m not trying to brag or anything). Recently, I haven’t watched their videos as much as their content has changed quite a lot, and I for one, love Lewis and Simon the best, so it’s been sad to not see them be a duo as much anymore. However, the whole crew is great, and they’re always up for a laugh and that’s what makes the channel fun to watch. I for one, will always watch their old videos and listen to their old podcasts, but as a channel as a whole, and with 7.2M subscribers to date, you can’t really miss out on giving them a watch.

Simon of the Yogscast has recently been in videos with Angory Tom a lot (fyi. who’s also part of the Yogscast), and Tom has one of the best voices for laid-back videos ever. Seriously, not being weird, but you could fall asleep to it. I absolutely loved his City Skylines and Planet Coaster and Parkitect videos, and now I’m obsessed with any new video which features Simon as well. He currently has 141K subscribers, but with content on the Yogscast channel as well, you can’t really miss him.

Game Grumps

Okay, I admit it, I haven’t been watching Game Grumps as much recently, and only because I haven’t been watching YouTube in general recently. I do miss them though, and although I’ve only been watching them for a few years, I do prefer a lot of their older content (Danny is my favourite. Just to say. I fangirl). One of my favourite series by them is, of course, their Sonic Boom series. It’s hilarious, and you really should take a look if you haven’t seen a Game Grumps video before. With 4.5M subscribers, you could also say that they’re on the popular side. They’re super nice people though (or so it seems), and they contrast nicely with the Britishness of the Yogscast, and Danny is also part of a band called Ninja Sex Party (you know you want to click that link).


Last but not least, let’s go for another pretty calm channel. ProJared is definitely a smart guy though, and his videos are a great insight into a lot of games, and he gives very professional opinions (but also whilst being comedic. Which is important.) With 1M subscribers on his main channel, he talks to us as if he’s having a conversation with us, and that’s always nice when you want to feel less lonely but also want to become more knowledgeable about certain games (and also be a nerd). He uploads gameplay videos on his other channel, and they’re definitely work checking out too. Again, ProJared’s videos are nice to leave on in the background if you want to, for example, play games while listening to something. Then you’re double gaming almost. Or not. Just go watch his channel and stop reading whatever I’m rambling on about.

Something I’ve noticed with all of these channels though, is that they’ve been on YouTube for a long ass time. And maybe that’s why they’re so good. They’ve been through it all, so to speak, but I also believe that there hasn’t been much drama revolved around them, which is also nice. People have tried to show me other channels, but I’m pretty darn picky, and that’s okay. We all have our preferences. So with that being said, what are your favourite gaming-related YouTube channels? Should I go out of my comfort zone and check them out? Comment below!

Thank you for Reading and Happy Gaming!


Minimalistic Games on Steam


Much to my excitement, there’s actually a ‘Minimalist‘ tag on Steam, which means you can browse games with a minimalistic style, and that’s pretty awesome. Some days you just wanna throw away all that chaos and be a minimalist (at least I do anyway).

For this post, I’m going to be choosing ten of the interesting-looking titles, and showcasing them to you. Keep in mind that these are games I haven’t played yet, but I will probably play them pretty soon since I’m choosing them to share with you guys.

Flower Design

If you like Viridi, then you’ll probably like the game Flower Design. It looks like a simple flower arrangement game, where you, well, arrange flowers and change colours of flower pots and stuff like that. Frankly, it looks very relaxing. Even the style of the game puts me at ease. All in all, if you want a game which provides you with a cheaper alternative to real flower arranging, then this is for you.


Mini Metro

Mini Metro is a strategy simulation game which involves designing a subway map for a growing city. The goal is to keep the trains, routes, and lines efficient, without running out of resources. I’ve only ever gone on a subway about two or three times in my life, but this game seems like it would make you never see maps the same way again. Even though it seems like a puzzling game, it’s also apparently relaxing, and definitely minimalistic, so you should give it a try.


Maciej Targoni’s Games

Do you want really cheap puzzle games with lovely aesthetics? Then klocki is one the games you should be looking into. The maker of this game is called Maciej Targoni, and his other games Hook and PUSH are minimalistic puzzle games, as well. So do yourself a favour and look into all three. They’re all simplistic of course, but klocki i, in particular, has a very bright and heartwarming style, and I think the guy who designed these titles is a genius.


