The PC-98: Part #1


Hello and welcome to my final post for April, but don’t be sad, because May is just around the corner and I’m already frantic about what posts I need to start writing. But anyway, today I’m going to be writing about the PC98, or the PC-9800 series. Wow, that’s unexpected, right? These personal computers were released only in Japan back in the 80s from a company called NEC. NEC had a lot of control over the PC market and had sold 18 million units by 1999, so all in all, that’s a lot of people with computers.

There have been a quite a lot of models of the PC-98 and it ran software with data discs. It’s noted that there are thousands of games for it, mainly consisting of dating sims and RPGs. I do remember stumbling upon information about the PC-98 a while ago, but I have been really intrigued by it again recently (well, yesterday), hence why I want to share some games on the system for you now.


While I was browsing, I actually found some amazingly cool looking GIFs on Tumblr here (and I’m very excited that they actually move in the post too). Policenauts is a graphic adventure sci-fi game which was released in 1994, and then remakes were released for the PlayStation and Sega Saturn in later years. The director of the game is none other than Hideo Kojima, and the game received immaculate reviews from all over Japan.


To me, it’s no wonder, this has the coolest style ever, and for a game made way back then?! I’m very impressed. The colours are great and the girl looks absolutely badass. I mean, look at her wielding that knife. I doubt she’s going to be opening letters with it.


The game itself is about a character called Jonathan Ingram, one of the Policenauts, who are astronauts with police training. Jonathan tests a new space suit but drifts away into the dark abyss that is space and is assumed dead by everyone, which is pretty unfortunate, but don’t worry, he is found 24 years later and is alive and kicking and brought back home. Even after all of that though, his ex-wife comes up to him and asks for help in solving a case, which ironically is the disappearance of her husband. But then she gets murdered straight after telling him that, so yeah. There’s a lot to experience when playing this game, and to be honest, I really want to play itIt was said that the game has one of the best storylines ever, and I don’t doubt it for a second.


Okay, this is an erotic adventure game, with naked women and all that jazz, but the style is awesome, and I’ve come to the realisation that it’s hard to avoid erotica when searching these games. But never fear, it’s not meant to scare you away! Embrace nakedness I say. This game was released back in 1994 by Queen Soft, and it’s primarily a sci-fi adventure game set in 2035 (which is scarily sooner than you think).



The story starts off with a lot of mysterious incidents happening in Tokyo, and, much like Policenauts, someone goes missing. In this case, that ‘someone’ is a lot of women. This time though, they weren’t just kidnapped and lost forever- this time, they return brainwashed, and command armies of bionic monsters (not unexpected at all). These women are then part of a squad and are called Possessioners. You go through the game selecting commands from the menu and triggering events. I’m not really sure how the game was received, but it does seem super interesting (and if you enjoy lesbian sex scenes mixed with all this adventure sci-fi stuff, then go right ahead and try it out).

Words Worth

The main reason I wanted to mention this particular game is because of this next screenshot.


Please tell me you don’t have to attack his adorable face!

On the other hand…


Aaah! Get it away! It’s hideous!

But you really can’t go wrong with these graphics. It’s terrifying at times, yes, but it’s really incredibly drawn, and even though I was trying to avoid it for at least one game, yes, apparently there is erotica in this one too. I’m not sure how erotic it is, but I know for sure that there’s a five-part direct to video erotic series, based on the game’s story. So, you can just jump straight into that instead if you wish.

But the game itself is set around two sword-fighting tribes, who live in peace and harmony, and are separated by “Words Worth”, a slab. Yes, a slab. A huge monolith slab put there by someone. A slab.

Even though I would love to protect this slab with all my might, it does get destroyed early in the game. Mysteriously destroyed. Who would want to destroy an innocent slab, I don’t know. But naturally, the two tribes start blaming each other and start a war that lasts over 100 years. One of the tribes sends out Astral, to find out what really happened to the slab (or the tablet. I should probably stop calling it a slab.) and restore the peace! You go through the game dungeon crawling and defeating enemies, and that sounds pretty fun to me. Although I don’t really want to face, um, whatever that is above *shudder*


If you like Castlevania, then this game could be for you. People say it’s a clone, but, what does it matter when it’s awesome anyway? It’s actually been called a ‘hidden gem’ so why not give it a go? If you can.

Developed by C-Lab and released in 1993, this game is a side-scrolling action game, and you play as a vampire hunter who investigates why various women have disappeared all over the country (maybe they’re getting brainwashed and will return as leaders of a bionic army). Naturally, you fight skeletons and monsters and boss characters, and you use a whip! Hah! A whip! How satisfying.


This game has been unofficially translated into English, so I’m sure if you wanted to give it a go, it wouldn’t be too difficult.


I also found this game while I was browsing around. The first game in the series was considered the first dating simulation, originally released for the PC-9801 microcomputer and published by ELF.

I could put so many pictures of the game here but I really don’t want to overload my post with too much stuff and burn your mind away. But you get a general idea that’s it’s really well designed.

You play as a high-school student, whose parents have just moved into a large mansion (I want to be this guy already) and naturally, you have to start at a new school. Of course, it being a dating sim and all, all you can think of is girls girls girls (to be honest, I don’t blame him. Girls are great.) There is a lot of exploration in this game, and you can go into shops, cafes and even take the train! Which is pretty neat in my opinion. There are, of course, nude scenes and sex scenes and all that, but to be honest, I’d still play it. I enjoy dating sims sometimes and I’m not ashamed to admit it.




So, what do you think of the PC-98? Do the games look interesting to you?

oh, and I should just mention the soundtracks. I mean, they’re so good!

Thank you for reading and Happy Gaming! Roll on the next issue!


The Beaten Diaries #7: History of Classes in Fantasy


I am so excited to be writing this 7th Beaten Diaries post because I’m finally going to be talking about Fantasy LifeFantasy Life is somewhat nostalgic to me already, even though I only played it at the end of 2016 (okay, time goes too fast. Maybe it should be nostalgic to me already). I don’t own the game as of now, and I would really love a physical copy because it is so CUTE and I want it on my shelf so it can flourish.

The game itself is a fantastic 3DS title, developed by Level-5 and released back in 2012 in Japan and then in 2014 for the rest of the world (why they made us wait and tortured us I have no idea). The game is set in the world of Reveria, which has green forests, tall mountains, sparkling rivers and bustling cities. However, this peaceful land is disturbed when a meteorite falls into the player’s house (which is pretty unfortunate I must say), and then there’s a bunch of stuff about the prophecy and the moon. So, naturally, from the King himself, you are told to go and investigate!

The great thing about this game is that you don’t just have to be a warrior or a fighter and go and kill a bunch of enemies and repeat that forever. You can be given a bunch of various tasks depending on your class, including fishing (no, this isn’t Final Fantasy 15). You can choose from 12 classes at the beginning of the game, and I’m going to give you an overview of them and a little history about those roles in real life.


Let’s begin with the Combat classes, which consists of the Paladin, Mercenary, Hunter, and Magician. I, as always, went for the magician first for my play-through. All these classes are great in combat and you can collect armor and powerful weapons as you progress.

Paladin So primarily, a Paladin is a military leader, or a knight, who wields a big weapon and can perform magic, such as healing and protection. The term comes from the roman word Palatine, which basically means a government official. After the fall of Rome, the King Charlemagne took over most of Europe, and tried to bring back the Roman Empire. There were 12 high-ranking warriors that served this King, and they were called his Palatines (or Paladins), which were very loyal and devoted. Fantasy paladins in general are special, righteous warriors or holy knights that follow their beliefs and leaders. The Paladin in Fantasy Life can hold a longsword and a shield. I don’t usually play as a warrior or a knight in games, but the Paladin in this game seems pretty fun to me, and I like bashing people with shields.


Mercenary In history, mercenaries are professional soldiers who are hired to fight, and usually, fight for money rather than their beliefs or political reasons (I don’t blame them). They are usually not part of a regular army or force. Some records in history of using mercenaries in battle dates back to Ancient Egypt, where Pharaoh Ramesses II used 11,000 of them during his battles (the more the merrier I’m sure). The mercenary in Fantasy Life uses two-handed swords and inflicts a lot of damage, which makes them different to the Paladins. Mercenaries seem fun to play as, as you can throw your two swords around and chop people up (I can’t really say that without sounding like a psychopath though).

Hunter There isn’t really much to say about hunters. Hunters are hunters. They hunt things. It is a pretty cool class though since you use a bow and arrow as a weapon, and that’s pretty satisfying. You can inflict status effects such as paralysis and poison on enemies, all whilst keeping at a far and therefore safe distance. I think if I was in a fantasy world, I’d prefer to hide up in the trees and use bows and arrows from a distance. I don’t really want to come face-to-face with anything sharp.

Magician It’s hard to kind of sum up the history of magic. The term magic derives from the Greek work Mageia, and back during the medieval times, a wizard or magician was seen as a wise old man who served as a mentor, which can be backed up by the character Dumbledore from Harry Potter (also, I’m sure a long majestic beard is part of it). Of course, all throughout history there have been mages, wizards, witches, sorcerers, archmages, enchanters- it’s such a big topic to explore. In Fantasy Life, I very contently played as a magician. In the game, you can collect spirits such as water, air, earth and fire in your staff and use them to heal or attack. I always play as a mage when I play games. Perhaps I just like brandishing a staff.


