Mickey Mouse: Memorabilia. Is it really that unsettling?


it’s September. It’s the time when children go back to school and parents sigh as they have to drag themselves out of bed to make sure their children actually do go back to school. For me, someone who doesn’t go to school anymore, this isn’t the case. However, I do still drag myself out of bed at least before 9am every morning to keep me sane. Or sane enough anyway.

Speaking of sane, playing video games helps me not to get too bored with the amount of free time I have. There have been a handful of games I have been playing recently, one of them being Epic Mickey 2the sequel to Epic Mickey (if you didn’t figure that out yourself already).

Epic Mickey 2 to me felt like a polished up version of Epic Mickey, but this is probably because I played the sequel on the PS3 rather than the Wii, which is the platform I played the first game on. I must admit the second game was quite a bit easier, and I had many flashbacks to the last levels of the first game where I died and fell off things more than I wanted to.

But anyway, the games are pretty darn good. They both have fairly decent and positive reviews and even though tedious at points, the gameplay was fun to me personally. The style of the games is what’s number one though. Broken dolls, robotic Disney characters, and levels with lava? I really can’t get enough of that creepy Disney atmosphere, and the concept art is even better (credit to Shawn Melchor for picture number one and Kevin T. Chin for picture number two. It’s such amazing work! I could browse through this stuff all day-.
Something tells me that Pinocchio still isn’t feeling like a real boy…
I think the shrinking potion would’ve been more useful to you there, Alice…

Talking about creepy though, there are certainly a handful of Mickey Mouse trinkets, toys and the like spread across the Universe, and eBay. I for one would love to have a shelf dedicated to Mickey Mouse, for some reason I just love that cartoony rodent.
Mickey Mouse definitely has a rather disturbing history in terms of the merchandise that was released, and if you have seen some of the Haloween costumes from circa 1930, you’ll also probably have a good idea about what I’m talking about.
But let’s have a browse over some of the items that used to be in circulation, which will probably give you nightmares more than anything.

Honestly, what even is this? Sure, it’s from the 1930s, but it looks like something that’s come straight home from a drunk boxing match, and it really is rather unsettling.
The problem is that there are so many of them. You can search ‘mickey mouse 1930 doll’ on eBay and get pages and pages of fairly expensive results.

I mean, I don’t know why you’d want to, but if you did want to make some of these yourself, then here is a retro vintage sewing pattern you can buy (don’t say this blog never helped you).
If you’re not really wanting to make them, then you can always go and visit The Walt Disney Family Museum which has its own collection of the 1920s and 30s Mickey Mouse memorabilia. This time was when character merchandising became a novelty, and Mickey Mouse, in particular, became a craze.

If you want to see more about the weird and wonderful merchandising of this particular era, then give it an internet search! There are definitely plenty of disturbing Google results waiting for you, and with Halloween next month, you might as well prepare.


Mickey Mouse himself has starred in a number of films, video games and probably many many other things that we surprisingly wouldn’t know about it we didn’t research. Of course, Mickey Mouse’s Debut was Steamboat Willie, and to me, this is one of my favourite versions of Mickey Mouse. Even though I still love him now, the vintage look is actually kind of dark and perhaps not so much for kids as you would have initially thought. Then, in 1984, Mickey Mouse made his first video game debut on Game & Watch systems. I don’t have much of an interest in Game & Watch games as of now, but I can’t wait to try and collect a bunch of Mickey Mouse-y items to show off to, well, myself.

To finish off with, here is a picture of the great Walt Disney surrounded by an original set of plush dolls at Disneyland opening day in 1955. Wow, such history! And Disney history at that.


So, all in all,if you’re interested in a more modern Mickey Mouse game, with a great style and pretty fun gameplay and lots of co-op action if you really want, then I recommend Epic Mickey 2. Of course, I’ll be playing, watching, collecting and exploring other Mickey Mouse titles in the near future, and if you have any recommendations, then please comment them down below!

Thank you for reading! – Hannah. 

My Favourite Songs on Rock Band (Wii)


Since I lost a lot of motivation to write anything today, I thought I would do a simpler post and also share some good (or good in my opinion at least) music while I’m at it. I like rock music, and I like Wii games, so when I finally received Rock Band for Christmas one year, I didn’t put it down for months. Years, even. I was constantly rocking. I didn’t actually play Guitar Hero at all until 2016. I was a full-on Rock Band person.

The first Rock Band game was released on Xbox 360, PS3, PS2 and Wii around 2007/2008. It was developed by Harmonix, distributed by EA and published by MTV Games. The game allows you to play with up to four people (or you can wing it solo, like me. Because I didn’t have friends that were as cool as me. Cough cough). You can play guitar, bass, drums or sing (if you want to deafen your neighbours), and even keyboard in the later editions of the game. The great thing about it is that you actually play physical plastic instruments, and that was the real fun part.

So what songs can you expect from Rock Band? Well, I’m mainly talking about Rock Band 1 and here, although there is, of course, another two games and Rock Band: The Beatles and Lego Rock Band to browse through if you so wish.

Let’s have a listen. Here are some songs that I played many many times.

Thank you to all the YouTube channels I got the videos from, and 
thank you to all the bands for making these great tracks in the 
first place.

1. Dani California – Red Hot Chili Peppers

No, I’m not singing along at all. Why would you even think that?

2. (Don’t Fear) The Reaper – Blue Oyster Cult

This song was on the first Rock Band but I’m linking this video because of the good quality. I love this song to death. This is probably one of the songs that I’ve continued to love and listen to for years and years.

3. Detroit Rock City – KISS

Can’t go wrong with some KISS. I remember buying the song after I played it in the game, although I don’t really love it as much recently. But, of course it’s still great, and I would love to be able play it on guitar one day.

4. Foreplay/Long Time – Boston

Boston is a great band. ‘Nuff said.

5. Tom Sawyer – Rush

This song is one of the best songs in existence though, to be honest, and I’m going to bless you with Rush playing it as well as the song itself. I’m too kind. Please, rock out all you wish, but don’t give yourself a concussion.

6. Welcome Home – Coheed and Cambria

I definitely played this song the most. Oh man, this was one of my favourite bands for a while, and a lot of their songs are still my favourite songs to date. I really need to play this on Rock Band again. I’m ready for some nostalgia.

7. Aqualung – Jethro Tull

I actually have a big history with Jethro Tull and his music. My Dad was and still is an avid fan, and he passed that onto me. So, I’ve seen him live numerous times. He’s incredibly talented.

8. Eye of the Tiger – Survivor

Come on, you have to mention this song. I’d be a criminal if I didn’t.

9. Man in the Box – Alice in Chains

Alice in Chains is another great band. I’m so glad this game introduced me to a lot of this genre music, whether it’s good that it was the game that did that though, I don’t know. But, hey, at least I got into rock even when I was a weird looking nerdy kid.

10. White Wedding – Billy Idol

And finally, don’t lie and tell me you don’t do a little shakey-head-nodding thing at the opening guitar riff.