Absolute Drift

I actually really like minimalistic driving games (not that I’ve tried that many), and now I really want to try this one. Oh, and I also really like drifting, so why wouldn’t I add this to my wishlist instantly? (And that’s exactly what I did). There are plenty of events and tracks to try out, and I think you could especially have fun with this game whilst listening to music or listening to a podcast or something zen like that. Because, after all, the game is also the ‘zen edition’ too. It would be a shame not to take advantage of that.



This game made me audibly say ‘aww’ when I saw it because I love games that feature cube characters (reminds me of Unbox, which is another great game). This game states that you can ‘crush your enemies, siege castles, and bring glory to your six-sided self!’ which sounds extremely exciting to me. And did I mention that you play as cubes? In medieval times. Yes, cubes. Adorable little cubes. Cubes cubes cubes. They should just take my money now.


Seek Etyliv

I think it’s time we brought even more RPGs to the list. Seek Etyliv is a very recent minimalistic experimental puzzle game where every move counts. It combines poem storytelling and dungeon crawling, and the style and interactions that you face are all very unique to the game. I bet it’s a great experience. The whole game also takes place on a 3×3 grid, so you have to be careful. I for one would love to try this out.



Now, you can’t have a list of minimalistic games without something weird and surreal, because honestly, if you want to make a minimalistic game, then that’s a perfect opportunity to make it weird too. This game is set in 1994, but strangely, it’s the future. It tells the story of an office clerk who is sent to the Queen of Ice with an important message, whatever that may be. There’s simple controls, full-voiceovers, bright, colourful graphics and wave music. So, if you enjoy a simple yet really intriguing, difficult, out-of-this-world game, then this is for you.


Ballz: Farm

You have to admit that the graphics look cute in this game, and I’m a sucker for cute graphics. Plus, I like the title. Apparently, you control a paddle, and you attempt to make it bounce against a number of objects, causing them to disappear. So, you have to keep hitting objects until every single one of them is gone. Simple! And definitely minimalistic (and apparently it has fun farm music too, which means I’m instantly sold).


Burly Men at Sea

Finally, it’s time for a visual novel/point-and-click game, and this one looks like it has absolutely great visuals which represents minimalism really well. The game follows a folktale about a trio of bearded fisherman, who seek adventure. I for one love games which involve folklore, especially Scandinavian folklore. It’s so fascinating to me, and I’m really happy that I stumbled upon this. Also, I like the fact that it’s the second game made by a husband and wife duo (called Brain&Brain). It seems absolutely great.


So there we have it! I thoroughly enjoyed writing this post, and all these games have those particular atmospheres to them that just draws me in. I can’t want to try them all one day. Games games games. I love games.

So yeah! Thank you for reading and Happy Gaming!


Choices Matter Games and Real Life Decisions


Choices. I hate having to make choices. I’m indecisive and I feel like I’m being put under too much pressure. So why I love choices matter games, I have absolutely no idea. Maybe I just love torturing myself? I find the whole concept of these games pretty creepy too. Having that much control? Psch, it makes me uncomfortable (but they’re just so good). But anyway, in this post, I’ll be showcasing some of these games and then talking about some psychological crap.

The Dreamfall Chapters

I mention this first because this is what I’m currently playing (and I’m loving it). The choices have quite a big effect on how the story progresses, and this makes me think extra carefully about my actions and how I’m probably gonna mess up and cause someone to die or something. The game’s plot is linear, and the ending won’t change no matter what you do, but you do have to make a lot of choices which affect the stories events as you play.

This adventure game is from Norwegian developer Red Thread Games and was published episodically (there are five books that make up the game, with a few chapters in each). The game is the third in a series, and I highly recommend that you play the first two before this one. The series itself is set in these two parallel universes; a cyberpunk Earth called Stark and a magical world called Arcadia, which is pretty awesome if you ask me.


Life is Strange

If you haven’t heard of this, then maybe you need to get your ears cleaned. Life is Strange is another episodic adventure game, where you play as character Max Caulfield who has the ability to rewind time. You can use this rewind feature in the game to go back to the beginning of conversations, and using what you’ve previously learned to help you make a decision. Choices you make in the game does affect the ending, and there are a lot of short-term and long-term consequences. Something good short-term could come back to bite you in the butt later.