Now we’re moving onto the Gatherer classes, which consists of the woodcutter, miner, and angler. These classes, well, focus on gathering, believe it or not. There are many items to collect in Fantasy Life, and if you enjoy this activity, then one of these classes is for you (and if you have a particular interest for wood, ore or fish, then the choice will be made even easier!)

Woodcutter A woodcutter, otherwise known as a lumberjack, are workers in the logging industry who harvest wood. Lots and lots of wood. Back in history, the work a lumberjack had to do was actually pretty dangerous, and rather unfortunately low-paying too (I know I’d want more money if there was a chance I’d be crushed by a tree). The term comes from Canada back in 1831, and lumberjacks primarily worked in camps and lived in bunkhouses or tents, where they would have their trusty axes and saws beside them (while they slept too? I hope not). The Woodcutter role in Fantasy Life is pretty cool if you like this sort of thing. You can run around and cut trees, and, well, cut more trees! Actually it is pretty satisfying so I recommend you give it a shot.

Miner A miner is someone who extracts coal, ore and other minerals. The term can be for someone who works directly with rock faces or someone who works within a mine, usually below ground. Mining is even more dangerous than woodcutting, and there have been many catastrophes and injuries, even though the role has been around for centuries. Since the beginning of civilisation, we have gathered ceramics and metals, which were used to make tools around the world. Nowadays we use mining to gather coal, lead, copper, and iron. In the game, the miner’s role is to also mine materials, such as minerals and ore, from rocks with a pickaxe, whilst also using a dagger as a weapon if needed. Again, it’s pretty satisfying.

Angler I really like fishing in this game. It reminds me of games such as Animal Crossing where it’s pretty relaxing, and there’s nice background music to go with it too. Of course, you use a fishing rod, and like the miner, you use a dagger if you need to attack. There are plenty of fish to catch, so you can spend a lot of time doing so if you wish. Fishing is old. Very old. Some practices of fishing date back at least 40,000 years, but I think we’ve improved our equipment since then unless we still use fish hooks made from bone.


Last, but certainly not least, are the Crafting classesThere are a staggering five classes to choose from here! This includes a cook, tailor, blacksmith, alchemist and carpenter. If you want to become any of those in real life, then it’s time to get some practice in virtually.

Cook Everyone knows what cooking is, I think. Preparing food for consumption. Oh, how us humans do love our food. Of course, the way we eat food keeps changing drastically. I for one, am a vegan, but I did grow up consuming a lot of dairy and meat products. There is evidence that shows that humans had control of fire one million years ago, so it does seem likely that cooking came about millions of years ago too (although the image of humans that long ago trying to figure out fire makes me laugh, and also makes me slightly nervous). Of course, fast forwarding through time, the Industrial Revolution brought the standardisation of food, where factories quickly canned and packaged a range of foods for consuming. In the 1920s, cafeterias and fast food restaurants emerged (much to our joy). It’s pretty adorable to cook in Fantasy Life though, where you have your little frying pan and workstation and ingredients. You have to stir, chop and fry! So if you’re looking to be a cook in real life, at least you’ll improve those three aspects quickly.

Tailor Aaah! Needles! No, not that sort of needle. There is no doctor class here, instead, you use your needle to sew and thread. In the game, you can make clothes, accessories, and furniture, which you can place neatly in one of your many homes. It’s noted that there were tailors back in the thirteenth century, but it didn’t take its modern turn until the late eighteenth century, and clothes were made from materials such as wool, silk or linen. Of course, everyone must look smart, and when they need to look smart, they go to a tailor. I like imagining the suits being made and pressed ready for a spiffing young fellow to take home.

Blacksmith Grr, weapons! Lots of hammers and swords and armor and daggers! Who doesn’t love some pointy things?! But anyway, using your hammer, you can craft a multitude of things in the game, which is really useful, to be honest. I for one could never be a blacksmith in real life, all that forging and bending and cutting and using fire- I’m sure I would kill someone (before I killed myself). There are many blacksmiths in mythology, including Hindu, Greek, Germanic, and Celtic mythology, who would probably construct lots of tools and weapons for Gods of some sort, or beautiful gold rings and glistening gems. Nowadays, there is a fluctuating interest in blacksmithing, but making and repairing iron and steel tools for people is still in practice (I for one just hope they do that without accidentally killing anything).

Alchemist Come on, Alchemists are just as cool to me as magicians are! Using flasks and materials, you can make bombs, accessories or medicine, and explosions! Okay, maybe not the last one, on purpose anyway. I could probably read a whole book on alchemy, and I probably will at some point, because right now, I really don’t know where to start. For places all over the world, there are many different ways that alchemy was introduced and then put into practice. It is said that alchemy was born in Ancient Egypt though, as the Egyptians believed in life after death, and their chemical knowledge rose because of it. Greeks than became interested in the Egyptian studies of alchemy, and viewed matter as the combination of fire, earth, air, and water, which definitely rings a few bells in modern fantasy-based media.

Carpenter Time to bring out the mighty saw and make all the tools, furniture and weapons in the game! Whoo! Anyway, the word carpentry comes from the French ‘Charpentier’ which means carriage maker, and carpentry itself is one of the oldest skills that is still used today. Some of the oldest surviving examples of carpentry are the Nanchan Temple in China and the Greensted Church, in my good ol’ home country, England (how it has parts surviving from the 11th century though I have no idea. Carpenters must’ve been incredibly skilled, or it was magic. I say it was magic). By the 16th century there were sawmills and later, the Industrial Revolution brought steam engines and other processes that made carpentry what it is today. I think I might shed a tear…


So there we have it! A pretty wordy post, but it was interesting to me and I hope at least some of it is interesting to you too. It’s crazy how much history there is in this world, and how certain roles in life started from literally nothing. Video gaming stuff included. I really recommend Fantasy Life though, even if you don’t have a 2DS or a 3DS. Get it anyway. Just love the box. And the cartridge. I promise you, it’s worth it.

Thank you and Happy Gaming!


Collection Summary & My Weird A-Z Goal


It has just come to my attention that I haven’t really said much about the games I own. Over the last year and a half my gaming collection has grown massively, and even though I still have a long way to go to get all the games I’d like, I’m running out of free shelf space (I have none).

I do use the amazing website Backloggery to track my gaming collection, but these are all approximate numbers. I do have quite a few DEMO discs for both the PS1 and PS2 as well, but I’m not including those in my totals (do you count each game as 1 game or like a bunch of mini-games? We’ll never know.)

Now, my weird A-Z game goal means that I would love to own a game for each letter of the alphabet on each system. This could take years, I know. But I have years, and I love the concept. So, I’m going to be noting down the certain games that I’m missing from the alphabet. If that makes any sense whatsoever. Some consoles I won’t do because well if I only have like 5 games, I don’t really want to spell out the whole alphabet for you, and you get the gist. I hope. Anyway, moving on.


Boxed games: 18
Game only: 10
Wishlist:  Harvest Moon: Back to Nature
Letters missing:
A, B, H, I, K, L, N, O, P, Q, U, V, X, Y, Z

I personally really like the PS1, mainly because I have many memories with this console. Some of my favourite games that I still own are Destruction Derby Raw and Colin McRae Rally although I admit I haven’t picked these up in a long time. I mainly like them because of nostalgia, but I really want more RPGs for the system.


Boxed games: 72
Game only: 0
Wishlist: Coraline, Metropolismania, Gungrave
Letters missing: H, I, O, Q, U, V, X, Y, Z

The PS2 is one of my favourite consoles. I haven’t played it too much recently, but I really loved it growing up and I definitely spent countless hours trying to play things to the best of my ability. I also had a DDR mat, which doesn’t work very well now as I played it so much when I was growing up I think I wore it down. Some of my favourite PS2 titles include Tomb Raider and the Tony Hawk series.


Boxed games: 63
Game only: 2
Wishlist: The Wolf Among Us, Mass Effect Trilogy
Letters missing: E, G, N, O, P, Q, X, Y, Z

There are so many great games, both for the PS2 and the PS3. It’s crazy to me how often you can browse and still stumble upon something new. The PS2 and PS3 are my biggest collections, and they take up almost the entirety of one of my bookcases. Some of my favourite titles on the PS3 include Uncharted and the Dragon Age games, which, in particular, are the games which I have put the most hours into ever (both Origins and II together).


Boxed games: 8
Game only: 0
Wishlist: A lot

I do love the PS4, but it still doesn’t have the same feeling as the PS2 and PS3 did, but with that being said, I do own quite a few neat editionssuch as the Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End Special Edition, Life is Strange Limited Edition and Rise of the Tomb Raider 20 Year Celebration Edition. These are all great and I would recommend them for sure. My wishlist for the PS4 is unsurprisingly long, but we’ll get there in time.


Boxed games: 12
Game only: 0
Wishlist: Persona 2: Innocent Sin, The Third Birthday, Innocent Life
Letters missing: A, E, G, H, I, J, K, L, N, O, P, Q, R, S, U, V, X, Y, Z

I only got a PSP last year, even though I wish that I grew up with one. I’m actually surprised that I have 12 PSP games now, my favourite one recently being a Japanese import. I also got Daxter recently, and I can’t wait to try that out. I also own quite a few racing titles such as Midnight Club: LA Remix and Wipeout Pure, because racing games are fun and I like electronically crashing all the time.