What were your favourite Rock Band songs? Comment below!

Thank you for reading and Happy Gaming!


My Sims Game Collection


Hello everyone, and welcome to another collection post, where I showcase a random selection of my gaming collection. This post, in particular, is all about my Sims collection. Of course, The Sims series is huge, with a few spin-offs too to keep you going. This time last year, I actually only really had The Sims 3 games on PC, but my interest in the series grew and I scoured charity shops and car boot sales and this is what I’ve managed to pick up (so apologies for any ugly stickers. I know, I’m a mess). I think, surprisingly, the console editions were the first games I ever played from the series, and then I played The Sims 3 on PC through my teen years after that. I remember coming home sometimes and being obsessed all night. As a lot of people were. Ah, good times.

I still have a long way to go (miraculously) and unluckily, I’m currently in a bit of a pickle with The Sims 4 game I purchased (I hate how it’s the only one in the series where you can only register the code once) so I won’t be including that in this post (since it makes me sad- especially with the recent announcement of The Sims 4: Seasons).

But enough of my wallowing, I still have enough Sims games to last me a lifetime (actually, you can never have enough). So, let’s take a look at what I own.

First up, is, of course, the first Sims. I actually really enjoy this game a lot and I was playing it on my Windows XP computer not so long ago (as in, half an hour ago). It really was an absolutely great start to the series, and actually, some of the items that are available are better than the items in the games that follow (in my opinion). I feel like this Sims was the most mature in the series too since the more recent releases definitely have taken a more family-friendly turn. I’m missing only two more main expansion packs for The Sims, and I can’t wait to grab them and finish off this particular part of the collection.

Then we have The Sims 2. What interests me the most is the giant leap between the games, since it’s pretty incredible how far they’ve come. I actually only have one main expansion pack missing (I have The Sims 2: Fun with Pets Collection but forgot to include it in the photo) but it seems to be a tad more expensive and a little hard to find. This is a really great set of expansion packs though, and overall, you get a game full of lots of content. I personally really like Seasons, because I like seeing my Sims trying to work out what on earth to do with all that snow (and slipping over. I think I’m a sadist).

The Sims 3 definitely has my favourite cover art from the series, and I also remember explicitly when I first tried to play the game on my PC and it ran terribly. But then I came home from school one day and my Dad had installed more RAM or something like that, and it ran smoothly from that day forth. I had never been more excited, and that’s when my addiction began. So thanks for that, Dad.

Now moving onto a series that I want to get more into. I’ve hardly played any games from the Sim City series, but I know I love city building games, so I can’t wait to dig into these. The whole idea of the games is great, and it seems like another set of games that has developed a lot over the years.

Let me just say, I LOVE the MySims series. Well, the two games on Wii anyway. I played them so much when I was a kid, and I beat them both earlier this year for nostalgia reasons (and because I genuinely think they’re great). I don’t know what it is about them, especially MySims, but I find them so relaxing and the feeling I get while playing them makes me feel pleasant and happy. You really have to give the Wii ones a try if you love cute and laidback games. I really need to get Agents, Skyheroes, and Racing.

And, lastly, we have the console editions of The Sims series. I only recently got The Sims: Bustin’ Out, but I can’t wait to try it. I also haven’t really played Urbz much yet either, but from what I have played, I know I’d love it. As for The Sims 1 and on PS2, I played those quite a bit when I was younger, and they were so cool to me. To be honest, they still are. The fact that they had story modes and that I actually found the first game difficult was shocking to me, and I had so much fun with it. The Sims 3: Pets to me was a lot to be desired, but it’s still cool that there are console releases like that, and I never say no to adding them to my collection.

And there we have it! Those are all my Sims games so far! I think I have a pretty neat collection built up (and they definitely take up quite a bit of space on my shelf). Maybe one day I’ll have a full collection, but until then, I really should focus on playing them more. 

Oh, and of course, with rumours spreading about EA being an apparent bitch recently, we probably won’t be getting any more Sims games apart from the mobile ones. Which is pretty sad, but, maybe it has run it’s course. The older ones will always be my favourites anyway.

What is your favourite Sims title? Let me know in the comments!

Thank you for reading and Happy Gaming!


The Beaten Diaries #13: Dishonored and Why Stealth is Fun for Some People (and not me)


So, I’m really bad at stealth. I mean really bad. First of all, it makes me paranoid, and who enjoys feeling paranoid? Well, some people, maybe, but I don’t get thrill out of it at all (I don’t even like the tension in games shows). With that being said, I have enjoyed some stealth aspects in video games. Recently, I played Beyond Good & Evil, and it became one of my favourite PS2 games. But with that being said, I think there’s a difference between stealth on the PS2 and stealth in more modern gaming. I for one think it’s more difficult nowadays, but then again, maybe I haven’t tried enough sneaky games to really have a proper opinion (so don’t trust what I say, basically).

With that being said, I was really excited to try Dishonored back at the beginning of 2017. However, I had no idea that it was technically a stealth game, and I went in weapons ablazing, and then got miraculously stuck when it came to having to sneak past some guards.


I don’t know whether it’s because I get really nervous, or because I rush things when I’m nervous, but I was terrible at those parts of the game. I did beat the game though (I know, it’s shocking)… on high chaos that is (meaning that I shot a lot of people and kept stealth attacks to a minimum. Oops. Well, at least I got a trophy for it). Overall  I beat the game on normal difficulty, but it felt harder than normal and I didn’t even get more than 25% trophy percentage. I felt pretty ashamed.

But anyway, before I delve into the world of stealth, let’s look into the game Dishonored a little bit because it is a well-loved franchise after all, and a lot of people enjoy it and I understand why. Dishonored is a stealth (well, it’s meant to be stealth. I changed it into the least stealthiest game in the world) action-adventure video game, published by Bethesda Softworks (also known for the Fallout series, of course, among other titles) and developed by Arkane Studios.

The game throws you into the word of an assassin, who seeks revenge! Set in Dunwall, you begin as the bodyguard for the Empress, but then she gets killed and her daughter is kidnapped, so that’s not very good. Your character, Corvo, escapes just before his execution (lucky for him), and with the help of some loyalists, you become an assassin to help restore the Empress’s daughter, Emily, to the throne. It’s all very exciting, I must say. I really wonder what being an assassin must be like. I’d be too nervous to be one, to be honest. I’d constantly ask if it’s okay to assassinate people and then apologize for killing them for weeks afterward.


So what about stealth games? And why do some people like stealth more than others? This is the question I’m raising for this post today.

I’ve been browsing some forum posts revolving around this type of question, and these are the thoughts that I’ve decided to note. Someone said that they’re a fan of stealth because it requires a lot more thought and planning, and they say it’s a lot more satisfying when you complete a mission without setting off alarms or killing anyone. But somebody has also commented, that if a game gives them guns, they’re going to use them, and they find it boring to sneak past enemies rather than straight-up shoot them. I personally side with this second comment to an extent. I definitely find it way more fun to run around and shoot everything and laugh manically, but really, should it be fun? Why is killing in games fun in the first place? Maybe it’s because doing bad things is stimulating, but of course,, in games you don’t experience the consequences like you would in real life.

