Artist Spotlight #5: Theodor Waern


I always look forward to Wednesdays. I enjoy browsing for a while after I wake up until I find an artist that I want to showcase. Today, I was going through some games on Steam, to see what I could research more (and see what I still need to play), and I came across The Journey DownThe Journey Down is an episodic point & click adventure series developed and published by Skygoblin (how could you not want to play a game from a company called Skygoblin? It sounds so awesome). I’ve put maybe around an hour or two into the first chapter, and I really must buy and play the rest at some point, because I loved what I played. The graphics, the voice-acting, the music, the atmosphere- it’s all so great. I recommend you check it out and give Skygoblin some love (I think I just want to say Skygoblin as much as possible now. Skygoblin. Heh, Skygoblin. Moving on).

So one of the artists for this game is called Theodor Waern, and he seems like a cool dude. I’d say that his artwork has a quite a significant style to it, and I find it really pleasing and nice to look at (which is always a plus when it comes to artwork. I don’t want anything burning my eyes, to be honest). The colour palettes are great and I think he really thought hard and put time and hard work into these, so let’s take a look.

Name: Theodor Waern 
Nationality: Sweden 
Links: Gallery Twitter 
All artwork owned by Theodor Waern. Images gathered are from his Website.

It seems like he’s only really worked on The Journey Down episodes, but I hope the company has some more game plans for the futue, because that would be awesome. Plus, I’m a sucker for more adventures and artwork. Maybe they could do a game on Skygoblins.





These first four images from Theodor Waern are ones that caught my eye in his gallery the most. The first image makes me want to leave the comfort of my bed right now and go explore. Even that bridge doesn’t terrify me (that much).

The other paintings also have a similar sort of atmosphere to them. The second one has that wonderful yellow tinge and the perspective is really interesting. The bottom two paintings are similar to the first, where they make me want to explore and go on adventures. The lighting and how he creates the sky is so lovely. It almost brings a tear to my eye. Curse all this beautiful art!




These next four are a tad darker, but of course, there’s still a breathtaking atmosphere there. You’ll notice that each image has a particular focal point, where the light is the brightest (like the blue in the second picture and the yellow in the last). I really like the glowy glow and the vast scale of the last two. I like how there’s a little dude there merely to show us how extraordinarily ginormous the world is. I wonder what that dude’s name is anyway. I think I’ll name him Frank.



These two pictures are from an older section of his gallery, but again, the tones are fantastic. The depth of field has also really been thought about, it seems, and you can clearly see what’s in the foreground compared to the background, like the castle and the rocket in particular. Also, I want to add that that fire looks like it’s been drawn extremely well. How do you even paint fire? It seems like an impossible skill.


To end with, here’s some concept art from The Journey Down. I half expect someone to pop up from under that bridge. Like a goblin. Or maybe a Skygoblin. Although I’m not too sure what a Skygoblin would be doing under a bridge, but then again, maybe it wants to deceive us. I suppose we’ll never know.

So anyway, I hope you enjoyed looking at some artwork! I definitely recommend you look more into The Journey Down if you have some time to spare. As for my blog posts, stay tuned for my later post where I’ll be doing my 5th Music Spotlight!

Thank you for reading and Happy Gaming.


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