Heavy Rain

I never really beat games much around 3 years ago, but along with BioShock Infinite, I also managed to play through the whole of Heavy Rain too, and I did quite well, so I’m proud of that at least. I really need to play it again though, as the choices matter aspect is quite intriguing and it’s a bit more dramatic in ways.

You control four different characters throughout the game, and depending on the actions of each one, it creates a branching storyline, and also, you’re pretty much in control of who dies and who lives, which is a lot of pressure, to be honest. The protagonist, Ethan Mars, loses his son after he gets hit by a car. He developers severe mental trauma, and to add to that, two years later, his second son is kidnapped by the Origami Killer. Which is pretty unfortunate, if you ask me. So off Ethan goes to try and save his son, Shaun. There are also quick time events to keep you on your toes.


Until Dawn

I personally have not played this but I watched my partner play it and well, apart from screaming at a few points because I’m apparently the jumpiest person in the world, it was a really great experience. Creepy too.

The game is set at an isolated mountain lodge where eight friends have to try and survive because there is a killer prancing around. I mean, why did they go to this eerie mountain lodge in the first place? Sometimes I question the common sense of these characters. But anyway, this is a game you could really play over and over again and experience a multitude of different outcomes, and if you prefer horror, then this is definitely for you.


Dragon Age Origins & II

I’m not including Inquisition because I haven’t played it just yet and I don’t want to spoil anything by looking it up, but Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age II are games where your choices change the personality of your character and what happens in the game. Basically, the outcome of the games depends on who you side with, and, oh, also who you sleep with.

The Dragon Age series is a dark fantasy roleplaying game developed by BioWare, and even if the choices you make don’t really change much story-wise, it does give you a chance to decide exactly how you interact with people, and to me, that makes it really fun. For Dragon Age: II, I constantly chose the sarcastic responses. It was very satisfying.



I haven’t played too much of Fallout yet. I own the first three games on Steam and also Fallout 3 on the PS3. I’ve seen a whole playthrough of Fallout: New Vegas though, if that counts for something. If you know anything about the Fallout series, you know that you can dumb yourself down by putting no points in intelligence and that you can just well, shoot people I guess.

Fallout is a post-apocalyptic role-playing series, and from what I’ve read, the choices you make in Fallout are an illusion of choice, and nothing really matters. You can be a really greedy asshole and steal lots of money and then destroy a town and kill lots of people and hack all their computers, but I mean, if that’s fun then what does it matter? Right? Oh boy. I think I’ll just add an amusing picture to justify adding this to the list.



It’s hard to mention this game because it’s a game series I’ve been meaning to play for the longest time but I just haven’t got round to it (although I say that about a lot of games). I mean, I’ve played the beginning of the first games enough times to be able to recite it. But anyway, Fable is an action role-playing series where you can make your orphaned character a hero or an evil git, or someone in between.

I mean on Steam it even says ‘FOR EVERY CHOICE, A CONSEQUENCE’ so, you know, that gets the brain thinking I suppose.


Games I haven’t played that are choices matter games include:

Beyond: Two Souls
Mass Effect (I really need to play this)
The Walking Dead (I really need to play this too)
Tales from the Borderlands (I didn’t actually know this was a choices matter game. It’s another game I refuse to look up because I want it all to be a surprise. Again, another game I really need to play.)
The Witcher 

I know I’ve missed out a lot because I haven’t had much time to look at indie titles or, well, just other games in general. I’m getting on it though, so I’ll probably do another post like this soon. If you have any recommendations, please let me know!

Emotional Effects of Choices Matter Games

Personally, choices matter games make me feel kind of, paranoid, and strange. I remember being heavily affected by Life is Strange and sitting there for days afterward, wallowing and remembering all that I had done and the consequences. I was actually pretty spaced out. So this makes me bring forth this question, what are the effects of choices matter games on the mind?

Firstly, there’s the huge feeling of guilt. How many times have you made a choice in a video game, and then immediately felt so guilty that you had to resist the urge to reload and start again? I’m putting my hand up. This has happened to me a lot. When I get so absorbed in a game, I get attached to the characters, I pretend that I’m in that world. So when my choices affect something, and when it’s a difficult choice, (and when you’re as indecisive as I am) then it’s almost impossible to make that decision, but you have to do it anyway. At least you have time to think though (most of the time) and also, you can reload if you really wanted to, and also you just have to remember that you’re playing a game and it’s all fictional. Unlike real life, which is the scary thing.