Boxed games: 7
Game only: 2
Wishlist: Danganronpa: Trippy Happy Havoc
Letters missing: A, B, C, D, E, I, J, K, M, N, O, Q, R, U, V, W, X, Y, Z

I also didn’t play the VITA until 2016, but my husband let me have his and his games for a while and I felt overprivileged. He let me borrow games such as Tearaway and Little Deviants, and I bought the Japanese import of Phantasy Star Nova for him. We also managed to get Terraria for dirt cheap (but we lost it for the longest time, but he did recently find it again so, hurray for finding lost things!). I currently have all our VITA stuff on my shelf so I count it towards our collection.


Games: 38
Wishlist: Super cheap things during sales

I’m actually not a huge fan of owning games digitally, but it just happens somehow when you’re a gamer. There are a ton of reasons why people may prefer digital gaming, but my digital collection is in the 30s at the moment. I have games for the PSP, PS VITA, PS3 and PS4 on a couple of accounts, so I don’t know if I’ve added all of them together correctly, but it’s definitely still under 50.


Games: 187 (not including family share, because I’m greedy)
Wishlist: Parkitect, Stardew Valley, Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers, Ooblets
Letters missing: Q, X, Y

I’ve had Steam since 2011 I believe, my first game being Magicka, but I actually didn’t really start using it until the end of 2015. Since then, I’ve accumulated a lot more games, mainly from Humble Bundle and sales (which they should really stop putting on because they’re causing my backlog to erupt. Along with my bank). The games I’ve put the most hours into are Castaway Paradise, Tropico 4 and The Book of Unwritten Tales.


Games: 4
Wishlist: Constructor Classic 1997, Eric the Unready

I don’t have many games on GOG, but I am starting to get into the service more. Since it’s similar to Steam I don’t think it’s as popular, but it does have a lot of older games that Steam doesn’t have, so I’ll be browsing through the store a lot more soon.


I also have a lot of physical PC games which I haven’t really counted up yet. But I do own Dreamfall: The Longest Journey Limited Edition and The Book of Unwritten Tales 2: Alamanac Edition physically, which I’m very happy about. Along with these are titles such as The Sims 1-3, RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 and 3, Far Cry, Hitman, Sim City, Tropico and the Tomb Raider Chronicles. Plus, I have a lot of those old weirdly fun games from my childhood such as Pet Vet, Catz and Dogz and Theme Hospital.


Boxed games: 26
Game only: 0
Wishlist: Animal Crossing: Let’s Go to The City, Anno: Create a New World, MySims Agents
Letters missing: 
A, C, D, F, H, I, K, O, P, Q, S, U, V, X, Y, Z

The Wii was the console that a lot of families played together, and that also included me and my family. I remember playing Rock Band with my Dad and cousins, Rabbids Go Home with my Dad and Cooking Mama with my friends (although I don’t own this anymore. I also don’t own Mario Party 8 anymore, which I deeply regret). I also played Wii Sports with my Mum but I ended up hitting her in the arm and giving her a bruise, so that was the end of that.


Boxed games: 15
Game only: 7
Wishlist: Super Princess Peach, Rune Factory
Letter missing: C, E, F, G, H, I, J, O, U, V, W, X, Y, Z

The DS was a really great handheld. I remember grabbing my blocky original grey DS and playing both GBA games and DS games on it, such as Nintendogs and Mario Kart DSwhich were two obviously popular titles. I still pick up the DS every now and then because it really is such a great system, and I need more than 22 games for it (wow, I sound greedy).


Games: 1

Just the one lonely game that I got years and years ago. It’s called Castle of Magic and I still have it installed on my DSi. I really love how the DSi feels in comparison to the original DS and the 3DS though. It’s so smooth and soft. Uh, I love it (and mine’s blue. It’s so lovely and bright and makes me happy and it smiles at me from my shelf).


Boxed games: 5
Game only: 0
Wishlist: Ever Oasis, Story of Seasons

I got a 2DS back in 2016, and now I am really after a 3DS of some kind. I’ve been getting into it so much more recently since obtaining Animal Crossing: New Leaf and New Style Boutique. I’m really racking up those hours, and I think I may need some help.


Boxed games: 0
Game only: 4

I don’t really enjoy playing the original GameBoy too much, not yet anyway. But I did buy myself a GameBoy Colour last year and I got a few games for it, such as Snoopy Tennis and Krusty’s Fun House. I would love to explore this system and see what great games I’m missing out on.


Boxed games: 4
Game only: 10
Wishlist: Some RPGs would be nice

I believe I was pretty obsessed with my GBA SP growing up, I played quite a few games and I remember the GBA feeling pretty awesome in my hands. It still does, and I still enjoy playing it a lot (even though I gave away my original. It makes me sad). I would really love some long RPGs to play, although I do already own games like Pokemon Green. I also love The Sims series, and the game The Urbz: Sims in the City is one that I would love to finish on both GBA and XBOX.


Boxed games: 13
Game only: 0
Wishlist: Saints Row
Letters missing: A, B, C< E, I, J, K, L, O, P, Q, S, U, V, W, Y, Z

Speaking of XBOX, I remember getting one quite some years ago, since I felt that I should give XBOX a try for once. I still want to get an XBOX 360 too, but I’m waiting until my husband moves in with me to do that. Then we’re going to splash out on every single Halo. As you do. Anyway, I do want to go back to the XBOX at some point, and definitely pick up some more games for it, even though I’m really not used to the controller (but I’ll persevere when the time comes!) I have games such as XIII, Mafia and Fable which I would really love to complete. The game Galleon also seems super fun and I would love to start that up again.


Boxed games: 8
Game only: 0

I’m not a huge retro gamer, but I do have a Mega Drive (otherwise known as the Genesis) set up in my room because my Dad let me (since it was his, and I asked nicely). I’m really happy that we have games like Sonic the Hedgehog though, as you can’t really go wrong with that game, can you? I don’t think I’ll be picking up many more games for this console anytime soon, but I’ll definitely keep a lookout for what might be interesting.

OVERALL: 520 things (I think)

So I would say that I’m getting close to the 550 mark since I know some games are probably missing from the list. But I think that this is a pretty good summary, and I enjoyed putting it together. I will eventually start doing collection posts for each platform, but until then, I hope you enjoyed this overview! I also love looking at other people’s collections so if anybody has some pictures, videos or blog posts that they would like to share, please feel free to do so!

If you also have any recommendations, please let me know!

Thank you and Happy Gaming!



The Beaten Diaries #6: Alice Liddell


Surprise, surprise. This post is about one of my favourite games. I swear I have too many favourite games. Although is there such a thing as a ‘favourite game’? I think there isn’t. There are too many games out there that it makes it literally impossible to narrow it down to just one.

But that being said, Alice: Madness Returns is one of the games that I enjoyed the most, plus it’s one of the games that I have beaten more than once, which is a milestone in itself really. If I have enough patience to play a game more than once, then I know it’s a good one.

Alice: Madness Returns is a horror action-adventure platform video game developed by Spicy HorseI didn’t actually know that the headquarters was in Shanghai, although unfortunately since 2016, Spicy Horse shut down in order to focus on smaller indie developments. But, this developer did a pretty dang good job of bringing Alice in Wonderland back into the world, but this time, with a unique twist.

This game is actually a sequel to American McGee’s Alice which similarly is a horror action-adventure video game, but released back in 2002 on PC. The developer was Rogue Entertainment and the game was received fantastically well, receiving a multitude of positive reviews. The game’s plot and the setting is similar to that of Alice: Madness Returns, where it presents a rather nightmarish and corrupted version of a place called Wonderland. This world comes about because frankly, Alice is mad. I mean that’s kind of how this whole story is portrayed. As ‘madness’.

In the second game, it again follows the craziness of Alice’s mind but focuses more on the story of her family perishing in a fire, which, unsurprisingly, causes her to suffer the trauma in the first place. She is then put into an orphanage for the mentally traumatised, and is under the care of a doctor. During her treatment, she learns more and more about her past and falls into Wonderland, which of course, is just as evil and weird as it was in the first game.



Now, of course, this whole concept is based off a very popular story. The story of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, written by Lewis Carroll. If you don’t know the story, then it’s a very similar concept to the games. There’s this dainty yet brave girl, she falls down a hole into Wonderland, and she finds it to be a rather peculiar world and it’s very mad and fantasy-like and lots of interesting events occur.

Today though, I’m going to be talking about Alice Liddell in particular, and I don’t mean the character. I mean the actual person. Yes, there was an actual person with this name. I don’t know if everyone else knows already, but I didn’t. I was pretty surprised and intrigued to see what the links between the girl and the story were, so I’m going to write about what I found out.

Alice Liddell

Alice Pleasance Liddell was born on May 4th, 1852 in London, and Lewis Carroll was born as Charles Lutwidge Dodgson in 1832. The story of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland was published on the 26th November 1865 by Macmillan, which means that Alice was 13 years old at the time of release. The original idea for Alice came from a story that Carroll told her and her family during a boat trip when she was 10 years old. During the stretch between Oxford and Godstow, she had asked Lewis Carroll to tell her and her sisters a story, and she was delighted when the character was named after her, but it took him a long time before the actual manuscript was produced. Carroll said himself though, that the character Alice was entirely fictional, and was not based on anyone, although there are a couple of links, which all in all, I think does show some faint resemblance.


The interesting thought behind this is that there is actually a lot of controversy around their friendship. Carroll’s other hobby was photography (the photograph above is by him), taking thousands upon thousands of photos in his lifetime, and he was also known to like being friends with children and would often talk to little girls at beaches and on trains, although he primarily had a great passion for Alice.