So maybe that’s why stealth is fun for some people. Maybe the thrill of almost getting caught but then managing to quietly kill your enemy is way more satisfying than getting noticed and then shooting everyone around you in a frenzy. Especially since you can’t really do that sort of thing in real life. I for one actually have definitely enjoyed killing some enemies in games by sneaking around a corner and grabbing them and smashing their head against a wall and strangling them (it’s hard not to sound like a psycho, but seriously, I’m not). But playing a whole game stealth? It gets a tad boring for me. So I guess, all in all, I enjoy games that let you choose and strategise. I like having control and choosing what to do in the situation, rather than being limited to one particular tactic.

Some people really enjoy strategizing in games and spending the time to think about what they’re doing. I suppose these are also the same people who like puzzles and are very patient, perhaps, But then again, I love puzzle games and have patience but hate stealth, so I guess it just depends on the person (and how they like to kill people). But again, I hate tension a lot. So crawling around a room for a while trying not to get caught just makes me feel on edge a bit too much. But I guess playing a game stealth changes the whole experience entirely too, and it gives you more options. Some stealth games actually give you the choice not to kill anything, and I understand the satisfaction with that, especially if you finished playing a game like Killing Floor or something beforehand. It definitely makes a nice change.

The main thought I have here is about tension. I suppose stealth is seen a lot in horror games too because of this reason. Which is why I absolutely screamed my head off when my husband was playing Alien Isolation and I accidentally watched at the wrong moment and he was stealthing and something was behind him and he didn’t notice and- shudder. Stealth definitely makes horror games more intense, and I guess, more fun and scary for certain people.

Another point is that I also think that stealth can make you feel cleverer in the long run, especially if you outsmart enemies or aliens or whatever you’re up against, and your actions really do matter. So really, it’s up to you to decide what sort of gameplay you enjoy, and whether you can handle the anxiety of nearly getting caught.

Thus, even though this was a mishmash of thoughts regarding stealth, I’d like to hear your thoughts on the topic. Do you enjoy stealth games? Or do they make you too nervous like me? Let me know in the comments!

Examples of games where you can stealth-it-up include:  

♦Metal Gear Solid (another series I was absolutely terrible at, but 
I think I just need practice)
♦The Evil Within
♦Batman: Arkham Asylum
♦Splinter Cell
♦Deus Ex

Thank you for reading and Happy Gaming!


Artist Spotlight #7: Sebastian G Hyde


Since I’ve been on a Sims kick recently, I thought I would look into some of the artists for at least one of the games in the series (and it wasn’t easy to choose). I’ve seen a few pieces of art for The Sims series before and it’s actually really awesome. I don’t know about you, but when I think of concept art, the first thing that comes to mind is like, adventure and giant landscapes and protagonists and heroines, but no, of course, there’s also the art for chill games like The Sims, and that’s exactly why I’m showcasing Sebastian G Hyde with you today.

I personally love The Sims, and that goes for both the PC and console releases. The first game on PC was released in the year 2000, and of course, has been very popular and still holds up today. The style of the series has definitely gone through a lot of changes though. I personally like the earlier eras, but that’s probably because I like retro and nostalgic things.

So, who is this artist I’m showcasing anyway? Let’s have a look.

Name: Sebastian G Hyde 
Links: Webiste Fine Art Website 
All artwork owned by Sebastian G Hyde. Images are gathered are from
his websites.

Sebastian G Hyde was probably born drawing or at least started at a very young age. He was born in Cincinnati, Ohio and raised just north of Seattle, Washington. He graduated with a BA in Illustration from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco in 1989. What’s awesome is that he holds (or did hold) a weekly drawing session at his home studio, which many local artists attended. I really really wish I could’ve attended too. Woah, is that motivation I feel? 

But anyway, first off, let’s take a look at some of his concept art, and then move onto some of his more personal work. He has created a range of art pieces and really awesome ones at that.


He produced artwork for games in The Sims series such as Pets, Castaway and Urbz, and honestly, there’s so much work on his website(s) that you can’t go wrong with having a browse. I don’t think you can blame me for including so many either. I love his pencil work and the shading that he does, and also the few pictures that do have colour are coloured so nicely. It really captures the fun and light-heartedness of The Sims series in general.

orc-01struct (1)gstation

He has of course also produced concept art for other games and game concepts, including Motor Derby, Crystal Castle, Mutants,  and Master of Magic II. Even his artwork alone makes me want to try out these games, even though Mutants was only a concept.These images in particular have a pretty unique style to them.


There are also illustration and 2D and 3D art pieces on his website, but I want to move onto his other website, which is a compilation of his fine art pieces. I don’t think I’ve yet really talked about fine art when it comes to concept artists, and it’s nice to finally feature some. There are lots of drawing to browse through, so I recommend you take a look for yourself. But first, here are some of his figure drawings. I took some figure drawing classes for a while, and I can tell you that it’s not easy at all. Although, Sebastian sure makes it look easy. But these pieces are really beautiful, and the colours are really nice too. He’s definitely a talented dude.



Finally, I think we should finish off by looking at some wonderful landscapes. I know I say this a lot, but you really can’t go wrong. He really has experimented a lot, and that is definitely what makes him a great artist.


And he clearly has a sense of humour too.

Thank you for reading and Happy Gaming!


Old Cartoons and Their Video Games: Part #1


After video games, cartoons are my next passion. Or animated media in general. I think animation is so imaginative and creative, and there are so many different styles and unique artists out there to look out for. I remember growing up with all the old Cartoon Network shows, and I still love them to death today. I personally am starting to collect VHS tapes, and I would love to own some cartoons on VHS one day as well. Then, oh boy, I could have a proper nostalgic evening.

Therefore, today’s post will be about cartoons that aired around the 90s and the video games that were produced along with them. Whether they were good or not, well that’s another question, but it’s still so much fun to be able to step into the shoes of your favourite characters.

I could probably make a series of posts called ‘A Blast from the Past!’ I mean, I’d enjoy it for sure, and I’d hope that you would enjoy reading too. But anyway, enough of my ideas, let’s get onto this post in particular.

SpongeBob SquarePants

SpongeBob definitely has a lot of video games that you can collect if you so wish. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe that Spongebob’s first appearance in a video game was in Nicktoons Racingand after that he started to appear in his own games such as SpongeBob SquarePants: Legend of the Lost Spatula, SBSP: SuperSponge, SBSP: Revenge of the Flying Dutchman, SBSP: Battle for Bikini Bottom, SBSP: Lights, Camera, Pants! and much more.

The most recent release, which I own and have earned 100% trophies for is called SpongeBob HeroPants, and it’s safe to say, that the video games have slightly decreased in quality. While the gameplay was fun for a while and it is a nice light-hearted title, I really thought the graphics could’ve been a tad more up to scratch. Plus there were a few bugs. Whether there’ll be more video game releases in the future, I don’t know. But I’d love to see a modern SpongeBob game with a lot of love put into it.