There’s also morality here then, I suppose. Some choices I’ve made in games personally think are the right choice, but then only later do I realise that it was completely immoral, and I’m like oh, oops! I did that? My bad. But, yet again, it makes me think about real life. How many times have I done that? How many times have my actions caused other people worry or harm? It makes me shudder just to think about it. But the fact that I am starting to think more about my actions, surely that’s a good thing? Are choices in games helping players make better decisions in the real world? I would hope so to be honest.

Overall, adding choice to video games really makes games more immersive, whether it’s a good or a bad thing you have to choose to do. It makes you think, and it can provoke discussions about moral issues and moral systems, which is important (to me anyway). In real life, there are both really simple decisions to be made, where you really don’t think about them at all, and then there are huge decisions, which we would probably prefer to ignore.

With that being said, my head is kind of fuzzy right now since I didn’t sleep too well, so I can’t write as much as I would like to. I don’t even know what I’ve written here really, but it does spark my interest and I would love to write more psychology based posts in the future. But anyway, I digress, I hope you enjoyed and have some thoughts on the matter too!

Thank you for reading and Happy Gaming!



The PC-98: Part #1


Hello and welcome to my final post for April, but don’t be sad, because May is just around the corner and I’m already frantic about what posts I need to start writing. But anyway, today I’m going to be writing about the PC98, or the PC-9800 series. Wow, that’s unexpected, right? These personal computers were released only in Japan back in the 80s from a company called NEC. NEC had a lot of control over the PC market and had sold 18 million units by 1999, so all in all, that’s a lot of people with computers.

There have been a quite a lot of models of the PC-98 and it ran software with data discs. It’s noted that there are thousands of games for it, mainly consisting of dating sims and RPGs. I do remember stumbling upon information about the PC-98 a while ago, but I have been really intrigued by it again recently (well, yesterday), hence why I want to share some games on the system for you now.


While I was browsing, I actually found some amazingly cool looking GIFs on Tumblr here (and I’m very excited that they actually move in the post too). Policenauts is a graphic adventure sci-fi game which was released in 1994, and then remakes were released for the PlayStation and Sega Saturn in later years. The director of the game is none other than Hideo Kojima, and the game received immaculate reviews from all over Japan.


To me, it’s no wonder, this has the coolest style ever, and for a game made way back then?! I’m very impressed. The colours are great and the girl looks absolutely badass. I mean, look at her wielding that knife. I doubt she’s going to be opening letters with it.


The game itself is about a character called Jonathan Ingram, one of the Policenauts, who are astronauts with police training. Jonathan tests a new space suit but drifts away into the dark abyss that is space and is assumed dead by everyone, which is pretty unfortunate, but don’t worry, he is found 24 years later and is alive and kicking and brought back home. Even after all of that though, his ex-wife comes up to him and asks for help in solving a case, which ironically is the disappearance of her husband. But then she gets murdered straight after telling him that, so yeah. There’s a lot to experience when playing this game, and to be honest, I really want to play itIt was said that the game has one of the best storylines ever, and I don’t doubt it for a second.


Okay, this is an erotic adventure game, with naked women and all that jazz, but the style is awesome, and I’ve come to the realisation that it’s hard to avoid erotica when searching these games. But never fear, it’s not meant to scare you away! Embrace nakedness I say. This game was released back in 1994 by Queen Soft, and it’s primarily a sci-fi adventure game set in 2035 (which is scarily sooner than you think).



The story starts off with a lot of mysterious incidents happening in Tokyo, and, much like Policenauts, someone goes missing. In this case, that ‘someone’ is a lot of women. This time though, they weren’t just kidnapped and lost forever- this time, they return brainwashed, and command armies of bionic monsters (not unexpected at all). These women are then part of a squad and are called Possessioners. You go through the game selecting commands from the menu and triggering events. I’m not really sure how the game was received, but it does seem super interesting (and if you enjoy lesbian sex scenes mixed with all this adventure sci-fi stuff, then go right ahead and try it out).

Words Worth

The main reason I wanted to mention this particular game is because of this next screenshot.


Please tell me you don’t have to attack his adorable face!