There was never anything to prove that he had any paedophilic thoughts, which means that perhaps his liking for children was more of a complicated admiration and appreciation. There is some really interesting research, one of which being that a biographer called Morton Cohen noticed that on Carrolls worst days battling with insomnia, were days on which he coincidentally saw Alice, which means there could’ve been something strange going on inside his mind, whether that was restraining or fighting sexual thoughts or not. But again, we can’t just assume these things.

There is a news story here that discusses the discovery of a completely nude photograph taken of Alice’s elder sister in her teenage years, but there is no proof to say that the photograph was in fact taken by Lewis Carroll. With that being said, I do believe that Carroll was, in quite a lot of ways, a repressed paedophile, but to the point where he was so infatuated with girls, especially Alice, that he didn’t dare to cross any boundaries.

A quote I found from the BBC states that “for Victorian artists, children represented the blank slate of humanity – the potential to experience pure thoughts and feeling before the corruptions of modern life intervened.” Of course, how people viewed these sorts of issues was different back during the Victorian Era, and photographs of children in such a way were completely normal, and most of the time, wasn’t meant to come across as erotic. But should it have been normal? Maybe not. Are some photographs of children still inappropriate today? Who knows, but we certainly shouldn’t be making children the victims.


However, the relationship with him and the family cooled down drastically when Alice was 11, so this definitely raises some speculation. There are many articles about his relationship with Alice but since he hated interviews and sharing his personal life, I suppose we’ll never know the truth.

Carroll’s photography of the children may be seen as risky today, and we always jump to the worst conclusions, but back in those days, he never showed any impropriety and he had good intentions. To be honest, there isn’t too much we can do after so long, but the story of Alice in Wonderland continues to be, as Tim Burton puts it “a drug for children.” and there’s no doubt that the messed up world of Wonderland will be around for decades to come, and hopefully, joint with more video game adaptions (because I for one certainly wouldn’t mind).

Thank you for reading and Happy Gaming!




Ten Gamer Goals for May


Both of my posts today were fairly rushed, which I hate to admit. I really should be writing my posts ahead of time, but I guess recently I shouldn’t be trusting my organisation skills. But with that being said, I’m still determined to get this post out on time.

So I’m currently typing this whilst in a moving vehicle, so typos are plentiful. I have my trusty 2DS with me, but I’m not a fan of playing handhelds in cars, to be honest. I can’t concentrate as well as I used to and my Dad is blasting music so that doesn’t help, but I don’t mind. It’s not like I’m addicted to gaming or anything (I’m not sweating. You believe me right?!)

Today my Dad and I looked around a town 20 minutes away from where we live, and I was obviously scouring as many shops as I could for gaming related items, but there was nothing (which is probably a good thing since my backlog is about to walk out on me).

Since this post is more of a quick update, I thought I would add my goals for May, as that month is quickly approaching and I am in a blind panic.

1) Do a video game book reading challenge

I love to read, and I have a stack of video game novels that need some love. I have about 7 of them, and I don’t know if I’ll be able to read them all in May, but I would certainly like to try.

2) Read Game Studies books/articles

I am also planning on reading some books which relate to game studies. I want to delve into the psychological world of gaming too, just to see what gaming really does to our brains.

3) Read Game Magazines

Okay, maybe I’m telling myself to read a bit too much, but I really do want to. I have a stack of old game magazines that I would love to go through, as I think it would help me develop both my writing and my terrible poor humour. Let’s see how it goes. I would also love to pick some more up if I find any (fingers crossed!)

4) Beat 5 Games

I beat 40 games last year, but this year I feel like I’m a little bit behind, even though I’ve beaten 10 so far. I need to step up my game, and next month, 5 games are going down. I’m not sure what games those will be but I’m definitely hoping to beat The Dreamfall Chapters on PS4 and more than likely some PS2 titles.

5) Earn one Platinum

Well, I’m sure I’ll allow myself to earn more if I want to, but I really would love to go back and earn the rest of the trophies for a game. Some games I actually only need three or five for, while others are more like ‘wow you have like 50 trophies left. You suck.’ So yeah, I’m ordering one platinum for myself in May.

6) Play Silent Hill

I bought Silent Hill on sale yesterday, but, alas I am a huge wimp. But I want to play it. I really really want to play it, and I’m going to play it, and I’m going to get through it. I was thinking, maybe if I write it down as a goal for the world to see, then maybe I’ll feel more inclined to beat it. Ha ha ha. Oh no, what have I done

7) Get 50 WordPress followers and maybe some gamer buddies? 

This is more like an advertisement. ‘Follow my blog and you can be my gamer buddy!’ Yeah, I agree, not the best advertisement. But I really would love to keep my blog going steady and hopefully increase my traffic in the process. I would also love to become friends with some people because to be honest, I am one lone wolf, and so far, the internet is my friend.

8) Become more knowledgeable about games in general

I’m not sure how I’ll know when this goal is complete, but I want to know as much about the obscure games as I do about the modern games. To be honest, I don’t know much about either at the moment. But I’m ready to start taking notes. I’ve got my pen and paper right- oh wait, nevermind.

9) Watch some tv shows/movies based on video games

I think I’m mainly talking about animation here. Animation is a huge love of mine, and I actually set a goal at the beginning of the year to watch 150 animated films. That goal has, well, fallen behind. So I’d love to get into watching some video game based entertainment. I’d be killing two birds with one stone (which literally, I would not do).

10) Have fun!

Uh, that’s probably cheesy to say. But my life is pretty full of anxiety, stress, and worry right now, and I’d like to just chill out and have fun and try my best to focus on what I enjoy! So cheers to that! (Even though I don’t drink) Here’s to more video game gamer fun times! (Insert smiley face here).


What are your video game goals for May? Please leave me a comment so we can encourage each other and try not to cry.

Thank you for reading and Happy Gaming!




Video Game Character Profiles: Letter A


So, today is another day, and I thought I would start a new series called ‘Video Game Character Profiles’. It’s not the most imaginative name, I know. But I like the idea of creating some sort of index of video game characters because frankly, they can be easy to forget.

Naturally, I want to start with the letter A. Because the letter A is at the beginning of the alphabet. So this post has already thrown some unexpectedness in your face.

I’m going to keep each profile short so I can add more characters. I could probably write paragraphs for each being if I wanted to, but since this is more of a gallery and showcase of characters, I think I’ll keep it simple.



Game (Series): Oddworld
Species: Mudokon
Sex: Male
Voice actor: Lome Lanning

Embarrassingly, I’m starting out with a character that I still don’t know too well, but he’s weirdly charming. I do own most of the Oddworld games digitally, and I can’t wait to give them a try. Abe, also known as Stitch Lips, is a protagonist in the series. He has a kind heart but he’s a little bit naive. The games follow Abe as the Oddworld universe continues to be corrupted, and you set out to save the day!


Ada Wong
Game (Series): Resident Evil 
Nationality: Chinese-American
Born: c. 1974
Sex: Female
Voice actor(s): Sally Cahill, 
Megan Hollingshead, Courtenay Taylor

I haven’t played too much of Resident Evil either, but I do remember really liking Ada Wong when I watched my husband play, and I liked her in the movies too. She began as a private agent but is shown in the series as a mysterious antihero, as she works for the villains but also helps the protagonist Leon. She was also listed among the top 50 greatest female characters in video game history in 2007, and no wonder, she even looks badass.

AiAi ASR_Aiai
Game (Series): Super Monkey Ball 
Species: Monkey
Sex: Male
Voice actor: Kaoru Morota
Likes: Bananas

Wow, I’m doing terrible here. I haven’t really played Super Monkey Ball much either, but, I do know a little bit about this adorable monkey. He is the main character in Super Monkey Ball and has also appeared in games such as Sonic Riders and Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing, and well, he loves bananas. He’s a resident of Jungle Island and is given magical powers to try and reach Banana Island (yay! More bananas!) before his rival GonGon who actually becomes one of his best friends later in the series.

Alan WakeAlan_3D_Model1
Game: Alan Wake
Born: 1978
Sex: Male
Voice actor: Matthew Porretta

Alan Wake is a character I really like and he’s pretty brave in my opinion. I doubt I could fight monsters with a flashlight. Anyway, Alan Wake was a bestselling author who struggled to write for a couple of years because of writer’s block. His wife takes him on holiday to Bright Falls where she thinks it’s going to help him, when in fact, well, it doesn’t.

Alice Liddell 


Game (Series): American Mcgee
Sex: Female
Voice actor: Susie Brann

This is one of my all-time favourite characters, and I currently really fascinated in researching all

about her. In Alice: Madness Returns though, Alice is the only survivor of a house fire that killed her family, which means from the get-go the game has some pretty dark and dramatic events. Alice is traumatized, which causes her reality to become more of an imaginary world, in other words, it becomes Wonderland. This game is really fantastic in my opinion, and the character Alice is smart and strong-willed.



Game (Series): Dragon Age
Race: Human
Class: Warrior
Sex: Male

Excuse me while I fangirl for a moment. To be honest, I can’t play a Dragon Age game without obsessing over at least one character. It’s really impossible. I really loved interacting with Alistair in the first game, and I wouldn’t hesitate to do it all over again. Alistair is a Grey Warden and a skilled warrior. In the game, you play as a Grey Warden too, and when the city is engulfed in War, you are chosen to slay the archdemon, with the help of Alistair of course.