SpongeBob SquarePants: The Movie 

The Simpsons 

The Simpsons has many great (and not so great) video games and old retro arcade titles, and I for one would collect them all. It’s not surprising that the longest-running American sitcom and animated program has had many video games over the years. To be honest, I really love the look of one of the earliest games, imaginatively called The Simpsons, which was a beat ’em up Arcade game ported to the Commodore 64 and MS-DOS. I’m just going to leave a couple pictures here for you to drool over.



The other first few games mainly featured Bart, with Bart vs. the Space Mutants, Bart’s House of Weirdness, Bart Simpson’s Escape from Camp Deadly, Bart vs. the World, Bart vs. the Juggernauts and quite a lot more leading up to the late 90s. After that, we were blessed with releases such as Krusty’s Fun House, The Itchy & Scratchy Game, The Simpsons Road Rage, The Simpsons: Hit & Run and The Simpsons Game.  Unfortunately, the most recent game we have is only on IOS, although Tapped Out isn’t bad at all. I would love to see an HD release or remake of some of the PS2 titles, or a new game altogether. I’m sure they could conjure up something really amazing if they went the right way about it. I’ll pray every night onto my pillow until the day comes.


The Simpsons: Skateboarding



The next set of games is actually from a series which I don’t remember much of, which is crazy. I know I watched it a little growing up, but I don’t have many memories of it, which is a shame. I really want to watch it properly at some point though, because it would still have that nostalgic feeling attached to it.

There were surprisingly a lot of video games based on the series, on a number of different consoles. The first game was called Rugrats: Search for Reptar which was released on the PS1. Games that followed included Rugrats: Scavenger Hunt, Rugrats in Paris: The Movie, Rugrats Totally Angelica, Rugrats Go Wild, Rugrats: Royal Ransom and Rugrats: Time Travelers. 

Of course, the Rugrats have been in other games too such as Nicktoons Racing and Nickelodeon Party Blast. I do own the disc of one Rugrats game on PS1, but apart from that, I don’t have much knowledge of the series. But, that’s all about to change in due time. Soon, I’m going to be a master of old cartoons and the Rugrats. I will have power.


Rugrats: Studio Tour (I know, this picture is terrifying.)

The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

I love this show so much. I actually only started watching it a few years ago, but better late than never right? You have to love a show that has a kid who’s a genius, with some stupid friends to contrast with him perfectly.

A personal goal of mine is to own more Jimmy Neutron games, and frankly, there aren’t actually too many, so it shouldn’t take too long. The video games released include The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius: Attack of the Twonkies, TAOJNBG: Jet Fusion, Jimmy Neutron vs. Jimmy Negatron and Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius. Jimmy Neutron has of course also starred in a lot of Nickelodeon games too, such as Nickelodeon Party Blast, Nicktoons: Attack of the Toybots and Nicktoons: Freeze Frame Frenzy. Of course, those three titles feature a lot of great Nickelodeon shows and characters, including the aforementioned SpongeBobThere’s also the game Nicktoons Unite! which I personally own on PS2 and can’t wait to beat, since it seems really fun. You can’t go wrong with starting up games like this every now and then, it really makes a difference from other modern games released recently, and I think that’s a good thing. Plus, who doesn’t love some good ol’ nostalgia?


Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius



The Powerpuff Girls

Last but not least on this list, is the great show that is The Powerpuff Girls. I don’t own any games based on The Powerpuff Girls series, and it makes me pretty darn sad. But, hopefully, soon I can pick some up.

The first game to come out was The Powerpuff Girls: Bad Mojo Jojo, and the next game was TPG: Paint the Townsville, which were both of the Game Boy Colour. Games after that included TPG: Battle HIM, TPG: Mojo Jojo A-Go-Go, and TPG: HIM and Seek. On console, there were the titles TPG: Chemical X-traction and TPG: Relish Rampage. Again, I don’t own any of these games and I’m not really sure how they were received, but coming from someone who loved Cartoon Network and who wants to own every game on this list, I don’t think you could go wrong.


The Powerpuff Girls: Mojo Jojo A-Go-Go


So there we have it! I really do enjoy experiencing a blast from the past, and I think now, I’m going to go ahead and play some retro video games to end my day.

What was your favourite video game based on a cartoon? Let me know in the comments!

Thank you for reading and Happy Gaming!



Expensive Games for the Rich (i.e. not me)


Oh, here we go, I apologise in advance. Let’s take a look at the stuff we can’t afford and wallow in sadness. Actually, it’s probably not as sad as it is funny. How some of these video games became so expensive and how some of them are actually sold in the end too beats me. Some people must desperately want some of these games. I’m guessing because it’s either very special to them, they own a museum or they want to brag to every nerd on the planet.

This post is to show off the games that you can buy if you have a thousand pounds of loose change in your pocket, and just to say, I’m using the ‘worldwide’ option on eBay (which is very useful actually). Also, because I am merely looking at eBay, some of these prices may not be exactly accurate, but they’re definitely a good estimate.

So let’s take a look at what we can waste thousands of coins on.

Stadium Events 

Released: December 23rd, 1986 (JP)
Developer: Human Entertainment
Publisher: NES
Selling For: Approx. £1000, I believe. Although it has been sold for 
upwards of 10,000/20,000 dollars before, since it's less rare in Europe.

This game is basically a sports fitness game, where you can take part in events such as the long jump, triple jump and, of course, the 100M dash. You can play with friends, or you can try and beat the computer. When you defeat an opponent, you receive a medal or a trophy, so that’s nice. I like awards. Apparently, this game is the rarest licensed NES game available in North America, hence why it’s so expensive, so I don’t think I’ll be adding this to my collection anytime soon. Especially since I don’t even own a NES to begin with. Although I must admit, the graphics of this game look pretty neat for a game back then, and I bet the sound effects are just as charming too.


Final Fantasy 

Released: December 18th, 1987 (JP)
Developer: Square
Publisher: Square/Nintendo
Selling For: Nearly £4000 (new and sealed)

Of course, we all know the Final Fantasy series, but did you know that you would have to pay nearly £4000 for a new and sealed copy on the NES? I didn’t know that until now. The game follows the story of four young people called the Light Warriors, who each carry one of the earth’s four elements which have been unfortunately darkened by evil. So, they must all go and restore the light and defeat the evil. ‘Dadadada da da da dada!’ Of course, just because this version is super expensive doesn’t mean you can’t play the game. I personally have it on PSP, but it’s always a shame when you can’t try out games on their original consoles. There’s always some magic when you do that.