On the other hand…


Aaah! Get it away! It’s hideous!

But you really can’t go wrong with these graphics. It’s terrifying at times, yes, but it’s really incredibly drawn, and even though I was trying to avoid it for at least one game, yes, apparently there is erotica in this one too. I’m not sure how erotic it is, but I know for sure that there’s a five-part direct to video erotic series, based on the game’s story. So, you can just jump straight into that instead if you wish.

But the game itself is set around two sword-fighting tribes, who live in peace and harmony, and are separated by “Words Worth”, a slab. Yes, a slab. A huge monolith slab put there by someone. A slab.

Even though I would love to protect this slab with all my might, it does get destroyed early in the game. Mysteriously destroyed. Who would want to destroy an innocent slab, I don’t know. But naturally, the two tribes start blaming each other and start a war that lasts over 100 years. One of the tribes sends out Astral, to find out what really happened to the slab (or the tablet. I should probably stop calling it a slab.) and restore the peace! You go through the game dungeon crawling and defeating enemies, and that sounds pretty fun to me. Although I don’t really want to face, um, whatever that is above *shudder*


If you like Castlevania, then this game could be for you. People say it’s a clone, but, what does it matter when it’s awesome anyway? It’s actually been called a ‘hidden gem’ so why not give it a go? If you can.

Developed by C-Lab and released in 1993, this game is a side-scrolling action game, and you play as a vampire hunter who investigates why various women have disappeared all over the country (maybe they’re getting brainwashed and will return as leaders of a bionic army). Naturally, you fight skeletons and monsters and boss characters, and you use a whip! Hah! A whip! How satisfying.


This game has been unofficially translated into English, so I’m sure if you wanted to give it a go, it wouldn’t be too difficult.


I also found this game while I was browsing around. The first game in the series was considered the first dating simulation, originally released for the PC-9801 microcomputer and published by ELF.

I could put so many pictures of the game here but I really don’t want to overload my post with too much stuff and burn your mind away. But you get a general idea that’s it’s really well designed.

You play as a high-school student, whose parents have just moved into a large mansion (I want to be this guy already) and naturally, you have to start at a new school. Of course, it being a dating sim and all, all you can think of is girls girls girls (to be honest, I don’t blame him. Girls are great.) There is a lot of exploration in this game, and you can go into shops, cafes and even take the train! Which is pretty neat in my opinion. There are, of course, nude scenes and sex scenes and all that, but to be honest, I’d still play it. I enjoy dating sims sometimes and I’m not ashamed to admit it.




So, what do you think of the PC-98? Do the games look interesting to you?

oh, and I should just mention the soundtracks. I mean, they’re so good!

Thank you for reading and Happy Gaming! Roll on the next issue!


Browser/Flash Games that I Grew up With


loved browser games growing up. So much. I still do love them. They were so simple yet addicting, with basic gameplay, and there were so many to choose from. I remember being in Middle School, High School, and College and playing them whilst in class, whether that be when the teacher left the room or when we were having a fun ‘do whatever you want’ day, (which was rare, I’m not going to lie). I remember browsing websites for ages with my friends and trying to master some of the games together. I miss those times, and every now and then I still do go back to these websites if possible, to teleport myself back to my childhood, so naturally, I thought I would write a blog post about them as well. Because I’m all about nostalgia.

For starters, let’s look at these games in particular:

♦Club Penguin

Club Penguin was my love for a while. I even think I managed to convince my parents to let me invest real money into this to purchase a pet or something along those lines.

Club Penguin was an online MMO, involving a virtual world consisting of, you guessed it, penguins. The launch date was October 2005, so I’m guessing I was around 10 or 11 years old when I first started playing. Apparently, as of July 2013, the game had over 200 million registered user accounts- which is astonishing. It certainly did feel that popular back in the day. Everyone wanted to be a virtual penguin.

As you may know, Club Penguin itself was discontinued in March 2017 (wow, has it been that long already?) but apparently, it was replaced by its successor, Club Penguin Island, which I had no idea about. So, if you’re wondering, yes, I did instantly download it, and yes, I was disappointed when I found out you can’t play the free trial without filling in your billing info.