-Edit 6 hours after post was published-

I CAN’T BELIEVE I FORGOT ANDERS FROM DRAGON AGE II. I literally just beat the game and I personally, love him more than Alistair. I know I’m a crazy fangirl but I feel like I’ve betrayed him. 

Amy RoseAmy_Rose_Lost_World
Game (Series): Sonic
Formerly known: Rosy the Rascal
Species: Hedgehog
Sex: Female
Likes: Sonic

To be honest, I really like Amy, and not just because she’s pink. She was always my second choice in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games (after Blaze) and frankly, I find her pretty funny. Amy is cheerful and has a lot of energy, although she has quite the crush on Sonic, and who can blame her really. The Sonic series basically follows a hedgehog, if you didn’t know, and he’s very fast.

Game: Anna's Quest
Sex: Female

I just wanted to add in Anna even though there’s not much information about her. I’m sure I could write a whole profile if I went through the game again, but unfortunately, I don’t have much for that at the moment. Anna’s Quest is a great point & click adventure game by Daedalic Entertainment about a young girl with telekinetic powers. She is kidnapped by a witch, but she doesn’t let this stop her as she’s determined to find a cure for her sick grandpa. Anna is a strong, young female character, and I think more people should know about her.

Andrew RyanAndrew_Ryan
Game (Series): BioShock
Born: 1911
DIed: 1960
Sex: Male
Voice actor: Armin Shimerman

Andrew Ryan is a little bit of a difficult character to explain, but the world of BioShock does revolve around him. He ordered the secret construction of Rapture, the underwater city in the world of BioShock. He originally wanted it to be a haven, but it quickly fell to destruction and all those mutated people started happening and killing things and the like. He started defending himself with these mutated people and hid away (tut tut). But overall, he is a very important person in the BioShock series, and you should really know his name.


April Ryan


Game (Series): The Longest Journey
Born: April 14th 2191
Age: 18
Sex: Female
Voice actor: Sarah Hamilton

I didn’t realise that a small handful of my favourite characters begin with the letter A, but they do. April Ryan is awesome, but she does have her issues and a troubled past. She is affected by nightmares, and after a while, she notices very strange events occurring in her neighbourhood. She then ends up a shifter, a person who can move between two worlds, and she has to save the Balance that keeps these two worlds in order. It is honestly a fantastic series, and I recommend you try out the first game.

Game (Series): Blazblue
Name: Lotte Carmine (formerly)
Species: Human (formerly)
Voice actor(s): Takashi HIkida, 
Spike Spencer
Likes: Knowledge

I always found this character to be the most intriguing from the Blazblue series, and sort of reminds me of something from Studio Ghibli. The Blazblue series is a fighting series that has a fantastic art style, with a lot of different storylines. Arakune, in particular, used to be a scientist, who was jealous of another scientist, which led him to experiment on himself and become Arakune. He’s basically a black blob with a face.

Atlas (Blue)300px-Atlas
Game: Portal 2
Occupation: Android Test Subject
Voice actor: Dee Bradley Baker

ATLAS is the blue android that is a playable character in Portal 2‘s co-op campaign. Both he and his buddy P-body were designed by GLaDOS, and were made purely as test subjects. Portal 2 follows the events of Portal, in which there are a lot of puzzles and test chambers, and you use portal guns to make your way through them. Portal guns are fun. You should try them out.

Game: Professor Layton and the 
Azran Legacy
Sex: Female
Voice actor(s): Jo Wyatt, 
Shiori Katsuna

I have to admit, I’ve only played the first Professor Layton game, (and seen the movie if that counts towards anything) but I do really enjoy trying to tackle all those overly frustrating puzzles. From what I’ve seen, Aurora looks like a cute little girl, who is calm but serious and grows to become friends with Layton and the others. I don’t know much about this games particular plot, but I really do like the look of the character design.

Game (Series): Kingdom Hearts
Number: VIII
Voice actor(s): Quinton Flynn, 
Keiji Fujiwara

Oh, Axel. You and your long red locks. I first saw him in the game Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, which is an RPG that focuses on the life of Roxas, before the events of Kingdom Hearts II. I’m not really sure how to explain Axel, to be honest, he’s a mysterious and cocky kind of character, but grows to be more friendly and laid-back after he becomes close friends with Roxas. The characters of Kingdom Hearts are really great, and there is no denying that anybody would want to explore the Disney worlds.

Aya BreaAyabrea
Game (Series): Parasite Eve
Nationality: Japanese-American
Age: 25-28
Sex: Female
Voice actor(s): Yumiko Shaku, Maaya Sakamoto,
Kathy Sokol, Yvonne Strahovski

I haven’t played Parasite Eve all that much but the character Aya Brea is really interesting to me (and very beautiful). I really love female protagonists in games, and I will leap at the chance to play as them. In Parasite Evea role-playing action horror game, you battle against the evil called ‘Eve’, which continues to threaten humanity and all life on earth. You have a bond with ‘Eve’ which of course, means you must hunt it down. Such fun!


This post went up a little bit late due to a doctors appointment I had, but I really liked exploring all these characters. Roll on the letter B!

Let me know what video game characters you like that I didn’t mention!

Thank you and Happy Gaming!


All photographs obtained from the game's Wiki pages.

Music Spotlight #3: Troels Brun Folmann


I have quite a few music spotlight posts lined up because there is so much music in this ginormous universe to choose from, and so much to listen to. Honestly, I think my ears are going to give up on me pretty soon with all those noises drumming into it constantly. I knew that I wanted to write about Troels Brun Folmann at some point though, and I guess today is that day. This is what my fingers are deciding to type, so I’m going to let them continue.

Name: Troels Brun Folmann
Born: 10 January 1974
Nationality: Danish

Thank you to this channel here for providing us with the music 
of Tomb Raider!

Troels Brun Folmann specializes in epic orchestral music and his work is featured in a range of productions, including video games, in particular, a few titles from the Tomb Raider series. The most notable to me is Tomb Raider Legendwhich soundtrack I have listened to countless times. He also worked on Tomb Raider: Anniversary, and some other games too such as Transformers: Fall of Cyberton and Project Snowblind.

I’m mainly going to be sticking with Tomb Raider: Legend for today, just because it is definitely in my top 5 for favourite game soundtracks. Ever. Honestly, you’re really missing out if you haven’t heard these.

Even from the get-go, you can’t go wrong. The Main Theme sets the atmosphere and frankly, is absolutely beautiful. It makes me shiver, and I don’t shiver often.

Continuing on with soundtracks that give me unnatural goosebumps, there’s also this one. I’m always at a loss for words with this type of music, especially because of the voices. It’s so hauntingly angelic in a way. In adventure-action games such as Tomb Raider, where you explore the world pretty much, this sort of music is perfect. I would take this soundtrack with me if I explored the world to be honest.

Even though they’re obviously pretty similar, I listened to both of these when I needed to relax or calm myself down. They’re pretty simple, but they’re so soothing. Croft Manor is such an iconic place though. A huge mansion which is home to Lara Croft, and from the storyline of Legend, was inherited from her father. I remember playing Legend and roaming around the place and trying out some gymnastics and swimming, and for some reason, this really blew my mind. I loved it. Maybe it’s because I would fail dramatically if I tried it out in my room, so the video game version of leaping and doing tricks was the next option.

As for something a tad more upbeat, I really think this was great for racing on a motorbike and defeating enemies (and with that wonderful voice singing and helping you along too. I hope she wasn’t singing on a motorbike beside Lara at the time.)

Of course, I shouldn’t just provide you all with Tomb Raider: Legend stuff, although to me personally, it is undoubtedly the best. There is some great music in the other games too though, and I also had a listen to Project Snowblind’s music, which I was actually nicely surprised by (but then again, this is Troels Brun Folmann we’re talking about.)

This one is pretty neat in my opinion. This kind of proves that Folmann has a style, and this reminds me of Tomb Raiders music in a way.

For the end of this post, I’ll return to Tomb Raider games for a second, and leave you with a few more. Because you can’t have too much Tomb Raider in my opinion.

It always makes me wonder what the behind the scenes must have been like when creating these scores. Like, was everyone serious? Was it fun? Was it jokey? I guess we’ll never know (unless there’s an article about it somewhere. I’m sure there is. I really need to do more research.)

And also here’s the bear theme. Just because.

Thank you for reading and Happy Gaming!




Artist Spotlight #3: Robh Ruppel


I’ve been looking up so many artists recently its been making me want to try out drawing again. I did draw a lot as a kid, and I did go to University for Game Art last year for 3 months before dropping out. It became clear to me that I didn’t really want to go into the game industry for art and to be honest, my art skills were never that great, to begin with, and with all the feelings of inadequacy and constantly comparing myself, I knew I wasn’t cut out for it. Which is why I have so much respect for these artists, whether they’re big or small, or whether they paint digitally or traditionally.

I think I want to start drawing in my free time again, with no pressure and just for fun. These next images from artist Robh Ruppel certainly motivate me, which is why my next spotlight is on him in particular.

Name: Robh Ruppel
Nationality: American
Links: Website Instagram
All artwork owned by Robh Ruppel. Images gathered from

Robh Ruppel worked on the Art Direction for both Uncharted 2 and the animated film Meet The Robinsons, which I for one, was shocked when I found out. It’s such an interesting combination, and he did a fantastic job with both. Uncharted 2, in particular, is one of my all-time favourite games, it’s what really got me into console gaming, and it’s one of the first games I actually beat on the PS3 too. I remember being absolutely drawn in and astounded by the locations, and feeling like I was watching and taking part in a long feature film.