Super Mario 64

Released: June 23rd, 1996 (JP)
Developer: Nintendo EAD
Publisher: Nintendo
Selling For: Approx. £500  (new and sealed)

If you want to snag Super Mario 64 on the Nintendo 64 sealed, then you’ll be looking to pay around £500 pounds for it. I personally grew up playing this on the DS, and I do still own it too, however, I don’t think I’ll be splashing out £500 for a boxed copy on the N64. But it is pretty neat, and I would understand anyone who would pay that for it. It’s not too expensive for what it is, but it’s still a lot more than us people have to spare. This game obviously features Mario, who has to obviously rescue Peach from Bowser. We know the story, to be honest, but this game in particular really did impress us all with its 3D design. Even to this day, it holds up pretty well. (But don’t ask me why I selected this image. I just had to.)



Released: June 14th, 1989 (JP)
Developer: Bullet-Proof Software
Publisher: Nintendo
Selling For: Approx. £1000 (new and sealed)

Oop, another game for around a thousand pounds coming through! If you want a copy of Tetris sealed, for the original Gameboy, then you’ll have to sell a lot of your furniture. To be honest, I haven’t played too much of Tetris and because of that, frankly, I’m terrible at it. However, my husband loves it, and it’s quite saddening that I won’t be able to get him the sealed version anytime soon. Or ever. I don’t think he minds though since I think breaking into it would be a legitimate crime. Tetris itself was originally created by Alexey Pajitnov, and this was the portable version of his idea. The fun of the game is to stack the shapes and stack the blocks until you make a complete row and the blocks disappear. It’s, of course, one of the most widely-known and addicting puzzle games to date.


So that’s a short list of games that are a bit too expensive for my liking. However, there are still games for around the £100-£200 mark, which is expensive but are obtainable in time if you want to save up. However, most of the time, these prices are for boxed and new versions of games, so if you’re happy with owning just the discs or cartridges, then you’re probably going to save a lot of money. But, as a collector myself, I understand the frustration.

I personally feel like this post was a little lacking, but nevermind, I’ll definitely make another part in the near future if any readers are interested. I’m sure there are hundreds of games that are expensive to get, whether that’s sealed and new or preowned.

Thank you for reading and Happy Gaming!


Games, Mental Health and Haul Satisfaction


It’s been a while since I’ve done a haul, even though I pick up games pretty cheap quite often (way too often in all honesty. Blame my depression, it wants things).

Actually, talking about depression, and considering that it is mental health awareness week and all that, I thought I would quickly send out a message of support to all of those struggling like I am. I have social anxiety, which has also caused some spouts of depression, naturally. It’s hard, and I know that it’s hard for lots of other people too. You’re not alone.

Video gaming has helped me a lot through some of my worst moments. Rarely making it worse, sometimes making it better. Let me cuddle up with a handheld and I’ll feel comforted, or let me play some PS2 and I’ll be distracted. Recently, this blog has been an outlet for me too, and collecting, writing about games and researching them has become just as fun as playing them. What I’m trying to say is, video games are important. For a lot of people. So, ha, I laugh right in the faces of anyone who thinks they’re dumb. But no, really, if you’re someone who thinks that gaming to make you feel better is stupid, then you’re wrong. Anything that makes you feel better is a good thing (apart from murder. Well, murder in games, yes, murder in real life, not so much).

So anyway, I also have some stuff to show you. I found and bought myself some things today, and I’m telling myself that it’s okay. It makes me happy, and it’s okay.

Pretty randomly, my Dad and I decided to venture to our closest city and have a day out since I was having a bad morning. I always tend to look around charity shops and game shops, and it keeps my mind off things. There’s also this one shop, that sells games for a multitude of different systems, however, it’s pretty expensive and even tries to sell retro titles for retail price, and I always try to stay clear from that kind of price tag, believe me. I’m a huge cheapskate. A game for over a pound? Too expensive. When I see a £40 retail price tag, I straight out faint.

Of course, I’m joking (mostly), if I could I would support a lot of game developers and buy their games for the retail price all the time. I wholeheartedly wish I could. But until I have more money to spare, it’s preowned stuff for now and scouring those bins (not rubbish bins, I promise).

I know you want me to get a move on to what I actually got though. So, get this, I was glancing around this antique shop, (and honestly, if you haven’t before, you should) and I saw a sign ‘CDs/DVDs/GAMES!! £1 SALE’ and I jumped up those stairs like a rocket. I think all my Dad saw was a gust of wind. And then I saw it in all its glory. There were boxes of DVDs, games, CDs, books- you name it. So I started doing what I do best. Practically making a mess of things.

Okay, okay, all I did was pull a few boxes around and about. But I was enthralled. I had to see what was under each box, in case some sort of hidden gem was there. I was in my own world almost, really excited and feeling like a kid again.

I actually believe that a bunch of these games came from a closed down game shop that was down the street from the antique place. I mean, it would make a lot of sense. It made me happy to see the games all still there for me to browse through. But of course, I also had a sneaky browse through some trays of magazines and books, and sure enough, I found a bunch of game magazines from 1994-1995 for 50p each. I grabbed 6 of them.

Also, a note. I am aiming to have a video game magazine collection in the future, and I’m really happy to have found some in the wild. Just this morning I posted about that on Instagram. Coincidence much? I think it’s fate.

In the end, I picked up 6 magazines and two PS1 games, and since all games were a pound no matter what they were, I got both games for £1 each. Everything accumulated to £5 overall, and I am super happy, as a novice video game collector and all.

And finally, here are a couple of pictures of said stuff!

Yes! Silent Hill! For a pound! It’s pretty frustrating actually because I got the game digitally last month, but no matter. This is incredible, as it goes for nearly £20 at my local preowned media store. And also, I’ve always wanted to own the Broken Sword games, and I love the genre to bits. Now I just need to go back and see if they had the first one tucked away anywhere.

I’m serious though, with all those boxes, I’m probably going back tomorrow. Sales cure my mental health issues.

So, what about you? Does anything to do with video games contribute to your mental health? Let me know in the comments!

Thank you and Happy Gaming!


Video Game Character Profiles: Letter C


If you’re following this series, you’ll miraculously already know that the next letter in the list is the letter C, since this comes after the letter B, and I know my alphabet pretty well. These posts are always interesting to me because I have to sit here prior to writing and think up lots of games and the characters and see which names start with the letter I’m on. It’s a little bit frustrating sometimes because my brain decides to focus on the wrong letter instead and I suddenly know every single protagonist ever whose name begins with Z or Q or something.

But anyway, this is post three out of, what I’m guessing, is going to be twenty-six. I hope you enjoy!

Game (Series): Final FantasyCactuar-FFIX
Species: Little cacti with appendages

All I can say is that the Catuar is very very pointy, and with an attack such as ‘1000 Needles’, I wouldn’t want to hug one anytime soon, which is unfortunate since I find them pretty cute. They are a recurring enemy and also summon in the series, its debut appearance being in Final Fantasy VI. This little cactus has pretty stiff arms and legs, and you can probably tell that by the image above. Even the mouth looks a little stiff. I wonder how that feels. If I was a qualified doctor (and I’m not even an unqualified doctor), then I’d recommend some vigorous stretching.