Habbo Hotel

I played this even more than Club Penguin, I think because it made me feel mature somehow. This website is still open too, and every now and then I go back and check it out and see how it’s changed. I used to be completely content playing it alone, and wandering around all the different areas (I loved the swimming pool) and seeing all the characters. Now, it’s actually a little confusing to me, and I’m too shy to say anything to anyone. I think if I went into the game with some people then it would be fun for a while, but I’m not sure if the website is as popular as it used to be.

Habbo Hotel started back in 2000, which surprises me quite a lot. I probably played this during the mid-2000s, and I had no idea that it had already been out that long.
The whole idea of Habbo is that you’re in a hotel, and you can meet other people, design hotel rooms and more. I personally am quite fond of the pixel-art style, and I was never able to forget it.


Side note, surprisingly, I didn’t play anything like Runescape or IMVU or whatever else was popular back in the day. Habbo Hotel and Club Penguin were my go-to websites for sure.

Yes, I still have an account on here. Yes, I enjoyed creating my own avatar.

This website is still very similar to how it was years ago when I played a multitude of games on it, such as Monkey Kick Off, Ping Pong, Candy and Clyde, Bloxorz, Bubble Trouble and this weird diving game called Stunt Dive that I was addicted to (I say as it’s one of the tabs open in my browser right now. I can confirm that I still love it).

A lot of these games are still available on the website, so if you’re looking to pass some time, then why not check them out? Flash games still need some love, too.


Wow, I didn’t even realise this website was still running. This was what my Middle School friends and I would immediately type into the browser if we got to ICT class early. It also still has games such as Bloxorz on it, joint with Up Beat, and the classic World’s Hardest Game and the Idiot Test


If you’re British, then you probably know CBBC. The games on the CBBC website have definitely changed since I was a kid, and even though I didn’t watch CBBC an awful lot, I did have lots of fun playing the games. I specifically remember playing a zoo game, based on the series Roar (see picture below). Ah, those were simpler and better days.

I am super sad that 1) I don’t remember most of the games I played.
I am getting super excited as I write this since I’ve been carrying out some research, and some games are finally coming back to me, such as Colour Factory, which was as creative as I got back then. And then, Magic Mansion, Microlife and Operation Youth Club, which are amazingly playable elsewhere.


I’m freaking out as I type this (don’t worry, my intention isn’t to frighten you), but I completely forgot about this website until writing this post. This is the website I just found the aforementioned game Magic Mansion on (the music is a lot funkier than I remember). I admit though, it looks a lot more generic than it used to.

This website is similar to but I don’t think I went on it as much. It was like a backup if I needed a change for a while. My mindset was more like ‘the more websites to choose from the better!’ and ‘the more games the better!’ (this hasn’t changed).

Moshi Monsters

Everybody needs a virtual pet.

This website is for kids aimed 6-12 but I don’t tend to follow these rules. I want a virtual pet dammit!

This website released in 2008 so I was entering my teens when I saw Moshi Monsters around every now and then. The website enables you to own a pet, navigate the city and play games. I remember that you could see the ages of the people above their pets as you walked around, but that’s hardly trustworthy.


Barbie, Polly Pocket etc.

Barbie is still one of my loves, along with Bratz, Polly Pocket etc. because I’m still my 11-year-old self at heart. But does anyone remember those weird browser games? Ones such as Let’s Babysit Baby Krissy. Barbie sure knew how to how to be unique.
Then there was MyScene to go along with it.

I remember really enjoying the Pollet Pocket website too, however, I can’t really remember what you could actually do on it. I’m pretty sure there was a rollercoaster you could click on on the map, or a beach, or a big building. Ah, who knows. I know there’s a screenshot somewhere on Google.


I actually quit Facebook a year ago, but I definitely have my fair share of memories of playing games on there.

Pet Society (This was my number one Facebook game to go to. I leveled up a lot and I loved my pet to pieces. I want this game back in my life).
Yoville (My memories are pretty hazy when it comes to this game, but when I see a screenshot of it, I know that I played it.)
Farmville (well, I had to include this on the list didn’t I? It’s that game. The one that you would get a million notifications from because your Aunt had an addiction to virtual farming).

I also have vague memories of playing Hotel City and Restaurant City. The designs really weren’t bad, and I mean, they were addicting for a reason.


So there we have it. Another nostalgic post complete. I really do enjoy reminiscing- it’s one of my main pastimes.

Thank you for reading and Happy Gaming!