The art book for Uncharted 2 is also a must buy in my opinion. All the artists who work on the Uncharted series over at Naughty Dog really should get a lot of credit.

Talking about Robh Ruppel specifically though, I personally absolutely love his work, no matter what the subject matter is. I feel like I should say heaps more, but really, we should all just sit and stare and admire.


I put these three images together because they make me feel so happy. The first image is from his ‘Lighting Keys’ Gallery on his website, and to me, it’s such a feel-good and calming scene, and I must say the lighting has been done perfectly. I chose the other two images because those are places I would absolutely want to visit. I mean, Playtime Planet?! Sign me up.






I know, you must be thinking, ‘are these really drawn by the same guy? That’s bonkers!’ But yes, yes they are. I believe that all of these images are for Uncharted 2 and, to be honest, I would buy prints of all of them if I could and make my own shrine. The detail in these images is formidable, and I’m sure in the last one there’s nothing to worry about. I’m sure that they just want to greet him or give him some sort of mighty handshake.


I do love me some trees and forestation, and waterfalls aren’t bad too. Oh, and I like architecture, did I mention architecture? Bah, I like everything.

The perspective on the first painting is great though and the lighting certainly fits too. While it’s bright on the rooftops, down on the streets looks dark and shady, with cars looking pretty barren. The second and third pictures certainly add a lot more greenery, and the second one, in particular, is one of my favourites to look closely at. I love how it looks like the plantation is taking over. To be honest, I don’t think I’d mind if my home was engulfed in leaves.


To finish off, I would just like to leave this image with you. I love the lighting and the composition, and the way that your eye is drawn to the dude hunched over at the desk. I don’t know why, but to me, this makes me want to ask him a lot of questions. Like, what are you writing? Where have you traveled? Tell me your whole life story goddammit. Not that I’m a nosey person or anything.

So that’s another artist spotlight done! I recommend that you browse through Robh Ruppel’s website since he has a ton of pieces that you should check out. Also, if you haven’t played the Uncharted series, I highly recommend it. Nathan Drake is one charming video game character.

Thank you for reading and Happy Gaming!



Games Released During Each Year of my Life


The idea for this came to my mind because I think I saw a post similar whilst I was browsing through WordPress (if I have directly stolen the idea, then I apologise). For each year that I have been alive, I am going to be listing a couple of games that released during that particular year. I’ll be adding a little comment too, in case you want to practice reading more.

So first off, let’s start with the year I was born, naturally.


Tomb Raider (The first Tomb Raider game fills me with joy, but also deep dark regret. I mentioned this game in a recent post ‘Games That I Started and Never Finished’ which you can read here if you want. Lara Croft is one of my all-time favourite characters though, hence why I had to mention this game)

Shin Megami Tensei: Persona (Even though I didn’t play this as a baby, I did obtain it digitally last year. I played it for quite a while, and I really should’ve tried to beat it, because now I’m going to have to start all over again. But, obviously, this is a world-renowned series, and I actually really love the first game. Although I will never forget the battle music. While it is awesome, it haunts me after hearing it millions of times already.)

Here it is in case you wanted to torture yourself more!


Fallout (The Fallout series is really a series that I need to play more of. I’ve seen more gameplay than anything, and I’ve played the beginning of Fallout 3 way more times than I should have. I really want to go through the game with really low intelligence though. It’ll reflect how I’d act in real life.)

Final Fantasy VII (This is a game that’s important to me for a different reason, and that’s because my Dad loved it. My Dad played this when I was very small, and I always used to watch him involuntarily. Maybe it’s what helped me get into the magical world of gaming though, who knows?)


Parasite Eve (I started playing the first game last year, but then my husband finished it for me as I didn’t really feel like playing that genre at the time. But it’s definitely a series that I want to get into properly. Right now I just can’t forget the number of times my husband has wanted me to start playing it- my bad!)

Dance Dance Revolution (This is how I used to get most of my exercise. Actually, it’s still how I get most of my exercise.)

Grim Fandango (I love point & clicks, but this game is challenging. I haven’t gotten that far through it yet, but that’s because I kept getting stuck numerous times. Maybe I’m still too dumb for this. Or maybe I’m thinking too hard. Well, maybe I’ll get there eventually without blowing my brains out.)



The Longest Journey (I have to mention it. It’s one of my favourite games to date, and sometimes I can’t believe that games that extensive were being released in the 90s. Like, I was three years old, seeing complex games like that was incredibly surreal.)

Rollercoaster Tycoon (Crap, was this really 1999?! Well, blow me down.)


The Sims (It makes me sad that EA have been frankly pretty crap recently, but The Sims is a series I love and I feel that it has to be mentioned somewhere. The Sims 3 was a big part of my teenagehood, and it’s surprising how addicting life simulation is.)

Jet Set Radio (Obviously there’s the HD port, but the original was released in the year 2000. I’m hoping everybody has heard of this game because the colours and style are rad, and how else are you going to skate around like that without getting killed?)


Destruction Derby Raw (I’m so thankful that I still own this game because it’s a huge chunk of my memories from my PS1 days. It’s why I don’t plan on driving anytime soon though.)


Burnout (Driving. Crashing. Burning. What more could you ask for?)

Cel Damage (and yes, another racing game. But this one is awesome. This one is celshaded and very fancy. You can hit other cars with a hammer.)

Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy (I played quite a bit of the PS3 Trilogy version and this series is great. I really want to play them more. I recently got Daxter on the PSP, and to be able to take Daxter around with me will be very exciting.)


Animal Crossing (Oh look, it’s everybody’s first love.)

Kingdom Hearts (Okay, maybe this is everybody’s first love. Either way, both Animal Crossing and Kingdom Hearts are huge releases from the year 2002.)


Starsky & Hutch (This is a game based off of a TV action series. My Mum used to watch it quite a lot, so when my Dad got us the game, we both proceeded to play a lot of it. For years. Unfortunately, we were not skilled enough to jointly get through most of the game.)

The Simpsons: Hit & Run (I would love for this or a game like this to return honestly. It was so much fun. I need this kind of fun back in my life.)

Tony Hawk’s Underground (The Tony Hawk PS2 games is one of the series that I played the most on PS2. You could actually drive a car in this one, and remember the character customisation?! Seriously, stuff like that is what games lack nowadays.)


Driver 3 (I never actually knew that a lot of people didn’t like this game. This game was like an open-world adventure for me when I was younger, full of evil possibilities. I used to change the settings so the police wouldn’t come and get me, and then I’d just drive around and shoot people. Because that’s what true joy is apparently)

The Incredibles (I’m just mentioning this because I distinctly remember borrowing it from the library and trying it out. I didn’t get through much of the game, but the fact that I borrowed it from the library just sticks with me for some reason. Oh, and the movie is awesome. Who’s looking forward to the second one?!)


Nintendogs (Do Nintendogs die? I don’t know if I want to find out.)

Lego Star Wars: The Video Game (LEGO games are great. You can’t disagree. Actual LEGO is a bit different because they really hurt your feet if you step on them.)



Saints Row (Once I finally get an Xbox 360, I’m going to get the first game for sure. I’ve played the third one a lot and honestly, I had so much fun with it. Running around naked was the best part.)

Bully ( I say it a lot, but I’ve watched gameplay of this game way too many times. Fortunately, I do own it though, and I really must get down to playing it. I didn’t like school that much, so I’m ready to rebel.)


Portal (Again, another game that I watched a lot of videos for. I really want the second game physically for console, since I only own the first and second game digitally. Glados, are you there?)

Rock Band (I wish this game recorded hours because I am 100% sure that I’ve spent an entire year of my life playing this game. While saying this though, I wish I could boast about my skills. I can play on Expert Mode, but alas, some of the songs are impossible to the majority of the population.)



Imagine Teacher (I mention this particular game because I really liked quite a few of the Imagine games. I remember playing Imagine Teacher a lot, but I got stuck on the pottery class, as you do.)

Mirror’s Edge (A game that made me feel really paranoid, and I still haven’t beat it. But I like the whole concept a lot, and it has a minimalistic vibe.)


Borderlands (I love the graphics, the characters, the music- the list is endless. Don’t make me go on.)

Dragon Age: Origins (I’m just surprised at how many hours I actually managed to put into this series. Over 50 hours? In the first and second game? I did that?! Crazy.)


Limbo (I understand that you can get this on the PS VITA now too so I would love that. This game looked pretty dark and scary to me at first, but I think I could get through it. Although I think I might experience a little bit of arachnophobia. *nervous laughter*)

Heavy Rain (I beat Heavy Rain quite a few years ago now, and quite a bit of it has stuck with me. Some of it made me laugh, like the voice acting (JAAAASON), but you can’t go wrong with it really. It’s a must play.)



Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception (This series is a series I really want to play through again. Although, I have the unpopular opinion that the fourth game isn’t as good. The second and third are definitely my favourite, and I would marry Nathan Drake if I didn’t have a husband already, although don’t tell my husband that.)

Tropico 4 (I really like the Tropico games. The music makes you want to dance in your seat, which I do way too often and my chair is probably ready to give up on me. The gameplay can be challenging but it is rather addicting, and addicting games are what we live for.)