Game (Series): Street Fighter
Codename: Killer Bee
CammyrenderRace: Human
Sex: Female
Born: January 6th 1974
Voice actor(s): Various

I really like how strong and determined Cammy looks, honestly, part of me wishes I could prance around with those kinds of muscles. Although, I’m not too sure about the fringe. If you can call that a fringe. She must use a lot of hairspray for that. Anyway, she first appeared in Super Street Fighter II and is the second female fighter in the series. Originally a deadly assassin and now working for the British (woohoo, British!) government, she is forceful yet polite, and I really like her beret.

Game (Series): CatherineCatherineMain.png 
Sex: Female 
Voice actor: Laura Bailey, 
Miyuki Sawashiro

Well, I suppose you can’t have one of these posts without having at least one bad person. To be honest, I liked this Catherine more than the other Katherine, so it’s too bad she was kind of evil. I’m not revealing exactly what she is because of spoilers, but from the get-go, you can tell that she’s up to something. She’s cheerful and bubbly and accentuates freedom, and completely represents what the main character, Vincent, wants in a woman. Although, she is emotionally and physically abusive too, so that’s a downside. Frankly, she’s cute but she freaks me out.

Cheep Cheep
Game (Series): MarioCheep_Cheep,_New_Super_Mario_Bros._U.png
Species: Fish (with wings?)

I didn’t even know that these things had a name for the longest time, and I want to apologise to them (or maybe not, since they’re an annoying underwater enemy). Basically serving as bowsers minions, the Cheep Cheeps (heh, that’s fun to say) swims and hops out of the water, coming after you if you get too close, so don’t do that. I like their style, however, and I’m glad fish don’t have wings in real life.

Game (Series): Final FantasyFFIX-Chocobo.png
Species: Bird

Just a heads up, there’s definitely quite a bit of Final Fantasy in this post. But I mean, I can’t miss out the series mascot, the Chocobo. They’re amazing and adorable and come in all sorts of colours (I want to collect them all). They are basically the equivalent of a horse, as you can ride them, or leave them be in the fields. They are large birds with three-toed feet and big wings and can apparently understand the human language. So why we can’t have them in real life, I have no idea. I demand real-life Chocobos.

Chris Redfield
Game (Series): Resident EvilChriswr0.png
Race: Caucasian/American
Sex: Male
Voice actor(s): A lot

All I can think of when I see Chris is the time when I was playing Resident Evil 5 with my husband and we constantly made our characters shout ‘Chris! Chris! Sheva! Go! Help! Chris!’ or whatever. Frankly, it was hilarious. Chris is a Special Operations Unit Captain of the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance (boy, that’s a mouthful), alongside Jill Valentine. He is a protective character, taking care of his younger sister Claire, and is known to use a variety of weapons, including his hands, during combat. I don’t know too much about Resident Evil, but I’m glad to see that he’s still alive.

Chun Li
Game (Series): Street FighterChunrender.png
Race: Chinese
Sex: Female
Born: March 1st 1968
Voice actor(s): Various

And the list of badass female fighters with incredible thighs continues, although now I’m introducing the first female fighter in the Street Fighter series. Chun Li is an expert martial artist and Interpol officer, who is seeking revenge because of her Dad’s death. She is a dedicated character, highly disciplined and great friends with the aforementioned Cammy. I just, can’t get over how awesome these girl characters look. They look so strong and I want them to teach me how to kick properly without my leg looking like a piece of spaghetti.

Cindy Aurum
Game (Series): Final Fantasy XVCindy_Aurum_Render_FFXV
Race: Human
Sex: Female
Voice actor: Yu Shimamura, 
Erin Matthews

Final Fantasy yet again, I’m afraid (and this still isn’t the last one. There’s no getting rid of this series. Which is ironic, considering that its Final Fantasy). This character is cute though, but sometimes uncomfortably cute. She’s the head mechanic of the Hammerhead garage in Final Fantasy XV. She’s also the granddaughter of Cid, (another ‘C’ character, unsurprisingly) who himself has an engineering background. I wish I could be as enthusiastic about my work as she is. She has an incredible passion for cars and technology and is extremely optimistic despite having a rough childhood, oh, and she’s also not interested in dating, so she receives a multitude of points from me, for just being herself.

Game (Series): Borderlands
Full name: Claptrap P. Claptrappington
ClaptrapTPS.jpgRace: Robot
Voice actor: David Eddings

I love love love Claptrap, and I want to applaud the voice actor for making him sound so perfect. Claptrap is a general purpose robot manufactured by Hyperion. He has a very enthusiastic personality, which you have to adore, and he has a great range of skills which prove to be fairly useful in the series. However, he is a tad cowardly, but that makes him funny and more charming, in a way. I remember the first time I heard him talk in Borderlands- aah, that’s a good memory. He has such a distinctive voice, and it will never leave my head as I lay down to sleep.

Cloud Strife
Game (Series): Final FantasyCloud-FFVIIArt.png
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Born: August 1986
Voice actor(s): Steve Burton,
Takahiro Sakurai

I know you’re groaning, but this is the last Final Fantasy mention I promise (for this post anyway). Cloud Strife is the main protagonist in Final Fantasy VII and appears in many spin-offs as well (lucky for him). In the beginning, he is known to be an arrogant and cocky swordsman, but he is in fact, hiding his true self. Cloud is genuinely a nice guy, who shows concern and cares about his friends. I like Cloud. I want Cloud to be my friend. Although I would probably tell him and a lot of other Final Fantasy characters to calm it down with the hair gel.

Crash Bandicoot
Game (Series): Crash BandicootCrash-bandicootps4.png
Species: Eastern Barred Bandicoot
Sex: Male
Voice actor(s): Various

Wow, something not Final Fantasy or Street Fighter?! What a miracle. The last character in this list is no other than Crash. Crash was captured and evolved by Doctor Neo Cortex, who becomes his enemy throughout the series. The developers of the game, Naughty Dog, once said that Crash is ‘goofy yet heroic’, and I can totally believe it. I like how he loves to fight but also loves to relax in the sun. It sounds like what I would be like if I were a video game character. He knows a few English words too, such as ‘whoa!’ and ‘boo-yah’, which is all you need to know to communicate effectively in my opinion. He’s just great. Crash for the win!

And there we have it! I had a lot of fun writing about each character, although I’m worried about the time when one of these letters is going to have over a thousand characters to write about. But we’ll see how it goes. I’m sure it’ll be okay. I’ll just have to do some finger stretches to make sure I don’t get cramp.

Thank you for reading and Happy Gaming!


6 Chill Paragraphs for 6 Chill Games


When I started this blog about a month ago, I didn’t really want to post reviews. I feel like I don’t have it in me to criticise games, and I merely try to enjoy what I can from most of them. But, my husband had the idea of writing some short paragraph reviews and summaries for games instead, and I thought that this was a pretty nice idea. Now I can be short and sweet with my opinion, and I don’t have to be too mean in the process. Sweet.

