Games, Mental Health and Haul Satisfaction


It’s been a while since I’ve done a haul, even though I pick up games pretty cheap quite often (way too often in all honesty. Blame my depression, it wants things).

Actually, talking about depression, and considering that it is mental health awareness week and all that, I thought I would quickly send out a message of support to all of those struggling like I am. I have social anxiety, which has also caused some spouts of depression, naturally. It’s hard, and I know that it’s hard for lots of other people too. You’re not alone.

Video gaming has helped me a lot through some of my worst moments. Rarely making it worse, sometimes making it better. Let me cuddle up with a handheld and I’ll feel comforted, or let me play some PS2 and I’ll be distracted. Recently, this blog has been an outlet for me too, and collecting, writing about games and researching them has become just as fun as playing them. What I’m trying to say is, video games are important. For a lot of people. So, ha, I laugh right in the faces of anyone who thinks they’re dumb. But no, really, if you’re someone who thinks that gaming to make you feel better is stupid, then you’re wrong. Anything that makes you feel better is a good thing (apart from murder. Well, murder in games, yes, murder in real life, not so much).

So anyway, I also have some stuff to show you. I found and bought myself some things today, and I’m telling myself that it’s okay. It makes me happy, and it’s okay.

Pretty randomly, my Dad and I decided to venture to our closest city and have a day out since I was having a bad morning. I always tend to look around charity shops and game shops, and it keeps my mind off things. There’s also this one shop, that sells games for a multitude of different systems, however, it’s pretty expensive and even tries to sell retro titles for retail price, and I always try to stay clear from that kind of price tag, believe me. I’m a huge cheapskate. A game for over a pound? Too expensive. When I see a £40 retail price tag, I straight out faint.

Of course, I’m joking (mostly), if I could I would support a lot of game developers and buy their games for the retail price all the time. I wholeheartedly wish I could. But until I have more money to spare, it’s preowned stuff for now and scouring those bins (not rubbish bins, I promise).

I know you want me to get a move on to what I actually got though. So, get this, I was glancing around this antique shop, (and honestly, if you haven’t before, you should) and I saw a sign ‘CDs/DVDs/GAMES!! £1 SALE’ and I jumped up those stairs like a rocket. I think all my Dad saw was a gust of wind. And then I saw it in all its glory. There were boxes of DVDs, games, CDs, books- you name it. So I started doing what I do best. Practically making a mess of things.

Okay, okay, all I did was pull a few boxes around and about. But I was enthralled. I had to see what was under each box, in case some sort of hidden gem was there. I was in my own world almost, really excited and feeling like a kid again.

I actually believe that a bunch of these games came from a closed down game shop that was down the street from the antique place. I mean, it would make a lot of sense. It made me happy to see the games all still there for me to browse through. But of course, I also had a sneaky browse through some trays of magazines and books, and sure enough, I found a bunch of game magazines from 1994-1995 for 50p each. I grabbed 6 of them.

Also, a note. I am aiming to have a video game magazine collection in the future, and I’m really happy to have found some in the wild. Just this morning I posted about that on Instagram. Coincidence much? I think it’s fate.

In the end, I picked up 6 magazines and two PS1 games, and since all games were a pound no matter what they were, I got both games for £1 each. Everything accumulated to £5 overall, and I am super happy, as a novice video game collector and all.

And finally, here are a couple of pictures of said stuff!

Yes! Silent Hill! For a pound! It’s pretty frustrating actually because I got the game digitally last month, but no matter. This is incredible, as it goes for nearly £20 at my local preowned media store. And also, I’ve always wanted to own the Broken Sword games, and I love the genre to bits. Now I just need to go back and see if they had the first one tucked away anywhere.

I’m serious though, with all those boxes, I’m probably going back tomorrow. Sales cure my mental health issues.

So, what about you? Does anything to do with video games contribute to your mental health? Let me know in the comments!

Thank you and Happy Gaming!


4 thoughts on “Games, Mental Health and Haul Satisfaction

  1. I suffered from depression in the past, and it’s hard to explain to people that have never been afflicted by it, just how much it can limit someone at times.

    Just like you, I found that gaming and drawing have really useful to help me regain a bit of focus when depression seemed to really get a hold of me. Some see both activies as a way to wind down and relax, which isn’t wrong. But at times, it can be so much more than that.

    Congrats on the purchases. I have loads of old retro mags and it’s something that I rather enjoy reading. And the games you got? Absolute bargain. Silent Hill is a PlayStation must have and for that price, it would be criminal not to get it 🙂

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  2. This was a really great read. Video games are definitely important, it’s pretty much my only way of relaxing after a tough day. By the way, I love your hauls! Please keep showing us whatever you manage to pick up along the way.

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    1. This comment made my day, thank you so much! I’m glad to know that other people find gaming to be relaxing- it really can be good for de-stressing.
      Hopefully, I’ll start picking up some more games soon so I can upload some more hauls. I’d love to! 🙂


  3. Games have always been a source of comfort and escape for me during difficult times, and a further source of joy and excitement for me during good time as well. Generally speaking, no matter what the scenario, games are making me a happy boy.

    Sounds like you had a really succesful mission. I recently acquired a copy of The Granstream Saga for PS1 unexpectedly at a record shop and it made my month. I plan on moving soon to a city with alot more retro game shops than where I live now. So hopefully there will be many more such finds in my near future. Happy hunting!


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