Mario Party 9 (Forever regret that I traded this in. Forever regret.)

Fantasy Life (I’ve mentioned that I loved this game a couple of times already, but it’s perfect for the 3DS. I haven’t really heard anything bad about it, and to be honest, even if I did, I would ignore it. I’ll protect the game forever.)


Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch (Honestly, some of these games, I can’t believe how long ago they were released. I remember sitting there with this game, playing it in Japanese, and writing down all the new vocab that I wanted to learn. Because of this though, I didn’t really get that far in the game. But I know how good it is for sure.)

Table Top Racing: World Tour (If you like pretending that you’re in a toy race car upon a table driving into ketchup bottles, then this game is for you.)



Castaway Paradise (If you haven’t heard of this game it is basically kind of a mix between Animal Crossing and Harvest Moon. It really isn’t bad, but it is quite repetitive. But then again, these type of games are.)

Goat Simulator (You know about this game right? If you don’t I may have to drag you down the road with my tongue.)


Cities: Skylines (i’m a sucker for city building games, and I really want to build up my collection of them, although I almost always end up in debt. It’s not my fault I swear.)

Life is Strange (I’m honestly still so emotionally attached to this game. That is all.)


Superhot (I let my husband have the Steam key for this last year and I watched him play most of it. It freaked me out a little bit, but it had a really neat design.)

Punch Club (You should really check this game out if you haven’t heard of it. It has really cool graphics and the game can get pretty addicting too. Also, you’re a boxer. Punching things is fun.)


Little Nightmares (I really want to play this, and it reminds me of Coraline. I love anything that reminds me of Coraline. Or Tim Burton. Or Neil Gaiman.)

Hellblade (I think I want this even more though. After all those awards it got too? Man. I really hope that there’ll be a physical release. I want to put some hell into my blade.)


I’m going to end there since I’m always late to the party and I hardly ever get new video games and therefore can’t really write much about 2018. I even struggled with 2016 and 2017. Pff, and I call myself a gamer.

Wow. This post was pretty long though. While writing this out, I noticed that some years had way more and better releases than others, which is as expected. Please let me know if I’ve made a mistake with a release date, but apart from that, why don’t you let me know what games are the most nostalgic to you?

Thank you for reading and Happy Gaming!


5 Game Artists that You Should Know About!


I know I say I ‘love’ things a lot on this blog, but that’s because, well, I do. I have a lot of love to give. Maybe it’s because I’m easily impressed, or maybe it’s just because I’m crazy, who knows? But I know for sure that the people behind video games should really be more notoriously recognised, and I will always be here to love and support them, even if they don’t know it (to be honest, I’m hoping they don’t find it creepy that I stalk their work all the time).

Every Wednesday on this blog I do an Artist and Music Spotlight post, where I select one lucky (not maybe not so lucky) artist to be featured on my pretty unpopular website. But that’s okay, I enjoy writing about them nonetheless. I like broadening my knowledge. So here I am to share five artists that I’ve researched recently, that I think should receive lots more love from us.

Name: Marco Hüllen
Country: Germany
Links: ArtStation
All images are owned by Marco Hüllen and are collected from his 

When I first played Silence by Daedalic Entertainment I was literally blown away from my computer, The graphics were so beautiful that I was legit taken aback. The backgrounds especially. How?! I thought, did someone manage to create this? Well, the genius behind it all was Marco Hüllen. Even browsing through his ArtStation now, you can see how talented this guy is. Marco Hüllen was the Art Director and Creative Lead for both The Whispered World and Silence, and his ArtStation is full of outstanding artworks, which, to be honest, you would be missing out on if you didn’t see. I’m gradually smashing my fingers against my keyboard just hoping that the more aggressive I am, the more love will accumulate for him. I think I need to calm down a little. But I digress, here are some of his images in all their beauty.





I could cry honestly, I’m probably going to be on the verge of tears for the majority of this post, but I’m sure I’ll just about pull through.

Name: Whitney Clayton
Country: Canada
Links: ArtStation
All images are owned by Whitney Clayton and are collected from her 

I really have to give the team over at Compulsion Games credit. Contrast and We Happy Few are definitely the games I think about when it comes to that unique dark style that I love. Along with their Art Director Whitney Clayton, I’d also like to quickly give credit to their Creative Director Guillaume Provost (whose first name I don’t know how to pronounce) and Environment Artist Emmanuel Lauzon (whose last name I don’t know how to pronounce).

Whitney Clayton has a lot of great ideas and art, which I think fits perfectly with both games Compulsion Games have created, I just wish that there was more of it. The style has a slightly eerie atmosphere but it’s also beautiful. I loved their game Contrast so much that I played it through twice. It’s a short game but it shows a lot of the companies potential, and their newer release We Happy Few showcases awesome ideas and gameplay mechanics.





I really can’t contain myself by this point. They’re just so cool, right?!

Name: Paul Chadeisson
Country: France
Links: ArtStation Instagram
All images are owned by Paul Chadeisson and are collected from his 

When I was looking at the artists behind the game Remember Me, I wasn’t expecting their works to be quite so epic. Aleksi Briclot was the Art Director for Remember Me along with Michael Koch (who also worked on Life is Strange.) Just to say, Aleksi Briclot has that type of artwork that really makes you speechless. All the details and the thoughts that must go into his pieces- it’s really something incredible. So I recommend you check him out here.

I for one really love Paul Chadeisson’s portfolio though. He creates monumental pieces of artwork, and he didn’t just work on the concept art for Remember Me either, he has also worked on Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV and a short called Blade Runner 2049: Black Out 2022. His pieces of environmental art really transport you to another universe, or dimension even. If you take a look at his portfolio, you’ll see why I struggled to choose images to represent him with. They’re all so full of showcasing his design and technical skills.





Name: Jen Zee
Country: United States
Links: DeviantArt
All images are owned by Jen Zee and are collected from her DeviantArt.

What I love about all the artists that I’m featuring is that they’re all so different from each other. They each have an individual style, but they’re all still so wonderful to look at and admire.

Supergiant Games make really unique titles, and honestly, the artists behind them are geniuses. I know, I know, I think that all artists are geniuses, but that’s beside the point (since it’s the truth and will always be the truth). Jen Zee is one of them too, of course. Her works for BastionPyre and Transistor are all incredible, and you can’t go wrong with her personal work as well. Looking at them actually makes me feel joy insideHonestly, I love art, but not all artworks can make me feel things in my heart that much. To be honest, I have a heart of cold hard stone most of the time.





Ah, that last one makes me feel like skipping down the street every time.

Name: Samuel Smith
Country: Spain
Links: ArtStation Instagram
All images are owned by Samuel Smith and are collected from his 

When I first clicked on his ArtStation, I actually gasped. Even though I love creepy, dark, dystopian art, his type of cute, calming art is really where you can’t go wrong. Both Samuel Smith and artist Celia Hogan (whose ArtStation you should check out here) worked on the game Unbox. I really love this game- it’s sweet, colourful and really fun to play, so I recommend you check it out.

Looking over Samuel Smith’s art though, I just adore the soft paint strokes and the lighting. There’s also a lot of emotion in the pictures (and if you look closely, a Bart Simpson is in the background of the second image). I honestly don’t know how these artists create these images out of their heads. When I was a kid I thought was creative, but now looking at all of these images, I know I’ve still got a long way to go.





So there we have it! This was probably one of my favourite posts to do so far. It’s really inspiring and motivating to look at all the work that these artists do, whether it’s for the games or just their personal work.

If anybody has any recommendations of any artists (even non-game artists!) then I would be honored to have a look. I will certainly make more posts such as this one. But now that this one is done, I’m off to have a congratulatory bagel.

Thank you and Happy Gaming!


Learning Languages with Video Games


Learning a language is hard work. There, I said it. But you can make it more fun for sure.

I have been learning Japanese on and off for 6-7 years now, and I did acquire the JLPT N2 certificate midway through. Surprisingly though, one of the main ways I put my Japanese to practice in real life, and how I maintain it nowadays, is through video gaming.

Of course, I don’t want to use this post just to talk about Japanese or Japanese games. I love Japanese the most, just because of how it sounds, the culture of Japan and the beautiful alphabet, but I also have dabbled in many other languages, as it was my pastime for a while (and because I’m also very indecisive).

I have looked into Italian, German, Chinese and even Thai before, and my go-to method for getting used to these languages was immersing myself in as much gaming content as I could. Even though these next tips might be obvious, I thought I’d share anyway. I like to feel as if I’m a wise human or something.

  1. Game Apps (and Apps in general!)

Games come in so many different languages, and it’s fairly easy to either change the country of your account (with a fake address) to access other countries free games or to change the language in the App itself. The two games I play the most are:

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp (An obvious choice. Offers: English, French, Spanish, German, Japanese.)
Disney Magical Kingdoms (If you’re a fan of Disney, then you’ll love this game. I’ve been playing it for over a year now, and you can also change the language in-game!)

Since I’m learning Japanese, I did browse through the Japanese store and I found a bunch of games I could try, and I’m sure you could do this for any language too. Why not give it a try and see what wacky games you can stumble upon?

2. Browser Games

You can find out the word for ‘games’ in your target language, and browse the web for some free flash games! I definitely found some in all the languages that I’ve dabbled in. If you try and figure out the word for ‘children’s browser games’ then you can probably find some educational fun too! Then you can double learn.