The games that I will be mentioning all fit with the theme of ‘laid-back’ and ‘chill’. Games you can pick up and play when you feel like it, and you don’t necessarily have to worry about the story or anything too challenging (like following a story, ahem, Final Fantasy 13). These aren’t going to be review reviews, but I will be giving a chill star rating out of 5, so you get an idea of how much relaxation you could get out of it.

So, let’s begin.

Animal Crossing


I know, it’s not surprising, but I had to put it on the list and I thought I’d get it out of the way. The repetitiveness of the game is somewhat addicting and becomes a chore, but don’t fear, it’s an enjoyable, friendly chore. For the most part. Sometimes gathering all that fruit can be a tad tedious. But, you can capture bugs and fish, arrange your home, style your character, and mingle with villagers and even real people (if you know how to mingle with real people virtually, that is). The graphics are adorable, especially in New Leaf and it plays like a charm.  It’s the perfect way to calm down and meditate in the morning.

Chill Rating: ☆☆☆☆

The Sims


The Sims is another obvious, popular title. What could be more relaxing than a life simulation? Actually, at first thought, you would think that it would be not so laidback, and who would want to play a game about life in the first place? But it is addicting, trust me, and relaxing if you want it to be (I’m talking about the main PC versions here. The story in The Sims on PS2 was kind of frustrating. The woman kept getting too depressed). You can create your family, build your home, get your sims jobs and make a happy family. The best thing about this game is that you can jump right in, and it will be completely different each time you play. You may want to look and see if you’d prefer the earlier Sims games or the recent ones, but if you want some time to unwind and focus on controlling someone else’s life rather than your own, then this series as a whole is certainly for you.

Chill Rating: ☆☆☆☆

Style Boutique


Do you have a passion for fashion? Do you have a passion for trying to make people look chic or goth or lively or bold? Then look no further! Style Boutique is the perfect series where, once you get used to how the game works, is perfect for chill nights before sleeping. I got addicted to it last night actually. You run your own boutique, and as your popularity grows you can explore the city, enter contests, rearrange your room and buy lots of stock so you can dress up other people and yourself! It’s really nice to feel fashionable for once. I do wish there were more ways to interact with people, and maybe a more intriguing story, but then again, I’ve only played the first two games, and I think it’s a promising series with lots of potential. Of course, this game isn’t for everyone, but the 3DS versions are nicely made with lovely updated graphics.

Chill Rating: ☆☆☆

Castaway Paradise


If you’re looking for a game that’s similar to Animal Crossing but not quite up there, then have a look at Castaway Paradise. I actually really enjoyed this game and put 40 hours into it before getting 100% achievements. The thing is, I haven’t played it since getting 100% achievements. The game was really fun and the graphics are bright and interesting, but the gameplay is 10x more repetitive than Animal Crossing. I had to repeatedly do the same thing for those 40 hours, pretty much. But, that doesn’t mean it’s bad. It’s still pretty relaxing and you can fish, buy items, do simple quests and grow trees and plants. So, in my opinion, you can at least have a good time with this game for a while. It’s worth having a look.

Chill Rating: ☆☆



If you like plants, or growing plants, or even just clicker games where you don’t have to do too much, then Viridi is a chill game that you most definitely have to check out. You get a plant pot full of soil, all prepared for growing plants (with your pet snail along the side), and, well, you get the seeds and plant them and water them every few days until they grow! It’s basically a plant growing simulator, but it’s not as boring as you might think. The graphics are perfect, and the music is very peaceful, and it’s worth putting five or ten minutes into every few days just to see your plants grow. It’s great for nature lovers and people who don’t have much time.

Chill Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆

Rollercoaster Tycoon Series


Do you want to spend some time making your own theme park? If you do, then I will throw these games through your window. Games that have a sandbox mode, in general, are great for this sort of list. I grew up playing building simulation games, but Rollercoaster Tycoon was my go-to game. Recently, I’ve been playing the first title a  lot, and honestly, I multitask while playing this game. I set up my park, leave it for a while, earn some dough, come back to it, adjust some things etc. etc. The style of the first three games is great and I love the old isometric graphics. I really wish the latest releases were better though.

Chill Rating: ☆☆☆☆

What are some chill games that you’ve played recently? 

Thank you for reading and Happy Gaming!


My PS2 Collection


This post is going up a tad late, which is my bad. I didn’t start taking the images until late, and then I tripped over my laptop charger and had to reboot my laptop (which takes decades, plus it had to repair itself. I think it was taunting me). Oh, and I also had to get a snack, because that’s important. But yes, quality over speedy rushed posts I say! So, I’m going to be taking my time now.

Let’s begin.

Drumroll, please! Here is my PS2 collection!

I love the PS2, and I wish I had cooler games, or imports, to show you all. But I don’t. What I do have though, is a handful of weird and wonderful great titles (and weird and wonderful bad ones). I would love any recommendations (so I can add hundreds more to my evergrowing wishlist).

I haven't played too much of these, but I know how great Burnout is. I hope I won't burnout playing them (ha ha. I'll move on.)

I haven’t put too much time into these games, but I know how great Burnout is in general. I hope I won’t burn out playing them (ha ha. Just run me over, it’s okay.)

I like Bratz okay, don’t judge me. I like flaunting my passion for fashion sometimes.

I played Driver 3 a lot growing up, and I like it. I didn’t actually realise that people don’t like it. This post is really going to show off my wonderful taste in video games.

I think it’s time for a Final Fantasy spotlightMy husband is American, hence why I have both a European and American version of FF10. Can’t go wrong really, and I really like that figurine advertisement. I would’ve snagged those back in the day.

Don’t hate me, but I haven’t actually played too much of these yet. But they get lots of points for style. I mean, look at that manual. 10/10 manual points for that game.

I didn’t say that I despise platinum editions yet. Well, I despise platinum editions. Annoyingly, I have so many, and it pains me that I have that sort of case for the original Kingdom Hearts game too. But, my really nice copy of Kingdom Hearts makes up for it. Anyway, I love this series. Is the third out yet?

If Lara Croft could be my wife, then she would be my wife. That’s all I need to say here.

I need more Lego games. Why must they be expensive? Why oh why.

I made an effort here to show off the front and back covers of this game because they look SO cool. They’re so funky and I like afros.

I just like how the middle of her nose is an empty circle because of the disc. Resident Evil is great but, I can’t take my eyes off that nose.

I really need to do a Sims collection post at some point. Remind me to do that even though I’m nowhere near grabbing all of those expansion packs for PC.

Can you tell that I loved the Tony Hawk games? I loved the Tony Hawk games. I also have a pretty deep appreciation for Tony Hawk himself. He’s one rad dude.

I wish I could’ve put a doughnut beside these games or something.

If you noticed, those first sets of pictures were of specific series, now we’re moving onto slightly different pictures. Which is exciting. First of, there’s this one. A Disney and SEGA vibe perhaps? I’m not complaining.

I was always terrible at Sonic games, but I like how these cases contrast with each other. It’s like good and evil, side by side. How beautiful.

Let’s have a moment to appreciate cartoons and games made from cartoons. Amen.

