My PS2 Collection


This post is going up a tad late, which is my bad. I didn’t start taking the images until late, and then I tripped over my laptop charger and had to reboot my laptop (which takes decades, plus it had to repair itself. I think it was taunting me). Oh, and I also had to get a snack, because that’s important. But yes, quality over speedy rushed posts I say! So, I’m going to be taking my time now.

Let’s begin.

Drumroll, please! Here is my PS2 collection!

I love the PS2, and I wish I had cooler games, or imports, to show you all. But I don’t. What I do have though, is a handful of weird and wonderful great titles (and weird and wonderful bad ones). I would love any recommendations (so I can add hundreds more to my evergrowing wishlist).

I haven't played too much of these, but I know how great Burnout is. I hope I won't burnout playing them (ha ha. I'll move on.)

I haven’t put too much time into these games, but I know how great Burnout is in general. I hope I won’t burn out playing them (ha ha. Just run me over, it’s okay.)

I like Bratz okay, don’t judge me. I like flaunting my passion for fashion sometimes.

I played Driver 3 a lot growing up, and I like it. I didn’t actually realise that people don’t like it. This post is really going to show off my wonderful taste in video games.

I think it’s time for a Final Fantasy spotlightMy husband is American, hence why I have both a European and American version of FF10. Can’t go wrong really, and I really like that figurine advertisement. I would’ve snagged those back in the day.

Don’t hate me, but I haven’t actually played too much of these yet. But they get lots of points for style. I mean, look at that manual. 10/10 manual points for that game.

I didn’t say that I despise platinum editions yet. Well, I despise platinum editions. Annoyingly, I have so many, and it pains me that I have that sort of case for the original Kingdom Hearts game too. But, my really nice copy of Kingdom Hearts makes up for it. Anyway, I love this series. Is the third out yet?

If Lara Croft could be my wife, then she would be my wife. That’s all I need to say here.

I need more Lego games. Why must they be expensive? Why oh why.

I made an effort here to show off the front and back covers of this game because they look SO cool. They’re so funky and I like afros.

I just like how the middle of her nose is an empty circle because of the disc. Resident Evil is great but, I can’t take my eyes off that nose.

I really need to do a Sims collection post at some point. Remind me to do that even though I’m nowhere near grabbing all of those expansion packs for PC.

Can you tell that I loved the Tony Hawk games? I loved the Tony Hawk games. I also have a pretty deep appreciation for Tony Hawk himself. He’s one rad dude.

I wish I could’ve put a doughnut beside these games or something.

If you noticed, those first sets of pictures were of specific series, now we’re moving onto slightly different pictures. Which is exciting. First of, there’s this one. A Disney and SEGA vibe perhaps? I’m not complaining.

I was always terrible at Sonic games, but I like how these cases contrast with each other. It’s like good and evil, side by side. How beautiful.

Let’s have a moment to appreciate cartoons and games made from cartoons. Amen.

More cartoon stuff that you can’t really go wrong with having in your collection. I mean, from what I know, they’re cheap and cheap is good. I for one know that Wallace & Gromit: Project Zoo is a fun game (but it creeped me out as a kid).

Now, these next games don’t really have any theme at all. Merely ‘the lonely ones that were left on the shelf’. I beat Beyond Good & Evil this morning actually, so if anyone wants to give me a high five for that then my hand is ready.

Oh, wait, yeah, games with cars. This is a theme. Cars are cool. I always did like racing games, even though I crash way too much when I don’t even mean to (or maybe I do mean to. Sssshh.)

Now I’m just starting to see what games I need to collect soon. Like the first Destroy All Humans game. I need it to plot taking over the world. I mean, to have fun. Yeah, that’s what I mean. Sure.

This is kind of the ‘oooh sneaky shooty game’ section type thing, maybe. Apart from Lord of the RingsI have no idea what the game is like (I picked it up earlier this week), but the cover is mysterious so I threw it in here for this picture. For aesthetic. It does a good job.

These games look like they’re ready to have a good time. To be honest, I played the absolute crap out of Rollercoaster World. I still would. I have so much love for theme park simulations. Don’t ask me why because I don’t really like them much in real life.

Last but not least, these are like, the elegant games I have. Just take in that white bedsheet background and the sophisticated men. Yes. Men.

So anyway, that’s everything! I mean, apart from the physical PS2, but you’ll have to trust me when I say that I do actually own one. I do. I swear.

Let me know what collections you would like to see next!

Thank you for reading and Happy Gaming!