3. Steam/ etc.

Now, if you’re into games even a little bit, you probably know of Steamand if you haven’t heard of GOGwell, it’s similar to Steam

On Steam on games store pages, you can see on the righthand side the languages available to play the game in, and you can even search for games which have particular language support. Just select the language you want to play in while you’re searching, and also add the label ‘free games’ if you prefer, and then hey presto! A bunch of free games you can play in your language. (I know right, it feels like Christmas.)

There are lots of free Visual Novels that you can use to practice your Japanese, Chinese, German- you name it! These are great if you really want to build some vocabulary… and possibly fangirl over some characters… and get way too emotionally invested. *ahem* but if you prefer other genres, there are naturally plenty to choose from.


4. Physical/Import games

You can actually change the language of your system, that be the Wii or the PS3, and then quite a lot of games will load up in the systems language. For example, I put in MySims for the Wii after changing my Wii to German, and my game was in German! Perfect! It’s like magic. I’m not sure how many games will change on the PS3 or PS4, but I’m pretty sure it’s possible. It’s all about trial and error. A lot of games on the DS have language options within the game itself, so keep an eye out for that too!

Of course, if you like video games a lot and you’re willing to spend some money, why not actually buy the game in your target language? I know, crazy right?

It’s a lot easier nowadays to import games from abroad. There are so many options online! I have the Japanese version of Ni No Kuni for example. Websites such as YESASIA  and CDJAPAN are ones I can recommend, and sometimes you can even snag some from Amazon or eBay.

You could even ask your penpal to send you games (if you work something out money wise, don’t be a bully) or if you go on holiday to another country, see if you can find some random cheap games to buy.

5. YouTube/Videos

Of course, gaming culture is pretty big on YouTube now. So look up a game you like, and look up the word ‘gameplay’ in your target language. Then search these on YouTube, and if you’re lucky, you may find some gameplay videos! These are perfect, especially if they’ve included captions (even if they’re auto-generated, it can help!)

I personally found this girl, MoiravanCartier for Italian, and pretty much all the time she has auto-generated captions enabled. It can really help you work out what’s being said.

For German, there’s this girl Tyraphine, who I think has such a great voice and it didn’t take me long to get used to the nuance of the language.

For Japanese, there’s this website called NicoNico, which is basically Japan’s equivalent of YouTube. I believe you can keep the site in English if you want to, but honestly, what’s the point when you can immerse yourself in Japanese even more?! (To help you out if you are learning Japanese, put the word 実況プレイ in the search bar, either on YouTube or on NicoNico, and perhaps even a Japanese video game title. Then click search and you should find a bunch of videos. Just keep watching until you find people you like! The comments also scroll across the video so you can practice your reading too! No excuses!)


And so on and so forth.

Now that I’ve given you the way to study, how do you actually study?

Well, if you’re a beginner you may feel pretty overwhelmed, but it gets easier the more you immerse yourself. Don’t try to worry too much about understanding, that’ll come much later. For now, try and get a feel for the language. Perhaps repeat stuff that you hear or note down the odd simple word which you think could be important, whether that be from a game itself or from a video!

If you are more of an intermediate or advanced speaker of a language, then perhaps you can figure out some techniques that you like. For example, I personally like to go through a gameplay video, stopping at words I don’t know and writing them down. You may like to watch the video first before going through again, then pausing when you hear words don’t know. That goes for playing games too, why not play the game first and then go back through again and see what you can learn?

There are so many ways that you can incorporate things you enjoy into language learning. Some of these techniques can be changed and manipulated, and you could put them to practice even with music, movies and TV shows. There’s so much fun to be had, people! But I do wish you all the best of luck with your language learning.

Thank you for reading and Happy Gaming!


Browser/Flash Games that I Grew up With


loved browser games growing up. So much. I still do love them. They were so simple yet addicting, with basic gameplay, and there were so many to choose from. I remember being in Middle School, High School, and College and playing them whilst in class, whether that be when the teacher left the room or when we were having a fun ‘do whatever you want’ day, (which was rare, I’m not going to lie). I remember browsing websites for ages with my friends and trying to master some of the games together. I miss those times, and every now and then I still do go back to these websites if possible, to teleport myself back to my childhood, so naturally, I thought I would write a blog post about them as well. Because I’m all about nostalgia.

For starters, let’s look at these games in particular:

♦Club Penguin

Club Penguin was my love for a while. I even think I managed to convince my parents to let me invest real money into this to purchase a pet or something along those lines.

Club Penguin was an online MMO, involving a virtual world consisting of, you guessed it, penguins. The launch date was October 2005, so I’m guessing I was around 10 or 11 years old when I first started playing. Apparently, as of July 2013, the game had over 200 million registered user accounts- which is astonishing. It certainly did feel that popular back in the day. Everyone wanted to be a virtual penguin.

As you may know, Club Penguin itself was discontinued in March 2017 (wow, has it been that long already?) but apparently, it was replaced by its successor, Club Penguin Island, which I had no idea about. So, if you’re wondering, yes, I did instantly download it, and yes, I was disappointed when I found out you can’t play the free trial without filling in your billing info.


Habbo Hotel

I played this even more than Club Penguin, I think because it made me feel mature somehow. This website is still open too, and every now and then I go back and check it out and see how it’s changed. I used to be completely content playing it alone, and wandering around all the different areas (I loved the swimming pool) and seeing all the characters. Now, it’s actually a little confusing to me, and I’m too shy to say anything to anyone. I think if I went into the game with some people then it would be fun for a while, but I’m not sure if the website is as popular as it used to be.

Habbo Hotel started back in 2000, which surprises me quite a lot. I probably played this during the mid-2000s, and I had no idea that it had already been out that long.
The whole idea of Habbo is that you’re in a hotel, and you can meet other people, design hotel rooms and more. I personally am quite fond of the pixel-art style, and I was never able to forget it.


Side note, surprisingly, I didn’t play anything like Runescape or IMVU or whatever else was popular back in the day. Habbo Hotel and Club Penguin were my go-to websites for sure.

Yes, I still have an account on here. Yes, I enjoyed creating my own avatar.

This website is still very similar to how it was years ago when I played a multitude of games on it, such as Monkey Kick Off, Ping Pong, Candy and Clyde, Bloxorz, Bubble Trouble and this weird diving game called Stunt Dive that I was addicted to (I say as it’s one of the tabs open in my browser right now. I can confirm that I still love it).

A lot of these games are still available on the website, so if you’re looking to pass some time, then why not check them out? Flash games still need some love, too.


Wow, I didn’t even realise this website was still running. This was what my Middle School friends and I would immediately type into the browser if we got to ICT class early. It also still has games such as Bloxorz on it, joint with Up Beat, and the classic World’s Hardest Game and the Idiot Test


If you’re British, then you probably know CBBC. The games on the CBBC website have definitely changed since I was a kid, and even though I didn’t watch CBBC an awful lot, I did have lots of fun playing the games. I specifically remember playing a zoo game, based on the series Roar (see picture below). Ah, those were simpler and better days.

I am super sad that 1) I don’t remember most of the games I played.
I am getting super excited as I write this since I’ve been carrying out some research, and some games are finally coming back to me, such as Colour Factory, which was as creative as I got back then. And then, Magic Mansion, Microlife and Operation Youth Club, which are amazingly playable elsewhere.


I’m freaking out as I type this (don’t worry, my intention isn’t to frighten you), but I completely forgot about this website until writing this post. This is the website I just found the aforementioned game Magic Mansion on (the music is a lot funkier than I remember). I admit though, it looks a lot more generic than it used to.

This website is similar to but I don’t think I went on it as much. It was like a backup if I needed a change for a while. My mindset was more like ‘the more websites to choose from the better!’ and ‘the more games the better!’ (this hasn’t changed).

Moshi Monsters

Everybody needs a virtual pet.

This website is for kids aimed 6-12 but I don’t tend to follow these rules. I want a virtual pet dammit!

This website released in 2008 so I was entering my teens when I saw Moshi Monsters around every now and then. The website enables you to own a pet, navigate the city and play games. I remember that you could see the ages of the people above their pets as you walked around, but that’s hardly trustworthy.


Barbie, Polly Pocket etc.

Barbie is still one of my loves, along with Bratz, Polly Pocket etc. because I’m still my 11-year-old self at heart. But does anyone remember those weird browser games? Ones such as Let’s Babysit Baby Krissy. Barbie sure knew how to how to be unique.
Then there was MyScene to go along with it.

I remember really enjoying the Pollet Pocket website too, however, I can’t really remember what you could actually do on it. I’m pretty sure there was a rollercoaster you could click on on the map, or a beach, or a big building. Ah, who knows. I know there’s a screenshot somewhere on Google.


I actually quit Facebook a year ago, but I definitely have my fair share of memories of playing games on there.

Pet Society (This was my number one Facebook game to go to. I leveled up a lot and I loved my pet to pieces. I want this game back in my life).
Yoville (My memories are pretty hazy when it comes to this game, but when I see a screenshot of it, I know that I played it.)
Farmville (well, I had to include this on the list didn’t I? It’s that game. The one that you would get a million notifications from because your Aunt had an addiction to virtual farming).

I also have vague memories of playing Hotel City and Restaurant City. The designs really weren’t bad, and I mean, they were addicting for a reason.


So there we have it. Another nostalgic post complete. I really do enjoy reminiscing- it’s one of my main pastimes.

Thank you for reading and Happy Gaming!