More cartoon stuff that you can’t really go wrong with having in your collection. I mean, from what I know, they’re cheap and cheap is good. I for one know that Wallace & Gromit: Project Zoo is a fun game (but it creeped me out as a kid).

Now, these next games don’t really have any theme at all. Merely ‘the lonely ones that were left on the shelf’. I beat Beyond Good & Evil this morning actually, so if anyone wants to give me a high five for that then my hand is ready.

Oh, wait, yeah, games with cars. This is a theme. Cars are cool. I always did like racing games, even though I crash way too much when I don’t even mean to (or maybe I do mean to. Sssshh.)

Now I’m just starting to see what games I need to collect soon. Like the first Destroy All Humans game. I need it to plot taking over the world. I mean, to have fun. Yeah, that’s what I mean. Sure.

This is kind of the ‘oooh sneaky shooty game’ section type thing, maybe. Apart from Lord of the RingsI have no idea what the game is like (I picked it up earlier this week), but the cover is mysterious so I threw it in here for this picture. For aesthetic. It does a good job.

These games look like they’re ready to have a good time. To be honest, I played the absolute crap out of Rollercoaster World. I still would. I have so much love for theme park simulations. Don’t ask me why because I don’t really like them much in real life.

Last but not least, these are like, the elegant games I have. Just take in that white bedsheet background and the sophisticated men. Yes. Men.

So anyway, that’s everything! I mean, apart from the physical PS2, but you’ll have to trust me when I say that I do actually own one. I do. I swear.

Let me know what collections you would like to see next!

Thank you for reading and Happy Gaming!


Video Game Character Profiles: Letter B


So last week I did the first post in this series, which was, rather coincidentally, for the letter ‘A’. Because that is the first letter of the alphabet. If you didn’t know. So I’m moving onto the letter B now. I’m sure you’re as shocked as I am.

Game (Series): Banjo-KazooieBanjoBanjoTooie1
Species: Honey bear
Sex: Male
Voice actor: Chris Sutherland

I have never played a Banjo-Kazooie game, although I have played the banjo, so maybe that gets me off the hook. Ah, I doubt it. But anyway, Banjo is a brown honey bear and he is one of the two main protagonists in the series. He actually made his debut appearance in Diddy Kong Racing, and he is known to be a sweet, laidback bear (like all bears are). Throughout the games, with your trusty bird Kazooie, you battle the evil witch named Gruntilda. Bears, birds, and witches- what more could you want in a video game?

Game (Series): BayonettaBayonetta_-_Bayo1_render
Race: Human
Birth name: Cereza
Sex: Female
Born: December 19th, 1411
Voice actor: Hellena Taylor, 
Atsuko Tanaka

I don’t even know how to describe her. She’s, um, a woman? A really cool woman? With a great body and long and strong-ass legs? Well, however you like to describe her, she’s hilarious and it feels really great to beat up bad guys with her. In the first game, she’s battling amnesia after being sealed away for five hundred years (it’s no wonder she suffers from amnesia in all honesty). But after waking, she uses her remarkable talent for Bullet Arts! Hurrah! I wonder if everyone who wakes up after five hundred years acquires that talent… hm… I have some planning to do.

Game (Series): Jet Set Radio1
Race: Human
Sex: Male

Jet Set Radio is one of the coolest stylised games ever. Well, I think so anyway. And this is Beat- the main character or the ‘mascot’ of the series. In the game, he runs away from home and is recruited by two characters named Gum and Tab. I, as of now, want his skates and glasses. Maybe it’s time for me to become a rollerskating delinquent.

Big Daddy
Game (Series): BioShockBigdaddy-bioshock.png
Species: Genetically enhanced being?
Sex: Male?
Voice actor: Mechanical things?!

Big Daddy is an interesting name for an enemy, but, it makes sense. Big Daddy and Little Sister, I mean, it is kind of cute in a way. Until you look into the actual story of BioShock, but, anyway, the Big Daddy is basically a giant protector, who used to be a human. Yes, that thing has a human inside it. They’re in that heavily armored suit thing and wield a gun, drill, rocket launcher and whatnot. I wouldn’t want to come face to face with one. Ever.

Games (Series): Mario
Species: Birdo?!Birdo,_Mario_Party_9

We have to admit it, nobody really knew what Birdo was. I still don’t know what Birdo is. The creepiest Mario character ever? Probably. It’s just… that thing protruding from its head is a black hole. Seriously. Anyway, I don’t want to be mean. He/She does resemble a Yoshi after all. But, I just wouldn’t use that colour on my bedroom walls.

Games (Series): SonicBlazeDecal.png
Species: Cat
Sex: Female
Voice actor(s): Bella Hudson, 
Laura Bailey, Nao Takamori

I’m totally biased here. I love Blaze. She was one of my favourite characters to play as and she still is. I don’t know what it is about her, but it’s probably her colour scheme or something like that because it’s pretty. But anyway, Blaze can manipulate fire, hence the name Blaze I suppose, but man, she’s just awesome. I also like how elegant she is and how peaceful she is (she also seems to be kind of shy and a bit reclusive, which I like because I’m the same, haha, oh.)

Game (Series): Bomberman
WhiteBomber_Vector01.pngSex: Male

This is when I start to wish I was more knowledgeable about games. I don’t know much about Bomberman at all. Just that he has lots and lots of bombs, and no toes or fingers, according to the image above. He is the leader of the Bomberman people on Planet Bomber, on which every Bomber-person can also generate bombs (sounds very chaotic if you ask me. I’m glad everyone on Earth can’t do that. I think they can’t anyway.) Bomberman, or White Bomberman, continues to save his home planet or the universe with his bombs. So let’s give him a round of applause and a sticker or something.

Game (Series): Mario
Sex: Male548px-Bowser_-_Mario_Party_10.png

Everyone knows this weird evil turtle (I think? I never really thought about it) guy. He’s always stealing the princess. I mean, is it really necessary? Just look at those menacing eyes and teeth and that odd yellow body. Whoever designed him is a genius. Bowser is the leader of the Koopa race, and he is the enemy of Mario himself, which doesn’t come as a surprise since he keeps kidnapping and stealing his girlfriend or whatever. It’s actually a little messed up. Mario needs to keep an eye on her more. Or pay for her to have karate lessons.

Game (Series): Borderlands
Sex: Male
Voice Actor: Marcus MauldinBrick

Brick is pretty much a Brick. Hence the name, Brick. I never played as Brick in Borderlands because I was (and still am) obsessed with Siren. And I’m not really a fan of Bricks in the first place. But Brick is just one of those must-have characters for people to choose. You know, the ones with huge muscles that are inhumanely impossible to obtain (especially cel-shaded). You know, Bricks.

So there are some characters beginning with B for you! I know, it’s not the mot interesting or extensive list. I still need to play a lot of video games so I can make my posts more interesting. But, next up, believe it or not, will be C! So stay tuned for that. I’m sure you’re on the edge of your seat.

Thank you for reading and Happy Gaming!